4+ Sites To Create Your Own Android Apps for Free


Android platform is growing at a rapid rate globally. Android market is already flooded with more than 500K android apps for over 500 android devices. The android market consists mainly of free apps which is one of the main reason for its popularity. There are millions of apps downloads daily in android market.

What if you could make your own Android app for your blog. Seems cool, let’s have a look at 4 easy App maker sites that can help you create your own Android apps & publish it on Google play store.

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4 Sites To Create Your Own Android Apps for Free

1. Andromo

Andromo Create Android app
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Using Andromo you can easily create a professional app for yourself. You can use your app to promote your business, share events or to discuss your new project. You can make an app in few mouse clicks and can also earn money through advertising revenue included in these apps.


Your app can have interactive photo galleries, maps, blog/news feeds,  mobile websites, YouTube videos and much more. You can even sell you app to Play Store using Andromo and make money easily. The best part of this is that it helps in easy promotion of the business.

2. Apps Geyser

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Apps Geyser is a free service that helps you convert your service into an app and make money using it. Apps geyser have already created more than 254K ads . You can create your app easily in just 2 steps and then distribute it.

You can also distribute ad-supported apps and easily make some money using it.  It provides you social sharing feature and let you share your app on all major social networks.

Create Android App yourself
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It also supports HTML 5 and can also be used to display pop-up notification like deal of the day or some important announcement to the users. Thus in this way this site offers easy creation, monetisation, management of your android app.

3. GoodBarber:

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Interesting name? Huh!

This is another popular app website that is feature rich. You can develop Android App& iOS app & submit it to Google play store or iOS app store.

Check out GoodBarber

4. App Yet

Last but not the least, App Yet can help you create applications for your websites easily. App Yet can help you convert your RSS feeds into an Android app easily. Here also, you can make money through advertising. You can easily turn your best websites or blogs into apps and share it with your friends around the globe.

App yet
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These websites are very useful for people who like to try new things and especially if you are an android lover, you would love to try these websites. So in this way you can easily create android apps according to your requirements easily even if you don’t have extensive knowledge of HTML or Java.

Bonus websites:

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37 thoughts on “4+ Sites To Create Your Own Android Apps for Free”

  1. kajal

    Hello, satisfactory article but you need to take away “android3apps” from this listing. The site is long past and the area is parked now. just a heads-up.

    aside from that, it’s a pleasing beneficial article. preserve up the good work!

  2. Nyem Abdullah

    I have created an android apps from Apps Geyser for my website. But google play store authority reject my apps in every time. Please help me to give some suggestions.
    By the way, Thanks for nice article.

  3. Jet

    I thought AppsGyse was the best for I have a few apps that I have made with them, and one app is doing really great but then AppsGyser put their advertisement of YouTube Videos in it which is against Googles policy and now Google is going to erase my apps January 30,2017 if AppsGyser does take it out. AppsGyser has failed to email me back several times concerning this matter. Their Support is unbelievably sorry for a business such as this.

    On the bright side of things I am a student Mobile Application Developer and in 2019 when I graduate I will not have to rely on a site such as AppsGyser to show off my Creativity and passion for Mobile Applications.

  4. Tushar soni

    Perfect Thing!!

    I am really grateful to inform you that It is right thing for my blog. I am sure to create app for my personal blog.

    Thanks for sharing & giving me perfect path.

  5. Manojprabhakar

    Hey Harsh,
    Great list of apps. Very researched and well explained. Thanks for the posts. After reading this article I tried using Andromo and created my own android app. Wow its amazing. I couldn’t imagine that I created the app.
    One suggestion, it would be better if you could add the screenshots of how to create an app using one of these apps in your further post.
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Maulik Pandya


    I am glad to inform you that It’s really really helps me for my blog. I will try to create app for my personal blog.

    Thanks for sharing & giving me perfect path.

  7. Putra

    thank you sir for the info, now i am trying to create my own app, but can you please show me which website that allow me to add adsense ads on it. thank you

  8. Rajat Dey

    Thanks for the great article GURWINDER SINGH. I am going to try all these once to check which one is the most useful one. Since through them I will quickly make an app for my blog

  9. Rohan Karmakar

    Wow nice post. I am really happy because it’s helps me now I can create a app for my blog.

  10. AKHIL

    Some months ago there was a promo running on Apps Geyser. I just made 25 apps and uploaded to amazon store and they gave me Amazon Kindle fire HD 8 and $25 🙂

  11. Basharath

    Hi bro
    Your article is very good covering different sources for creating android apps. And you missed one of the very good sources i.e., MIT app inventor which was brought by Google and now taken care by MIT . There its graphical interface which allows drag and drop objects to create stunning android applications which really looks professional.

    Thank you


  12. Rapheal

    Nice Article. Though i am yet to try out other services, i still think App geyser rocks. But till then, let me what others have offer.

    1. Harsh Agrawal


      Thank you. Let me know how’s your experience with them.

  13. Abhishek Dey

    A very interesting article indeed. However, if you have a blog with decent traffic, the best option is to go for a custom development. You should be able to break-even in a month or two.

  14. Achintam karmakar

    Really a bunch of thanks to gurwindar for this post.Butthe app which impressed me the more was app geyser.It was really aswm and easy to use with any app developing or programming knowledge .Thank You

  15. Yogesh

    Hello Sir,

    That’s what i was looking for ? I tried developing app using Android SDK but it was very tough and i started googling but didn’t found anything. This article is surely for me . Thanks for sharing

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