AdSense Certified Partnership Program – Everything You Need To Know

We, Bloggers are well aware of the importance of google Adsense in generating revenue from our blogs. Many bloggers are solely dependent on AdSense revenue or it is the major source of their income. However, we all know the hindrances and obstructions a new blogger faces for being approved by google. In fact it is becoming tougher with passing days due to new filters and criteria added by google, thereby, compelling newbies to end their career in blogging…

Not only newbies but also the established bloggers have the fear of getting banned from AdSense for violating its policies. Sometimes the reasons given are legitimate and some times Google may even ban without giving satisfactory reasons, or the ban might be a mistake by them. Although, there is only one chance to appeal for this decision, but the outcome of this is unpredictable.

Due to the resentment and discontentment of the publishers who are banned from AdSense violating no policies, Google has come up with some fresh changes in their system and functioning of their Adsense program. Google has a very large advertisers and publishers base.

Hence it is really not possible for them to provide support to all publishers especially those who earn a small amount from their program or websites who have not a huge amount of traffic. Also, they want the deserving site owners and quality publishers to make more out of Adsense and help grow their revenue.

Google AdSense certified partner program
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To achieve this, Google has decided to launch and start the Adsense Partnership program which will help Publishers grow their revenue to a great extent from Adsense certified partners.

What is Adsense Certified partner program all about?

Google says,”Our program is an invitation-based accreditation for businesses that consists of two core features – an AdSense certification and an account management solution for handling multiple AdSense accounts. Both the certification and the account management solution are exclusive to Certified Partners“.

AdSense Certified Partners set up, optimize and maintain AdSense accounts for their clients. They’re required to demonstrate product knowledge by completing a certification examination, and their purpose is to help website owners to monetize content effectively with Google AdSense.

What are the benefits a certified partner would get being a Google partner?

  • Establish a meaningful business relationship with your clients.
  • Maximize the impact of their hard-earned AdSense expertise to help their publishers and their own business grow.
  • Benefit from Google AdSense training and the usage of the Google AdSense Certified Partner badge in their marketing collateral.
  • Work more efficiently by using Google’s AdSense client management solution to access and optimize your clients’ accounts.
  • Establish a relationship with the Google AdSense team and receive insights into the latest features.
  • Gain exposure for their business as a featured Certified Partner on the Google AdSense website.

How You can become an AdSense certified partner?

Partners who agree to the Google AdSense Online Certified Partner Program Terms and Conditions are required to adhere to the following policies, so please read them carefully. If you fail to comply with these policies, google may revoke your Certified Partner status. Because policies can change from time to time, please check for updates. In accordance with the Google AdSense Online Certified Partner Program Terms and Conditions, it’s your responsibility to keep up to date with, and adhere to, the policies posted

Adsense expertise and tool usage:-

  • Partners need to have an AdSense account and prove their AdSense product knowledge in an examination (learning material will be provided).
  • Partners need to provide a real-life AdSense case study or an AdSense acquisition proposal to showcase their proficiency. The Google AdSense team will provide a template for that purpose.
  • Partners must use the AdSense account management platform provided by the Google AdSense team to manage clients.
  • In some cases partners may not be able to use our account management platform with a particular AdSense client. Google expects full transparency about a partner’s interaction with the AdSense publisher in such a case.
  • Partners should be managing all ad units of a client’s AdSense account.

Business requirements:-

  • Partners must represent a business and be legally incorporated to do business in their locality.
  • Partners must acquire AdSense publishers and deliver high-touch AdSense optimization service for their clients.
  • Partners must provide a business plan on acquisition and optimization of AdSense publishers which will serve as a performance indicator. The Google AdSense team will provide a template for this purpose.
  • Partners need an existing client base and/or a strategy on how to ramp up and grow their AdSense client base.
  • Partners need a sales force that is able to acquire and optimize Google AdSense publishers.

Quality Standards For AdSense Certified partners:-

  • Partners must make sure that all their sales representatives who work on AdSense clients are Google AdSense certified.
  • Partners need to provide quarterly reports about their performance, including acquisitions and outreach activity, number and impact of AdSense optimizations and a business plan for subsequent quarters. The Google AdSense team will provide a template for that purpose.
  • Partners must clearly differentiate their AdSense services from other services that they may provide and only use the AdSense Certified Partner badge on materials related to AdSense services.
  • Partners must collaborate with the Google AdSense Certified Partner Team and are in fair competition with other Google AdSense Certified Partners in their market.

Reasons that made Google Adsense Launch the Adsense Certified Program :-

In my opinion there are three main reasons that made Google start this new program.

  1. This will help stop fraud AdSense account openings which are created by various AdSense account sellers and earn money from publishers for getting their account approved from Google Adsense team. As from now the Adsense certified team will get the new publishers their account approved from Adsense team at no cost.
  2. To help existing publishers get support from Adsense certified partners on behalf of Google.
  3. To Increase Publisher’s revenue by implementing various tests which include A/B test, performing experiments with ad sizes, styles, locations, no of right placements etc.

In addition to this, it will help google grow its ad revenue from its own AdWords program.

