AdRotate Plugin Review – Rotate Ads on Your WordPress Blog

Banner advertisement helps you to earn good online income. There are lots of affiliate programs available online which can sponsor your blog and help you to earn handsome money.

Update: WP Advanced ads is a better plugin at this moment. You can check out the review of WP advanced ads to learn more.

If you want to use banner effectively in your blog then you read an article about Tips for Banner Advertisements. There are many factors which are helpful for getting most out of banner advertisement such as:

  • Design of your Blog
  • Location of the banner
  • Relevant banner ( Specific Niche)

Apart from all the other factors, the main factor which you must consider to get most out of banner advertisement is to keep changing your ads on your placement.

This is one important feature to counter ad blindness. Most of the time your regular readers are used to seeing same ads and they end up not clicking on it and thus reduces your CTR.

Specially if you are placing affiliate ads on your blog. rotating your ad banner is one effective way to maintain the CTR on your ad.

Today, I will be talking about AdRotate plugin which is one powerful plugin to manage advertisement on your blog. You can use this plugin to even run AdSense, Chitika ads.

How to Avoid Ad blindness with AdRotate WordPress plugin

When this plugin was launched; it started as a free plugin. Later on this plugin become famous and Arnan (Developer) decided to roll out a pro version of this plugin with many advance feature.

I will collectively feature some of the features of this plugin and let you decide to use it not to use this plugin.

One thing which you need to keep in mind about this plugin is; you need to spend a little time to learn using AdRotate plugin and it’s totally worth your time investment.

What amuses me the most about the pro version of this plugin is, it works perfectly with Adblock. It’s one of the ant adblock WordPress plugin. If you think your ad revenue is down due to Adblock extension, AdRotate plugin is going to be your saviour.

  • Manage Banners
  • Banner Wizard
  • Add|Edit Banner
  • Manage Groups

Adrotate is easy to install and use and packed with lots of useful features, few of them are :

  • Track how many times a banner is clicked and show it’s CTR ratio
  • Put random or selected banners in pages
  • Widget for sidebar for easy access
  • Ad-blocks
  • Preview banners on edit
  • Review which banner is shown the most.

For banner ads it is always recommended to use hit and trial method . It means that you must keep on changing your banner ads and anlayze the results, earning and which banner is attracting more to the visitors.

This is very useful to avoid ad bindness. Also, if you are promoting an affiliate program, you can try different banners, which can be use as A/B testing, and finding out the high performing ad banner.

Adrotate plugin is perfect tool  to analyze the results .

WordPress Ad management
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Here are few of the difference between free and pro version of AdRotate plugin:

Adrotate Free vS pro
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I found Adrotate Plugin to be a very useful plugin to manage my banners effectively. Which plugin do you use to manage your ads?

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8 thoughts on “AdRotate Plugin Review – Rotate Ads on Your WordPress Blog”

  1. Puspal

    Can we use adrotate to insert adds in newsletters?

  2. Danial

    Hi Ruchi,

    First of all, thanks for this such nice post. But I’m wondering if Adrotate Plugin can help to put the relevant banner based on the post topic.

    I’ve a personal blog which discus a variety of topic. For example: one of my post title is covering the lose weight topic. I want the lose weight affiliate products show when people read that post. Which means the affiliate products won’t show on other post that not relevant to that post. Is it possible to have that plugin? Kindly appreciate if can help me.

    Best regard,

  3. Tracy

    Hi. I’d like to use this plugin, but I cannot get it do what I need. I created 4 adverts (a, b, c, d) in one group.

    When I display that group on the blog, it just displays one of the ads, then on refresh displays another ad, then on refresh a different ad again.

    I want to to display all 4 e.g. a – b – c – d and on refresh display b – d – a – c
    So all 4 should display at all times, but the order should change. Can ad rotate do this?

  4. Online Bike Stores

    Hi Everyone,

    This is a nice plugin but, I don’t think it does what I want.
    My theme comes with banners integrated but, there is no way to manage them without editing the theme files. I need that they constantly rotate.

    Does anyone know a good plugin that will rotate the existing banners in my theme, without adding new widgets or editing theme files every time.

    I would like to stick with the banner positions my theme delivers and rotate them at the same time.

    Any help is highly appreciated – Thanks all.


  5. yreadthis

    The wordpress comes with the new things in them for the blogger’s to use them in an easy way, all just to add the appropriate thing in an appropriate place to make the blog good look.

    1. Ruchi

      Right Yreadthis, there are lots of plugins to make task easier but its necessary to use it effectively.

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