5 Best URL Shortener Sites You Should Use For Shrinking Long URL’s

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Services like Twitter has initiated the concept of URL shortener and nowadays, we keep hearing about new URL shortening services. I have been using many of them, and many of them work great.

Especially, when you are sharing anything on Twitter, it’s better to use any of below-mentioned URL Shortener Websites, so that your tweet will be less than 280 characters and can be retweetable by others. Most of the popular Websites and web services are coming up with their custom shorteners. For example:

  • Google URL shortening link is Goo.gl.

Best URL Shortener: (Best Alternatives to Google URL Shortener)

1. Bit.ly

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Bit.ly is one of the best URL compressor tools.  It quickly lets you shorten any URL and since this service is online for many years, you can rely on it. Once you share those shortened link, bit.ly provides you data such as:

  • Number of clicks
  • Referrers
  • Locations with country break down

Bit.ly offers a free and premium plan. The free plan is good enough for casual usage and for business purposes, you can upgrade to Bitly enterprise. In this, you will get the following benefits:

  • Unlimited custom branded links
  • Export analytics beyond a 30-day range
  • Centralized campaign performance reports
  • Route users by device type, app presence, and location
  • Scale with API integrations and multiple user seats

Though I don’t recommend using Bit.ly for those who are into affiliate marketing As according to Bit.ly FAQ, they add affiliate cookies into URL shortened by free users. So you might miss out commission for shortened affiliate link via Bit.ly.

Try Bit.ly now

2. Rebrandly

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The complete branded link management solution.

Re-brandly is a URL shortener for creators who love to maintain their branding game. Here you will connect with your domain name, and you can create branded links. I was surprised to discover that free plan offers you to create up to 500 branded link and let you add five custom domain name.

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Another outstanding feature of Rebrandly URL link shortener is the ability to send users to specific landing pages based on their location, device or other factors. For example, with a single link, you can redirect users to a different page if they are browsing from an Android device and on a separate page if they are browsing on an iPhone.

Check out Rebrandly

3. Shorte.st

Best URL Shrinker
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This one is for those who are looking for a URL shortener which also pays them. In 2019, Shorte.st is one of the most popular money-making URL shortener out there.

They also have a mass shrinker which let you shrink 20 Urls in one go.

If you are a WordPress blogger, you can also utilize their WordPress plugin to make money.

Check our Shorte.st

4. GoDaddy URL Shortener

Godaddy URL shortener
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This one is exclusive for Godaddy users & if you are one of those 14 million users who have a domain or hosting with Godaddy, you should be able to access the Godaddy URL shrinker. This shrinker lets you create shortened URL with two different domain extension including x.co.

I’m an existing Godaddy user & I love using it once in a while. The reason being, Godaddy is a trusted brand & I don’t have to worry about the dead link or cookie stuffing kind of thing. You can follow this tutorial to learn how to use this feature of GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Custom domain link Shortener
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Another great feature of Godaddy URL Shortener is; you can create branded URL shortener & this feature is completely free.

Check out Godaddy URL Shortener

Tip: Buy a domain for $2 from Godaddy www.Godaddy.com (Use Coupon: CJC99COM)

5. Goo.gl (It’s closed)

Google URL Shortener
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Goo.gl, a URL shortener by the biggest search engine, Google. This is the best URL shortener according to me. Just enter the link which you want to be shortened, it will take some seconds and the link will display.

If you create the links while you are logged in into your Google account, you can build up a history of your short URLs. You can even see the details of the short URL such as how many times the short URL has been clicked, the referrer of the click, the profile of the visitor(Country, Browser, OS). So, Goo.gl is a must-try.

iOS & Android apps to shorten URL:

In the year 2019, it’s no brainer that there is no point limiting us to desktop only.

A lot of action happens on mobile & I personally use few tools on my iOS to shorten the URL. Here I’m sharing few smartphone app & Chrome add-ons which let you shorten URL within seconds.

URL shortener for Google (iOS only)

iOS URL shortener App
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This one is pretty easy to use, as you need to copy any URL that you wish to shorten. Open the app on your iOS device & it will automatically shorten the URL. Pretty cool huh!

Those were the 5 sites I suggest you use for shortening your URLs. Which site do you use? Which site is your favorite? Do comment.

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  1. Thank you for this article! I have been a GoDaddy customer for years and never knew about the link shortener! This is awesome to know about, one of the best tech things I’ve seen in a while.

  2. As of 2017 only bit.ly and goo.gl work. When they grow they become slow. If you need a fast one I recommend qlink.me

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