21 Twitter Tools That Every Twitter Power User Must Know Of

Leveraging the power of Twitter needs some third-party applications that cater to the features lacking in the main app directly. There are over a ton of Twitter third-party tools that are solely designed for a single purpose, but the problem is that many of them are shoddy and others are bombarded with ads. Sifting through this ocean of Twitter tools and finding a good deal could be quite a daunting task, and I have done the dirty work for you!

Twitter Tools For Twitter Users

For all the internet marketers and people looking to increase their sales or increase their reach need to know of these Twitter tools for making the most of the network. Managing this powerful network could be more fun and effective with these tools that every power user must know of.

Must have Twitter Tools for every Power User


Buffer is simply one of the best Twitter tools out there for users who tend to tweet in short bursts. You might be losing out valuable followers by tweeting such a way. Distributed tweets throughout the day tend to convert better, and Buffer lets you schedule your tweets to the best performing time of the day. A balanced tweeting schedule is the sign of an organized individual and should gain you more attention.

If you are using Bufferapp, here are few extra services that can improve your Bufferapp productivity:

  • BulkPublish: Add updates in Buffer account in bulk with images.


ManageFlitter features

ManageFlitter is for smart Twitter users or at least it would make your Twitter profile more intelligent. This tool offers advanced analytics and offers unique features like powerpost. Powerpost will schedule your post automatically for optimum visibility & engagement. A free tool which you should use right away. I forgot to mention, you can also unfollow all inactive Twitter accounts using ManageFlitter.


SocialBro Twitter tools

SocialBro is one fantastic Twitter management tool which you should start using it now. It’s a certified Twitter product and every beginner, or pro-Twitter users swear by it. SocialBro offers features which will help you make most out of your Twitter account. I enjoy the feature of finding the influencer to connect to, finding the right time to tweet for max CTR, run DM campaign & many more. If you have never used SocialBro before, you should use it immediately.


A little bit of spying is good on the social media. Watch and learn! Tweriod is a great tool for keeping track of the time when most of your followers are in action. Researching is a must for a network that will make you seem lost and Tweriod is a must have tool to get to know your followers better. You can use data from this tool to schedule your tweets accordingly at the most interactive period of the day for better engagement.

Also see: 3 Must have tools to determine the best time to Tweet


A twitter tools list cannot go without the mentioning of Hootsuite and that’s how popular and effective this tool has been. Managing your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn all at once has been nailed down perfectly by this tool and is a must-have for every serious online marketer. If you also happen to be managing multiple twitter accounts, Hootsuite is a great add-on that lets you re-tweet across multiple profiles automatically.



Topsy is like the Google for Twitter! A powerful search tool for the social media and a must have for every power user who believes in the value of research. Use Topsy to research what’s trending in your niche and what your potential customers are concerned or happy about. Market research is a great way for leveraging your offerings and Topsy will help you do that with their powerful search tool. Getting to know your customers better is a win-win situation.



Love the Zen way of looking at things? Then Tweepi is for you! What if one day you notice that the majority of the Twitter users you follow are inactive? Tweepi lets you clear off your Twitter mess by clearing up un-followers and inactive. Tweepi also promotes you to follow Twitter users with your relative interest.



This is like Google Alerts for Twitter! Just set, up your keywords and you get Email alerts for the same. When you or your brand gets mentioned on Twitter, you can use Twilert to alert you by Email and you can participate in the interaction. Reputation management is a must in the social media game and stay alert and be quick to act on it.




Thought you couldn’t interact with individual users apart from direct mentions or direct message on Twitter? Think again! TweetChat allows users to participate in individual chatting sessions instead of public mentioning by the use of hashtags.



If for communications purpose, you need to interact privately with a group of people on Twitter, GroupTweet is a great tool for doing so. GroupTweet lets you engage and help groups communicate privately.



TwitCam takes live streaming to the social media. You can publish live streams directly to your Twitter feed for your users. TwitCam posts your live stream link and description to your profile for all your users to watch. You can also interact with your viewers with a chat dialog accompanying the live stream.



