How to Use Twitter as an Effective Marketing tool

Twitter For Marketing
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Twitter was created back in July 2006 and since then it has come a long way. Though not very popular during the time of its conception, it was picked up radically by a wide variety of audience as a popular communication and social media mode later on, mainly because of it being short and precise.

The Graph below will give you an idea about how fast Twitter became an important part of social media. To everyone’s surprise, it faired better than even Facebook in reaching the first 10 million user mark. According to Top, Charts Twitter has more than 200 million registered users, on an average there are 155 million tweets every day, and there are approximately 460,000 people who join Twitter daily.

Twitter User Growth Chart
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Graph by Leon Haland Data by Paul Allen

Now when I look at these figures I think how can someone like me and you cash in on this kind of traffic source or how can we use it to our advantage. Answer is simple, 3 words “Effective Twitter Marketing”. Different approaches to effective inbound Twitter marketing:

Using Twitter as Marketing Tool Effectively:

Social media marketing:

Twitter makes up 13.5% of sharing, and this sharing grows by almost 580% every year. Imagine if you have a product or service that would provide tons of value to its users, there is high probability that it will go viral on Twitter. But how to reach out to those initial bunch of people who would be the epicenter of that viral Twitter marketing?
Well, you can simply use twitter’s search function along with –hashtags(#) to reach out to the maximum number targeted followers.

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Using Twitter Search Function:

When you search something on Twitter, it will return you all the tweets on that particular topic. It is understood that the people tweeting this information are also interested in that product hence the tweet. Right! There you have it, all your target audience. All you need to do now is make social connections with these people. Follow them, send them relevant updates direct messages or even ask them to participate using a free giveaway.

Using Hashtags(#):

Hashtags one of the best ways to make your information appear in the most searched topics on Twitter. If you want to promote something on which a large part of the online audience would be interested, use the hashtags in your tweets to make that information appear in those people’s Twitter search. You can find out exactly how to use the hashtag effectively in Twitter help on hashtags

Using Twitter for SEO advantages:

Now, here is a nice case study done by Seanclark:

  1. Page URLs with 500 or more Tweets, average rank 45.81
  2. Page URLs with 1000 or more Tweets, average rank 40.76
  3. Page URLs with 5000 or more Tweets, average rank 30.51
  4. Page URLs with 7500 or more Tweets, average rank 4.96
Now, getting this much amount of Tweet for higher ranking, you need to come up with a strategy where you can get maximum tweets and retweets.

Getting the links indexed:

Huge social media websites like Facebook, G+, and Twitter, has always been a home of Google’s web crawlers and bots, the reason being that these websites have tons of data that get produced by its millions of users every day. And most of this data is unique and interesting. So one of the best ways to get the Google’s crawlers to come to your website or your data and the index is by tweeting that page/link. There are 70% chances that your content will get indexed in less than 1 hour after posting it on Twitter.

Getting SERP boost:

It has been said time and again that Google is looking at social mentions and social signals while ranking a particular website in SERPS. In a thorough study conducted by braded3, you can find out how exactly Twitter tweets and re-tweets help in improving your rankings in SERPS.

Here is a cool Twitter infographic on how Twitter is important for huge brands and businesses

(Source: Yell, Twitter image via Shutterstock.)

In the end here are a few cool tools for using Twitter as marketing tool:

  • TweetDeck: A desktop application to manage multiple Twitter accounts more efficiently.
  • This is the best way to engage with you twitter followers by keeping surveys and polls.
  • Bufferapp: For guys who are very active on Twitter for a couple of days and then don’t come back for a few weeks but still want their Twitter promotions to keep running behind. Read Bufferapp review
  • Hootsuite: Another great Twitter management tool for multiple profiles. Also support other social networks.
  • Twitter tools to manage followers
  • Twitter Unfollow Tools: A list of twitter tools to unfollow non-followers.
  • Twitter Autofollow tool: Collection of tools that will let you auto-follow your followers. For targeted followers, this is not suggested but if your target is to grow the follower count, this tip will surely work.

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4 thoughts on “How to Use Twitter as an Effective Marketing tool”

  1. hrmehrotra

    nice post buddy…. i am twitting daily for my blog updates but not getting more than 2 or 3 visits in a day by the way thanks for the tips will use to enhance twitter traffic…

  2. Abhishek

    Thanks for the article. I never used Twitter to promote my blog because of ignorance but after reading this article i will surely do it.

  3. Ishan Gupta

    Hi Avi

    Yes. There are lots of benefits of twitter marketing. Many people do not realize that just like, Twitter is a search engine in itself.

    It can be used for driving targeted traffic, leads or almost anything that people use Google for. Apart from its SEO benifits in Google ofcourse.

    We are one of the best SEO companies out there and as you can see in a case study mentioned in the post, We have been able to use twitter to leverage some good SERP movements just like Branded3. Hope you can get some benefit out of this

  4. Avi

    Good post Ishaan, you just pointed the main things to do on Twitter for an effective Marketing. What I think is tweeting and re-tweeting periodically, using of hash tags & engaging with others does the whole work. And to get SEO benefits adding our urls to tweets with some targeted keywords is the best way. 🙂

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