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  • Great collection of free photo editing software.

    Canva also provides some free stock images and templates for photo editing, thats what is very great about it.

    If you are serious about Photo Editing its better to stick to Photoshop by Adobe even though its not free.

  • Thank you Kim for letting me know these 7 great photo editing tools. I was knowing Canva from before and even used it. The other 6, I am going to try them too.

  • Posting pictures to social media and running a small business, I am in need of basic image editing constantly, either for resizing pics for Facebook or optimizing pictures to post on my website. Being a non-graphic design user, this list will help me try out some of your recommended software.

    Thank you.

    Do you have a list of free online photo editors as well?

  • Hey Kim Very nice information.I use adobe photoshop for photo editing but now i decided to move canva.Thanks for sharing…

  • Hi Kim,
    Thanks for the great article. I thinks fotor would be the best for all the people. But it would have been very good if it was available for mac user too. isn’t it?
    Apart from that this editor will get it’s job done!

  • Hi Kim,
    Thanks for this Great list of Photo Editors.
    As My Laptop was lost a few days back, Now I am managing my Blog using my Android phone and there I am using PicsArt for making Featured Images and other Images for my Blog Posts.
    Abhishek Verma

  • Thanks Kim for writing this. Although I pay and use Photoshop, I find myself always suggesting software to my friends, clients, and family. My go to recommendation in the past has always been GIMP and PAINT.Net. Thanks for sharing the other software’s as well. I trust this list!

  • I know some other powerful photo editors, such as IrfanView, its just 2M size. Funny Photo Maker, which focuses on the development of photo realistic scenes, its a simple and fun photo editor, but let you easily DIY your photo.

  • nice job buddy

    i really like this post now i’m going to try canva…
    is thear is any software which cen perform better then canva ???
    i need best photo editing tool to creat posters to publish my blog i social media.

    • In terms of features, Canva doesn’t have it all. But it’s easy to use and you get the job done in just a few clicks.

  • Hi Kim,

    I am always looking for new tools that will help me create my images for Pinterest a lot easier. There are so many on this page that I haven’t heard of.

    I used to use PicMonkey and really liked it. However, I realized that Photoshop was a lot easier for me to use and save my templates so I could make my images quickly.

    These are definitely some great alternatives to Photoshop. Thanks for sharing these resources with us.

    Have a great day 🙂


    Thank you for sharing such useful editing apps with us. Previously, I had used Pixlr and Fotor and the apps have proved to be really useful. The Photoshop alternative Gimp, is an app I want to try.
    Thank you.

  • Hey Kim,

    That’s the wonderful list of photo editing software. I’ve used GIMP and Canva from this list. Canva is my favorite for the social channels graphics and for creating the featured photo for the blogs posts as well. Though, I remember I was a Paint.Net fanboy in my school days.

    Thanks! Have a great day.

  • I’ve only been using Canva for a long time and they’re pretty good. Others also seems interesting with the info and graphics you shared here

    P.S – Do you have any idea of a software one can use offline for PC that do work like this?

  • Amazing software,really helpful. Thank you KIM BARLOSO.
    I know that canva and Pixlr But I did not know SumoPaint,Gimp, Fotor etc software.
    So,very very thank you.Keep your writing


  • Great list Kim! Half of these free image editors I didn’t even know about. I used to use old Photoshop back in a day but never got as far as updating or buying a license for it so when it expired I found Gimp and been using it since. Can’t say anything bad about it, it has everything a typical blogger would need, so all the main features are all there and when I need something more advanced, I outsource it anyway. I’m pleased to see that Gimp is not the last pick on your list but I must admit, Pixlr does look very neat, so something I may take a closer look at. Thanks.

  • Hi Kim!
    This is so useful article. I would be happy If you tell me which software you are using for photo editing.

  • I use Pxlr so much, its very useful for me, especially when I want to blur a part of my screeshot or write a shot text on my screenshots before uploading them.

  • Amazing software,really helpful. Thank you KIM BARLOSO.
    I know that canva and Pixlr But I did not know SumoPaint,Gimp, Fotor etc software.
    So,very very thank you.Keep your writing


  • Hi Kim

    I was looking for something more photo editing based software. I use Canva as I only post images on Social media but now I want to do a little more with images as I am planning to run ads. Thanks for providing the list. I think I will start with Gimp.

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