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  • Great Post Srikanth. I never Used or using bitcoin because it is volatile payment options and still have some drawbacks. I am still not want to give it a try.

  • Sooner or later they will have to allow BitCoins in INDIA. That is like the most useful and easily available digitalized money in this Era. And moreover, we get a lot of discounts and stuff using BitCoin. So I think for the best there should be some sort of voting or something where people could choose whether they want bitcoin or not and then maybe ministry can take the decision of legalizing Bitcoin in India or not. What do you think?

  • I think this bitcoin gona rule the digital currency coming years, many digital currency users are worried of the charges they imply on and i am one of them, bitcoin would be the solution for that and the only disadvantage i see is that fluctuating price of bitcoin day- to – day, it has to be taken care of.

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  • Hey,thanks for sharing this amazing article on bitcoin mate but don’t you think this non regulated method make bitcoin very risky although i agree its a good alternative towards the digital money however this system need some more time to reach to mass.

  • Great article !
    As you said, “Indian Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India has stated that they have no plans to legalize Bitcoins in India.”
    This means that bitcoins is not allowed and an individual is not allowed to hold any coins? Is this also for other crypto currencies ?
    And I have even heard that people are making money out of bitcoins and other such cryptos. Any points on that?

  • Hi,
    Bitcoin is very Safe and Easy Method and Day by Day it will be popular.Nice post Thanks For sharing with us.keep up it.

  • Very well explained. This can be the future of payments if the authorities make bring it under the legal framework.

  • What do you think about using of Bitcoins? If it is not legalized in India, despite, we can use them as you have suggested some names of bitcoin exchange.

  • After watching the video “Thrive” I was shocked to know how we are controlled by a handful of people who control money .Bitcoins are a solution for it .Hope this works

  • Hi bro
    Nice to see an article about Bitcoins here. I think it’s good to have such decentralized cryptocurrency. And mining bitcoins need lot of energy(computational power). And also the limit for bitcoins that can be mined is 21millions and by now I think around 14 to 15millions have already mined. In 2014 the craze for bitcoins has got so high as currency mafia was buying the bitcoins at extortionate rates, because it was thought to be the future digital currency of the world. And now its value is again increasing. Lets see how it changes the digital currency scenario of the world.

    Thank you


  • Very Nice Information about bitcoin. This can be the future of payments if the authorities make bring it under the legal framework.

  • very well detailed. Since the ownership of bitcoin is a bleak. Is it safe to use bitcoin, won’t we wake up one day and realise all our coins is gone

  • Bitcoin is an interesting topic to explore. Although, it is not widely excepted yet but it will in near future.

    There are many Bitcoin exchanges which you can trade Bitcoins.

  • Nice Info Sir I Always Visit ShoutmeLoud For Such Trending Things Like Bitcoin and always i found Pure Info 🙂

  • Yes:nice article, Srikanth. You and Harsh definitely seem to be the most switched-on bloggers anywhere!

    I’m very interested in Bitcoin. I don’t know what you mean about its origin being “bleak”: don’t you mean obscure? Otherwise it sounds like Bleak House by Charles Dickens or something! 🙂

    Well I’ve always liked the idea of bitcoin: and had I had any money I would have got some in 2012 or whenever you could still get some for peanuts!!

    It is a little bit worrying the way its value has been rollercoastering recently: how far does this affect day-to-day transactions? Like on that thing?

    Well anyway, I think that bitcoin is something to use: not something to sit on and hoard.

    Which brings me to another little worry. Before recently, I had only heard of the odd idiot losing their Bitcoins by throwing away an old computer/laptop. Someone in UK did just that a few years ago. (I presume that having an online “wallet” precludes this?)

    But belatedly MSM news outlets seem to be taking notice of Bitcoin, treating it like they’d only just heard of it (eyeroll) and, it seems to me, trying to put the general public off it. Again, most of this gets ignored by me as stick-in-the-mud.

    But one thing BBC radio recently said worried me. They said thieves could get into Bitcoin wallets to steal their contents. How: and how do we stop this, please??

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