Bloom Plugin By ElegantThemes Will Supercharge Email Marketing

Bloom Review
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Are you tired of annoying email pop-up form on your blog, which just shows up, but sucks in conversion? Chances are; you are not taking advantage of modern technology such as  delay loading, mobile optin form.

I have been using Aweber & Convertkit for email-marketing from last five years, and I always find it hard to add email opt-in form on my blog. Problem is not the Aweber; but an easy to use WordPress plugin to add Email Opt-in forms.

A perfect WordPress email marketing plugin should at least have following features:

  • Lots of pre-configured designs
  • Easy integration with popular Email-marketing services.
  • Automatic placement
  • Mobile friendly opt-in form

Yesterday I got my hands on with Bloom Email marketing plugin by Elegant Themes, and I couldn’t stop myself to share this hands-on experience and review with you. I have earlier reviewed ElegantThemes here, and I’m glad to see this theme company moving from themes to plugins development.

In fact, after launching their Divi theme, they have changed their way of working, and now I see more customer-centric product than bulk work.

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Earlier they launched Monarch plugin, which is one of the top social-media sharing plugin for WordPress. And now, after trying Bloom, I’m expecting lot of great plugins from Elegant themes. In this article, I will show you, how easy it is to create an email opt-in form using Bloom, and features of Bloom plugin. Before, I talk more about Bloom, check out the below embedded demo video :

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How To Create Beautiful Email Optin Form in 3 Minutes:

Bloom was first announced on 4th March in an official blog post by Nick over here.  I got my early hands on the plugin to try and test it. So far, I’m using this plugin on 2 of my WordPress blog, and my experience is great so far.   Let me quickly show you steps which I took to add email opt-in form on my blog using this plugin.

  • Install & Activate the plugin. Go to Bloom settings from the plugins page.
  • Click on new opt-in-form to select the type of opt-in you want to add on your blog.
bloom Email optin form
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On the next page give your opt-in form a name and integrate it with your email-service provider. Bloom supports all popular email-marketing service such as Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp to name a few.

If you have not yet started email-marketing for your blog, you can use this link to try Aweber for $1 only. If you don’t like, you can cancel your account, & claim $1 refund.

Email service integrartion
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Once the integration is done, click on the design your optin, and start creating your first email-opt in form. There are over 110+ pre-designed optin forms, which you can use to create your own optin form.

email template
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There are over 110+ email opt-in forms design there. You can use anyone, and you can also customize them anyways you like.

Email form customization
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You should pay close attention to display settings, and ensure you display opt-in-form when users are more likely to subscribe. For example, time-delay, after commenting, or after the user scrolled down to your pages. This ensures your opt-in form doesn’t open up as soon as reader land on your blog, delay loading or loading after action will increase your opt-in rate by a great percentage.

optin form display settings
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Click on save, and within 3 minutes you have configured email-popup on your blog. Using the same method, you can create any number of pop-up for different location on your site.

A/B testing & Duplicate

A:B testing
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Bloom makes it easy for any non-technical user to run A/B testing on their created email opt-in form. You can change the call to action button color or test or wording and run A/B test for the same spot. Based on A/B test result, you can pick the best converting email opt-in for your blog.

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Overall, it has everything that you need in a perfect Email Marketing plugin for WordPress platform. The price of the plugin is outstanding, as ElegantThemes is not charging anything extra for this plugin.

If you are an existing member of ElegantThemes, you can download this plugin for free. If you are not an existing member, you can get a license of ElegantThemes membership for only $89/year, and this give access to all of their 87 WordPress themes, and plugins.

Notable features of Bloom Email marketing plugin:

  • You can integrate multiple email-marketing services. If you are using Aweber, MailChimp or any other email services, you can integrate it in the plugin. Your pop-up could be powered by Aweber, and your fly-in could be powered by MailChimp.
  • If you have multiple WordPress blogs, you can setup Bloom plugin on one blog, and use export-import features to copy the settings to other blogs.
  • You can create email opt-in form specific to a page or post. This gives you power to hyper-targeting and let you grow your email list in the shorter time.
  • Locket content feature is one unique way to grow your email subscribe from your top performing content.
  • Bloom offers Slideup subscription box, which according to Bufferapp blog case-study, is highly successful placement for them.
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Conclusion: Is Bloom Plugin Worth your time & money?

To answer in one word, this plugin is great one-time investment for any blogger, who are into email marketing.

What I love about this plugin is, it gives us complete control over the opt-in form design and placement. It doesn’t require technical skills, and their handy documentation makes it easier for the first timer to use it. As I mentioned above, for $89 you get access to this plugin, other plugins such as Monarch and all 87 premium WordPress themes, I think this plugin is worth every penny.

ElegantThemes have no-questions-asked refund policy for 30 days, so if you are not happy with the plugin, you can get an instant refund. Overall, this is one user-friendly WordPress plugin for email marketing.In coming days you will see this plugin being mentioned everywhere. For now, check out the plugin demo, and features below.

live plugin
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If you have not yet started email-marketing, I recommend you to get Aweber for $1 from here, and in one month you can get a hang of it. If you feel email marketing is not for you, you can always get full refund from Aweber & ElegantThemes.

If you have started using Bloom WordPress plugin, I would love to hear your experience, and review. Do share your opinion on this plugin in comment section below.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

13 thoughts on “Bloom Plugin By ElegantThemes Will Supercharge Email Marketing”

  1. Raaja Anandhan

    Most of the subscription form plugins are not supporting google feedburner. Could you refer me a plugin supports feedburner.

  2. Zaheer

    Awesome and Extremely Needed Plugin…

    However presently working with WP Subscribe Pro,

    I will try this plugin too in short,

    Thanks for your Advice Harsh Bro…!


    Hi Harsh,
    It seems great plugin you shared with us. Yes, i am also trying to find best email subscriber plugin for my blog. Now going to download it soon!

    Thanks a lot for sharing this useful article with us,

    Have a nice weekend!

  4. ramsom

    please need ask this,do I have to use aweber or any email marketing before it bloom optin will work,if yes what is the need of buying it when I can use mailchimp,so I need harsh to clear me on,can it standalone line aweber

  5. Pushkar Kathayat

    hello Harsh,
    i am impressed by this pluggin. but this is paid one.
    could you tell me a free and efficient alternative solution for this.
    thank you.

  6. Manoj

    Hello Harsh How are You ?

    i want to Know Something About This Plugin . i used optin monster with mailchimp . option monster show the email subscriber pop up when visitor goes to leave the Site . is this Plugin have same feature .

    Manoj kumar

  7. DeveloperX

    Hello Harsh.

    Can you please tell me that what plugin you use for “Next Awesome Stuff To Read:”

    Waiting for your reply……….


  8. Csaba Kissi

    This seems to be very promising and complex, I like eespecially A/B testing, templates and statistics. Their social share plugin is also great. Tons of features.

  9. Vicky

    Thanks a lot Man, i will check that Plugin

  10. DeveloperX


    Its like a dream come true. I’ve been waiting for Email Form plugin from Elegant themes since very long. A Week ago, I emailed them requesting the HTML Code for the Signup form they use on their Blog (The Best Fly in Subscribe Form in the World of websites)

    They replied saying that I have to wait for a week or so and then i + millions of other bloggers will be able to use it. They have completed their Promise.

    What do you think about it Harsh?


    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I completely agree with you, as this plugin is power-packed with all the features we need.
      Don’t underestimate the power of: Locked content feature, which could be really powerful!

      1. S E Niazi

        Hey Harsh!

        I will use my realnane from now. Thanks for stopping by

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