WP Super Cache Plugin: Settings & Configuration Guide to use in 2020

Best WP Super cache Plugin Settings
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In the list of best cache plugins, WP Super Cache is one of the top recommended plugins for its functionality and simplicity. 

Unlike W3 Total Cache, which requires advanced configuration, WP Super Cache is a plug and play plugin.

Today, I will share the best settings for WP Super cache plugin.

But, before that…

Why do you need the WP Super Cache plugin?

Whenever we talk about performance in WordPress, we know caching mechanisms help a lot to save server execution time and reduce the overall load time of a page.

A plugin like WP Super Cache creates static pages of your site, which reduces the page serving time and also performs a fewer number of PHP calls; without caching your page, load times will increase significantly.

Having a caching mechanism on WordPress (especially if you’re on shared hosting) is essential for the smooth running of your site.

If you’re using a lot of plugins, you also may face load time issues.

The WP Super Cache WordPress plugin is one such plugin that helps you optimize your database by generating static HTML files, which are used to serve the request.

This way, when any page is requested from your blog, static pages will be served instead of processing all of the PHP scripts.

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In particular, on shared hosting where there are lots of limitations, the best advice is to optimize your WordPress blog before you end up crashing your server, or your blog starts showing page-load errors.

Best WP Super cache Plugin Settings : 2020

As I mentioned above, WP Super Cache is a simple plug and play plugin, and you hardly need to configure anything.

I’ll show you my WP Super Cache configuration, and you can copy these settings and use them for your own website.

First, install the WP Super Cache plugin from the WP dashboard, or from here. If you need help, check out this guide on How to add plugins to WordPress.

Once installed, you need to switch on the cache by going to Settings > WP Super Cache.

They offer many features, but for non-technical people, this will get you started:

Easy > Cache On > Update Status

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Advanced Options

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  • Cache hits to this website for quick access. (Recommended)
  • Use Mod_rewrite to save cache files. (Recommended)
  • Compress pages so they’re served more quickly to visitors. (Recommended)
  • Cache rebuild. Serve a supercache file to anonymous users while a new file is being generated. (Recommended)
  • Mobile device support.

Click on “Update Options”.

If you get an error like difference in mod_rewrite” or .htaccess rule”, under the “Advanced” tab, go to “Mod Rewrites rule” and click on “Update mod_Rewrite rules”.

Here is a video tutorial to learn how to set up the WP Super Cache plugin:

Once you have set up both tabs, it’s time to check if Super Cache is serving cached files or not. Simply go to the “Easy” tab and use the option to test the cache under “Cache tester”. And if everything goes fine, your Super Cache setup is finally done.

Let me know: Which cache plugin are you using?

Have you used WP Super Cache before?

Let me know your experience in the comments below.

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Best WP Super cache Plugin Settings
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39 thoughts on “WP Super Cache Plugin: Settings & Configuration Guide to use in 2020”

  1. I already have this plugin installed but my page still takes around 26 seconds to load. Anything that I should do further to reduce load time?

    1. try to use it with autoptimize plugin, i hope it brings some mind blowing results to your site. Although there are many features which website speed, but this combination surely solve many of these problems. If not combine it with wp fastest cache plugin and can check the results

  2. harsh plz help me..i m confused between wp super cache and wp total..i m absolute newbie πŸ™ plz have a look at my site and suggest which will be better..my site loading timing sucks at the moment πŸ™

      1. thanks…i tried total cache but it broke my theme ..maybe i couldnt configure it properly…anyways wp super cache isnt bad also.. πŸ˜›

  3. Done all you said but confused thinking about other settings like content, CDN & other..how to deal with them..?

  4. Just tested the page speed before installing the plugin it was approximately 3.04 s and now it is around 1.25 – 1.67 s . It improved my page load and response time drastically.

  5. harsh I am following your blog for last month and found many solution. Please help me with this I am having trouble while installing super cache . When I install the viewcount of my posts are not updating properly.

  6. Hi Harsh thanks for the tut. I did exactly as you mentioned above but still my website is slow. Can you please have a look at donzoy.com

  7. Thank you HARSH AGRAWAL for your valued article about wp super cache.i installed the plugin and working very fine

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Heard great stuff about it but haven’t tried it yet. Will give it a test run soon.

  8. Following your review and trust factor, now installed this plugin on my wp site. Now I should see how really gonna optimize my site and help in loading site. Thanks a lot Harsh.

  9. Hello Harsh. I have a site this site hosted on Shared Hosing. I Install WP Super cache plugin but how can a configure in proper mode. On your this post just mentioned advance category of WP S cache plugin. Please give any suggestion about this matter?

  10. Fahad Sattar Dero

    Great experience from you.My website now going very fine.after installing the plugin it is going very fine.thank you very much for your great help.

  11. Thank you HARSH AGRAWAL,as an indian i am proud of you.my website now loading very fast.The plugin is very useful for me.please add more wordpress related articles.

  12. Just downloaded this plugin as my website was loading speed was quite slow, hope it improves this time! πŸ™‚

  13. Hello sir,
    I am using CloudFlare CDN but after using the CDN there is an error in WP cache. When I click on test cache time does not match.Any fix for that?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Check if the codes for WP Super cache are added properly in .htaccess. You can find this in advanced page of WP Super cache settings.

  14. This plugin is better than others cache plugin. But sometimes it give D YSlow Score on GTmetrix. but I still used it, cause give me better page speed load.

  15. Great —- thank u so so much — can u tell me about CDN and how to use CDN in hindi Please Tell Me

      1. Dear Harsh Sir,

        I installed above plugin, i have two problem

        one this message appear

        WP Super Cache Warning!
        Your server is configured to show files and directories, which may expose sensitive data such as login cookies to attackers in the cache directories. That has been fixed by adding a file named index.html to each directory. If you use PHP or legacy caching, consider moving the location of the cache directory on the Advanced Settings page.

        If you just installed WP Super Cache for the first time, you can dismiss this message. Otherwise, you should probably refresh the login cookies of all logged in WordPress users here by clicking the logout link below.

        The logout link will log out all WordPress users on this site except you. Your authentication cookie will be updated, but you will not be logged out.

        other is This option i can not choose, it is disabled.

        Compress pages so they’re served more quickly to visitors. (Recommended)
        Compression is disabled by default because some hosts have problems with compressed files. Switching it on and off clears the cache.

        Now what to do in this case,

        Thanks for your valuable reply.

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