Social media is all about connecting people with similar interests and thoughts and Twibes does the best when connecting these people. Twibes is basically Twitter groups based on different interests and topics. Joining interest groups is a great way to making the most of building effective connections online and Twibes is a great place to start for Twitter users.



Keeping track of your Twitter usage is a great way to recognize the social media patterns. TweetStats is a great free tool to keep track of your tweets by hour, month and tweet timeline.



TweetReach is a great tool for marketing and PR professionals. TweetReach lets you know about the true reach of your tweet. You can see how far the message is being traveled with TweetReach. Pricing starts at $84/month, and this is a tool for the serious professional.



Klout needs no introduction and is quite a famous social media analytic tool for all your social media needs. Klout keeps track of all your social media accounts and ranks users based on their authority. Although being questioned many times for some fishy rankings, Klout is still a great tool to keep track of your influence online.



If you happen to sell any physical or digital products online, TwtQpon is a great way to rewarding your followers and increasing your social reach. TwtQpon allows users to offer coupons for products, and they are valid when one tweets about them. This is a great way to offer services and increase your social reach and a great way for Social couponing!



Twitalyzer is the most powerful Twitter analytics tool out there. With its powerful real-time analytics and competitive account tracking, Twitalyzer is an excellent tool for the serious professional.



TwtPoll is another great tool for gathering interactions in the form of feedback from your loyal followers. TwtPoll allows users to create social media surveys that could be posted directly to Facebook or Twitter. Ask questions, get feedback, engage your users.



Triberr is an invitation-only exclusive network, but worth getting into. Triberr is a great community app that lets you tweet content of the members in your tribe, and who will do the same for you. Getting re-tweets from influential people will get you the deserved attention and makes it a great tool for twitter.


Web tools like WeFollow help users to find new followers on the network. It is like a Twitter user directory to search for and following Twitter users. You can search Twitter users by interest and influence. Engage your followers and build authority using this twitter directory.

Here you can find an extensive list of Twitter directories where you should list yourself.



While WeFollow is a Twitter user directory, Twibs is a Twitter business directory. Twibs is a directory for Twitter profiles of Businesses, to find and interact with businesses and brands.


Tweetdeck twitter desktop tool

I personally love Tweetdeck and what it has to offer. Tweetdeck is a powerful multi-platform twitter tool for more flexibility and power in the hands of users. Tweetdeck makes it easy to swipe swiftly between multiple profiles and send DM, and manage all interactions in a single go.



Paper.li has taken Twitter news feed curation to the next level! With over 200 million articles being published daily, Paper.li is been widely used by professionals and individuals alike for bringing engaging content to their followers. Paper.li allows you to curate content manually or automatically, and then lets you present all those in a newspaper fashion layout. Paper.li also collate or single out hashtags and tweets with relative ease. ShoutMeLoud Twitter archive have a collection of best Twitter tools that you need for managing and marketing your Twitter profile. Here I have list down few essential posts from our Twitter archive to get started:

So, this was about all the best Twitter tools out there in the wild! What about you? Which Twitter tool do you recommend the most? Shout out your thoughts and comments below.

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    Hi Srikanth,

    Thanks for including TweetReach by Union Metrics in this comprehensive roundup; we appreciate it! If anyone has any questions about TweetReach or the other analytics we offer, find us on Twitter @UnionMetrics. We’re always happy to help : )

    – Sarah A. Parker
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  2. says

    Awesome List of Twitter Tools…… Such an amazing post may be that’s why this post has got more that 9000 shares which are 50 times more than a normal blog post. Ok, I want to know which twitter tool you personally prefer to unfollow non-followers on Twitter?

  3. says

    Wow, I thought I had a pretty good handle on the Twitter tools out there, but you’ve shown lots here that seem worth a look. Thanks for putting this list together!

  4. Shahid Irfan says

    Great tools for Twitters., but I personally like Twibes for contacting same interest people. Anyway, nice and great post related Twitter marketing.

  5. Alice says

    With the recent Twitter updates you may want to update your list. No need for Twitcam anymore because you can record video now through the Twitter mobile app.

    Also group private messaging is also now available on Twitter!

