5 Essential Android Apps For Every Content Marketer

Blogging & Content marketing are the two most creative and time-consuming fields to work.

You need constant exposure to what’s new happening in your niche and what is trending amongst them.

Keeping an eye on every source daily is not an easy task.

But today’s era has come up with a wizardry call Android.

Android is an awesome and massively powerful Operating System for handheld devices. 1.4 billion of world’s smartphones rocking Android.

Now coming to the point, it android is so powerful do we use it for our blogging & content marketing?

Yes, and we can use it very effectively and same our time.

In this post, I’m gonna show you 5 awesome apps which will save your time and make your blogging and content marketing life easier.

1. Quora

Content is King. But not every content is king! Writing good content is the key to better SEO and people appreciation. But what kind of content should you
consider as KING??

  1. Content related to latest scenario
  2. Content related to people’s problems
  3. Easy to understand and relate
  4. Real

Keep these 4 points in mind before writing any block of content.

You now say, Ya all this is great we have already read this many times. But how to come up with content idea??

Here the app Quora comes in rescue.

So what Quora is? It is a question-answer website where peoples ask questions and people’s answer questions.

Quora Android App
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Quora Android App Search Result
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It is so evolved that you could find questions and answers on any topic you want.

How to use Quora for the content idea?

Probably the easiest task. Open the Quora app and type the term which is related to your niche in the search box. You can now see questions asked by
peoples about that topic.

After this, it is your pure creativity to convert any such popularly asked question in your next blog/content idea.

Quora really works well as a content idea generator. You can download Quora Android App from here.

2. Pocket

Being a Content Marketer I need to keep track of what my opponents are doing, what kind of content they are making. Here I’m not just
talking about the opponents but also the content creators you follow.

If you are doing this, you may probably have a long list of followings and opponents. Visiting each of them and analysing what are they doing
simultaneously is something which will take your whole day!

What if you have an app which stores the pages you want to read? An app which let you read all these pages ever after you leave that page & even when
you are offline!

Pocket Android App
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Yes, Pocket does this. It is some kind of bookmarking app that stores the pages of websites you want to read later. This tool comes handy when you see any
an article worth to read but doesn’t have enough time.

Save that article to pocket and read it later when you have time.

Pocket also lets you read your saves pages even when you are offline. I use pocket daily and have hundreds of pages saved!

Sometimes I save pages but never read them πŸ˜€

You can download Pocket Android App from here.

3. Pushbullet

Actually, it is a two-way app. Pushbullet android app and its browser extension.

What is does? After setting it up and running it on your smartphone. Pushbullet will automatically sync your phone notification to your browser.

So when someone texts you on WhatsApp you get a notification on your browser. Same as that you get on your phone.

You can also transfer various files between your phone and your computer without connecting them both. You can sync various devices and sync notification
from all of them, transfer files to all of them simultaneously.

Pushbullete Android App
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Pushbullet Chrome Extension
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It comes very useful when you are doing a task on the computer and don’t wanna get disturbed by texts on WhatsApp & other social media.

Pushbullet will simply show you the notification of every text, and then you will have to decide which you want to reply to.

When you are reviewing any app or mobile service you need to take screenshots and share them on your blog post. Now to transfer that screenshots you need to connect your phone to computer.

Locate the files and then transfer them.

With Pushbullet it is very easy you need to share those screenshots to Pushbullet app and within second’s, those screenshots were got available to devices which you have synced.

Really easy, fast and time saving.

Download Pushbullet Chrome Extension from here.

Download the Pushbullet Android App from here. You can also find the Pushbullet app for IOS and the Pushbullet browser extensions for every browser on their homepage.

4. Facebook Pages Manager

Social Media is a core part of blogging and content marketing.

If you have a blog you definitely want social media backup for connecting with peoples and making your content viral.

Social Media websites work as a secondary publishing platform. You publish your content on your blog. you have a decent number of everyday readers.

But when your content is published on Social Media websites, your content is exposed to Millions of peoples using that social media service.

When it comes to Social media, Facebook is the first stop for every content marketer.

Facebook Pages Android App
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Facebook Pages Android App Insights
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Facebook has 1.04 billion daily active users on average for December 2015 and the number is still growing.

