5 WordPress Dashboard Plugins to Enhance Admin Area

The WordPress admin area is something where a pro-blogger like you and me spend most of the time. There are many WordPress dashboard plugins in the WordPress plugins repo, which can help you to enhance your WordPress dashboard and also make it more useful.

Useful WordPress Dashboard plugins:

1. Analytify: Add Google Analytics in WordPress dashboard

Google analytics WordPress dashboard
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This is one awesome plugin for those who understand the importance of blog stats and using Google analytics. With this plugin, you get the complete power of Google analytics inside your WordPress dashboard. What I like the most about this plugin is, it lets you see stats of individual posts from the post editor section. This is one must have plugin to make your WordPress dashboard more meaningful for yourself.

2. Fabrica Dashboard plugin:

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This is a free plugin available for download from WordPress.org repo. This plugin enhance your WordPress dashboard and make it more meaningful. This is the newest WordPress dashboard plugin out there.

3. WordPress Admin Theme – WPShapere ($15)

White brand WordPress dashboard
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This one is for developers who create WordPress sites for their clients. It let you customize the entire look of default WordPress admin theme as you wish. It allows you to hand over WordPress to your customers in a custom way as you think.

This is handy in many ways:

  • You don’t want your client to know you are using WordPress
  • You want to retain your company branding on your client site dashboard.
  • You want to do it because you are cool!

Client dash could be an excellent free alternative.

4. Adminimize: [Free]

Adminize WordPress plugin
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Adminimize WordPress dashboard plugin will let you hide unnecessary items from WordPress administration menu, submenu and even the ‘Dashboard’, with forwarding to the Manage-page.

On top of that, you can also hide post meta controls on the Write page and other areas in the admin-area, so as to simplify the editing interface.  Though you might find this plugin setting a little complicated if you are enjoy getting dirty with WordPress, you can try this plugin.

5. Admin Menu Editor

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Admin Menu Editor lets you manually edit the Dashboard menu. You can reorder the menus, show/hide specific items, change access rights, and more. This is useful for those blogs who have multiple roles and contributors.

Also, check out:

Do let us know if you use any of these WordPress dashboard plugins? If you know of any other great plugins for WordPress admin area please share them in the comment area.

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Devesh, a 16-year-old blogger from India, who blogs about WordPress at WPkube You can stay in touch with Dev by following him on Twitter.

9 thoughts on “5 WordPress Dashboard Plugins to Enhance Admin Area”

  1. Samuel

    I use wpshapere plugin for simply and customize the wordpress admin panel for my clients. It is really helpful.
    Great plugin!!!

  2. Ashish Ajani

    I would like to suggest another free WordPress plugin WP Show Stats, it is also a good plugin alongside with the list of great plugins you shared. It provides complete information on how WordPress elements used including blog posts, pages, categories, comments, tags, users and custom post types. It provides various numbers using chart related to all elements.


  3. Namit Gupta

    These plugins come handy when designing a WordPress based website for a client. Using these plugins one can easily customize the dashboard according to the needs. Thanks for the useful list.

  4. Karan Labra

    Well the Fluency Admin plugin is just amazing, I am currently using it and it makes me love my dashboard.
    Thanks for presenting such a great list of plugins.

  5. Rahul @ MazaKaro

    Great collection of plugins , i know this is very helpfulll !!!!! thank You very much i will be trying all of them !!!!

  6. TechT20

    Hey Devesh,
    Many Many Thanks a Lot for your article.
    I am using Admin Menu Editor dashboard but I didn’t know about others
    So thanks for get to know me.
    I will use others toooooo.

  7. Robert @ Techinfo-4u.com

    Some nice plugins there, but to be honest I think the wordpress dashboard is perfect, nothing else needed for me

  8. devesh13

    Hi Prabal,

    Glad you like it and yes ozh’s admin drop down is one of the best plugin.

    Thanks for commenting.

  9. Kimi

    Hey Devesh,

    Thanks for the list you resource.

    I personally would not install them because they will just slow down my dashboard, and they are not necessary and “very” important plugins to install.

    But i am sure these lists are very useful for others.

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