What Benefits you get after joining certified AdSense partners:-

Google says, If you’re looking for a managed solution with additional services, collaborate with an external Google AdSense Certified Partner. These experts will spend time optimizing your AdSense revenue and managing your account, enabling you to focus on the creation of up-to-date content for your website. Their AdSense Certified Partners are carefully vetted and meet rigorous qualification standards, and can assist you whether you’re new to the AdSense program or are an existing publisher.

Services that Certified Partners offer include, but are not limited to:

Benefits of working with a Google AdSense Certified Partner:

  • Certified experts maximize your AdSense performance and earnings
  • ROI-focused collaboration with performance based compensation
  • Freedom for publishers to focus on generating great content and have it monetized by experts

Using AdSense on your website doesn’t necessarily mean you’re maximizing the potential of your website. Here are some services our Certified Partners offer to boost ad performance:

  • A/B tests
  • Ad placement optimizations
  • Ad design optimizations
  • Vertical/audience-specific implementations
  • Ad product optimization

Now here is the list of adsense certified partners on official Google Adsense site whom you can trust depending upon your region or country:-

Follow the below link for the list:-

Who actually should think of joining with adsense partners in real sense:-

According to Google their is no criteria to join this program. But certain AdSense partners have criteria such as minimum page views etc.

    1. Publishers who are new to adsense but get a decent amount of organic traffic per month to their sites.
    2. Existing publishers who want to manage their account and increase their revenue from adsense.
    3. Publishers who can afford and like to give some % of revenue share to adsense partners for managing their account effectively and increasing their revenue from ads.

Additional benefits these partners offer and some of them are listed below:-

  1. Google Adsense certified partners not only manage your adsense account but also many of these partners create an Google Adexchange account for publishers and optimize both Adsense and Adexchange ads.
  2. Some of the partners also provide Direct advertisers for your website or blog. So increase in revenue from multiple sources and that too with compliance with adsense policies.
  3. Your revenue grows more than 50% with the same amount of traffic your site receives by implementing proper optimization techniques and performing A/B tests etc. In many cases it has been found that within a small duration of time nearly 85-90% revenue growth has been seen by opting for a partner.
  4. In addition to this, some partners offer support for hosting.SEO. Android,IOS app development, wordpress development and helping in all such areas.

Bonus Tip:- if you join an Adsense Certified partner, chances of getting your adsense account banned is very much less as your partners get in touch with Google Adsense team every now and then for you.

Also, Adsense certified partners always try their clients to get Adsense premium accounts and hence this is something you cannot achieve without them considering current scenario.

How does Adsense Certified partners Charge and what is the percentage Revenue share?

The percentage share of the revenue you share with Google Adsense partners depends upon respective partners and the services they offer, Mostly they are between 20-30% and sometime even more depending upon the services they offer to publishers or adsense account owners.

How does Adsense partners calculate their percentage share?

Suppose, The site earned about € 400 per month. We calculate the initial RPM based on the previous three months.

  • RPM January ……….. € 0.4
  • RPM February ……….. € 0.44
  • RPM March ……… € 0.36
  • RPM initial …… € 0.4

Amount calculated for the relevant month after optimization

  • RPM April ……… € 0.68

Revenue from AdSense for April € 720

  • Amount of predicted revenue without optimization: (€ 720 * (RPM initial/RPM April) = € 423
  • Extra revenue due to optimization = € 296.48
  • Share of 30% for Certified partner’s work ………………. = € 88.92

How is the program still beneficial even after paying them from hard earned revenue ?

  • Although you give certain percentage of revenue to partners ,but your share is only limited to adsense revenue.
  • You get Google Adexchange account and Adexhcange revenue is more than adsense.Also this is extra revenue generated from your site and is totally yours.
  • You also get direct advertisement from advertisers which is difficult for small and medium publishers without opting for this and joining these certified partners.
  • All this extra income and revenue is totally yours and partners do not take any share from this from you.
  • Importantly, Your AdSense account is safe with certified partners than you managing it.Google nevers bans your adsense account if managed by a partner.

My opinion on AdSense partner program

Choosing a right partner for success is very important. Joining this program is very easy and see if it works for you. Also you may anytime leave these partners and manage your account by yourself as earlier you did. So no harm for going with these official AdSense partners and Google recommends to join Adsense partners to better assist it’s publishers.

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4 thoughts on “AdSense Certified Partnership Program – Everything You Need To Know”

  1. Susmita sathyapal

    I have started working with an Adsense partner in India. They gave me 2 more ads through adxchange. So, now I am running 3 ads of Adsense from my account and 2 ads of adxchange from my partners account. But I am not able to see any report in adxchange. My Adsense partner gave me the dashboard login of their company. But there is no transparency in this mode. I have to believe what he show there any better solution to it.

    Can I make my own adx account and run ads thru it. Or is there any option that he make my adx account and manage it. Please explain me Vineet. Thank you

  2. Harsh Sharma

    Does Adsense Certification can Increase your Revenue….. and a single person can handle two or multiple adsense account at a same time…..

  3. rakesh

    can Google AdSense Certified Partner can help to resolve issue of disabled Adsense account.

    1. vineet suratran

      No They won’t. In order to join a partner your existing Adsense account should be active and in good standing. Disabled accounts are not accepted by google adsense certified partners.
      You can create a business account using different address and a business name, Provided the domain is not banned from adsense program by google. Also, the banned/disabled domain should not be the main domain used to get approval for Adsense during initial signup.

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