Facebook Pages are the representative and your authorised identity on Facebook. Pages have extended functionalities that normal accounts don’t have.

With your Facebook page, you can be the next viral content creator on facebook. Handling a facebook page is a timely task. So facebook pages app is designed.

With simple UI, you can post text,images and videos to your page. See insights and chat with followers.

The app will give you rich page insights which contain

  1. Periodical Likes Count
  2. Periodical Unlike Count
  3. Content Reach
  4. Content Engagement

This app comes handy when you have many pages on facebook, like me. I have 4 active facebook pages and I handle them mostly with this app.

Download Facebook Pages Manager Android App from here.

5. Evernote

Many of you were curious about why i don’t mention this app on top.

Previously I used Keep By Google to take notes, I’ve never thought about using any other note taking app. But when I gave a shot to Evernote I fall in love
with it.

Easy, Synced.

You can access your notes everywhere. Even when you don’t have your phone with you. Evernote gives you many options over simple text notes. You can add
images, handwritten notes, reminders.

Evernote Android App
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The awesome feature of Evernote is you can share your notes with your friends. You can even develop an idea over Evernote.

Just make a group of your friends who gonna work on the project, then you can share your ideas, comments and share everything.

It really helps when you have a blog or small business, with people’s working simultaneously.

So this is the 5 Apps I prefer to be used by every Content Marketer. These are my personal choices, as I use them regularly. These apps increased my productivity.

Download Evernote Android App from here.

What other Android apps should every content marketer need? Let us know in the comment section below. If you think others will be benefitted from this article, do share it with them.

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15 thoughts on “5 Essential Android Apps For Every Content Marketer”

  1. Tim Broker

    I had Quora in my apps only. Never realized how useful PushBullets would be. I just installed it and it’s so useful in saving lots of time.

    Thanks for the list, Saurav. πŸ˜‰

  2. Sourabh

    This is a great list. I am very much aware of few apps such as Quora and Evernote.

    I use these apps on regular basis. Evernote is great app to take notes and also it will save lot of time.

    I want to share one feature of evernote. You can also purchase premium version or evernote without paying any money. You just have to refer your friend and earn points. You can use those points to purchase plus and premium plan of evernote. Thats great….!!

  3. Surya Konduru

    Hey very cool article. .. I am using all of them which are mentioned except push bullet, will give it a try and as you said Keep is cool than Ever note but scheduling small reminders Keep is really awesome as the time frames are automatic and you can do them with one click.

  4. Ashish

    Awesome post and ultimate list shared Saurav! These are really essential for bloggers. I was unaware of Pushbullet android app, will surely try it.

  5. Niraj

    Excellent article, Saurav. Useful list. These apps will certainly make it easier to keep up with the daily content crunch. Thanks, Niraj (Founder at hiverhq.com)

  6. Shaikh Noman Ahmed

    I almost forget about Evernote. I use Facebook’s Page Manager, Twitter and Google+ apps, and sometimes Instagram, to share my blog content… Interesting and useful apps.

  7. Trovare lavoro

    Very interesting! I will try certainly evernote

  8. Angad

    m so glad i use most of these, though except Evernote, Evernote free account doesnt work offline.

  9. Riju Debnath

    Hi Saurav,
    All the above apps are really important for a blogger. I personally use almost all of them. Appart from these I also use some other apps like google drive, feedly, flipboard, buffer etc.
    Pushbullet is new for me. Will definitly going to check this one.
    By the way nice post and thanks for sharing.

    1. Saurav Khare

      Thanks @Riju
      You should definitely try Pushbullet it will increase productivity and saves time.

  10. Dilip

    I Agree With You Saurav ..
    Evernote is easy than others..

    1. Saurav Khare

      @Dilip try to use it for on the go content creation and give a shot for Work Chat.

  11. Anodebe Anthony Nnamdi

    Nice one, will add some of those app to the ones I have.

  12. Hiren

    sir its a great list of apps that is really helpful to the blogger. I thing one very good note taking tool Google Keep should be added in above list

    good day,

    1. Saurav Khare

      Thank You @Hiren, Google Keep is great and I used it. But Evernote is more flexible to use. You should try Evernote πŸ™‚

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