  6. Worli says

    Nice List Srikanth,

    I Personally like TweetDeck! The best part of it is that you can have a column setup to monitor certain twitter keywords and hashtags that are happening in all of Twitter and reply directly to them.

  7. Ajay A K says

    Great summary Srikanth. Well the only one tool I have used so far is the Bufferapp. Though it has limitation, still I found the tool to be very convenient. But for most of the tools you have to select a plan if you want to utilize its full potential. So its a win-lose situation for newbies like me.

  8. Adesanmi Adedotun says

    To be frank, I often find it very difficult to use most of this tools. I once used paper.li and later dropped it for certain reason but hopeful I’ll look it to some of them once again and analysis their impact on my blog.

  9. Ryan Biddulph says

    Hi Srikanth,

    All are absolutely sensational tools. I vibe the most with Hootsuite – Pro edition – and Triberr.

    I wrote a Hootsuite Pro review yesterday that caught the attention of the folks at Hootsuite, who tweeted at me twice with their kind words, and they also left a comment on my blog. It shows how brand conscious they are and how quick they are to build relationships with their customers.

    HSP has saved me 2 to 3 hour’s worth of work daily, easily, all because I bought and used it intelligently.

    Triberr is my favorite Tribe. Are you on Triberr? If so, please email me your ID/handle so I can find ya. Anyway, the leveraging potential on Triberr is astounding as you freely promote others and leave helpful comments on updates. People will promote you in return and then, the Triberr magic happens as you gain more invites into tribes and your RTs, and other social shares, go through the roof.

    Buffer also rocks on the twitter front. Ease of sharing and again, a supportive staff, make this one a real winner.

    Srikanth, awesome review here. I’m a twitter addict so know the important of tools all too well. You need to leverage your presence on the network to get the most of out it, and the tools you shared with us today are about as good as any when it comes to becoming an intelligent tweeter who uses some automation to get things done.

    Tweeting…..through Hootsuite of course.

    Thanks much and have a fun day.


  10. says

    Thank you for a wonderful list. Group Teet is a wonderful solution for every corporate twitter acout – will certainly try it out. Just wonder if it works on tablets, since tweeting from conferences and events is really important

  11. ravi says

    Thanks for sharing these tools. I have never used any of twitter tools mentioned above but in future it will be useful. I am going to enter ctrl+P ;) .

  12. Augustus says

    Thanks for compiling is wonderful list of twitter apps that can enhance twitter usage, twitter has been a great source of traffic for my blog, and the bounce rate is very low, I use hootsuite a lot, since I live in a country with different time region, as against where most of my visitors come from, so, I schedule my tweet to the American time using hootsuite.

    I also use WeFollow, you forgot to mention follower Monk/Wonk, (Am not sure) the apps let use search for power twitter user in your niche and interact with them. Klout is also a great app.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      Thank you for your comment Augustus. Glad that you found this article useful and thank you for your recommendation of FollowerWonk, it is a great tool for Twitter Analytics and insights.

  13. Nikhil Waghdhare says

    Hey Srikanth,

    Great list of twitter tools. I mostly use Buffer and Topsy for twitter analytics and promotion. But I am confused with the triberr and not understand twitter’s connection with triberr.

    Let me know your reply about this.. :)

    • says

      Hi Nikhil,

      Triberr lets you connect your Twitter account to their network and post to its network. You join a relevant Tribe of users and post your content there, re-tweet others and posts and get re-tweets from other users in your tribe.Join well targeted tribes that are relevant to what your blog is about to view better results on the network. Hope you find this helpful.

      Thanks for your comment.

  14. Nupoorjain says

    Great job done by shout me loud team… Managing twitter account was big time challenge for me. but now i got the idea and same time i want to know more about Klout.


  15. says

    Hi Srikanth & Harsh,

    Great list of Twitter tools :)

    Honestly speaking, I use just a handful of them, while I’ve heard of the rest, but never tried them. Paper.li I just started using, so still getting the hang of it. Bookmarking this page to come back to over the weekend and give it a thorough look.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you :)

  16. koti says

    i personally like tweroid app. Sir i have a doubt. There is any way to increase twitter followers very fastly? Plz post about it