How To Be Successful On Twitter – 7 Tips

Twitter is one of the most popular communication tools we got. In 140 character, we can communicate with anyone in the globe. So far, Twitter changed the face of social media. No one ever thought a Micro-blogging website would become so big in no time.

Like any other social networking site, there are some rule, and ethics which one need to follow to get Twitter success.

Your success on Twitter is not counted by numbers of followers you have, but it will be counted by how many people are engaging with you, and what’s the reach of your tweets. How many people trust your links, and believe on your updates.

Like ˜7′ is a lucky number, I am giving below 7-Tips or Ethics, which can truly bring luck to tweeting friends who can draw tremendous advantage out of Twitter.

How to get success on Twitter:

1. Be Yourself

Don’t follow anybody & everybody blindly: Although you get greatly tempted to be the follower of almost everyone with a view to deriving utmost benefits out of Twitter; but this approach needs a patient restraint on such an impulse.

Why so?

It would be a great challenge to manage tweets from a large crowd being followed by you.

There is no point in following people sharing some information, which does not match your taste. Thus it is better to be the follower of a selected band of people who share some piece of knowledge or good information in line with your liking. Your focus must be on people who are interested in you & who really care for what you said.

2. Tweet as Social Media

Don’t use Twitter as a platform for amusement: Occasional twittering for amusement can be a good stress reliever, however it is better to do twittering for educating yourself or for leveraging your professional business.

Certainly twitter must not be used as a place to spend your idle time, instead of it you can easily find plenty of places where you can nicely kill your time over the internet.

3. Stop Spamming

Don’t act like a Spamming sales person: By & large people don’t like spamming & avoid sales persons aggressively pushing their product/brand.

Such activities are liable to be counterproductive & you can lose your influence and credibility. Believe me “ Spamming is truly annoying, hence don’t do it, if you don’t want to be hated by many.

4. Respect Users

Don’t send junk to the masses: You can very well tweet about your breakfast, lunch or dinner or about plans for the whole week blah blah & no one will stop you from doing so.

However it is better to share your knowledge through Twitter, which would be useful to the readers & would provide some value to them.

It is a universal truth that no one likes garbage. People feel a sense of delight while coming across some good quality & meaningful advice or a piece of information, irrespective of its source.

Hence carefully analyze the quality & relevance of your tweets before throwing them open. Sometimes it’s better not to tweet, than updating with useless updates.

5. Stop Blog Spam

Don’t treat twitter a game of numbers: Twitter is a fantastic social networking tool & must be exploited as a useful platform for networking. It must not be treated like a number game. We can use twitter to drive a good amount of traffic to our blog quite effectively, provided we aim to distribute good quality stuff through it. We must try to use Twitter professionally.

Boasting a large number of followers is absolutely useless.

6. Twitter as a Marketing tool

The cautious approach to building business via twitter: You can use twitter as a wonderful tool for marketing or promoting your web-site if you use it a bit sensibly. Remember that – over promoting tweets create a damaging impression about your business & will create an unpleasant taste among people who will certainly get bored from you very quickly.

Through twitter, you can easily develop relationship with several people at individual level, which can help you in promoting your brand or product or services effectively without getting branded as a spammer, provided you use this platform sensibly & cautiously.

However, if your business is already enjoying a reasonably good reputation, you can cautiously use several tweets to build a relationship with new people & promote the business further.

7. Twitter For Networking

Exploit Twitter’s core strength of networking: Twitter is a wonderful site to build effective network of friends & business clients with whom you can begin genuine conversations & do innovative business.

However you need to intelligently hunt for people truly useful to you from an individual or business point of view. Then only you can earn out of them.

It is sincerely hoped that my tweeting friends will use the above tips & use twitter as a cool tool to the best of their advantage. Hopefully, you will follow the above-mentioned tips and find success on Twitter.

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7 thoughts on “How To Be Successful On Twitter – 7 Tips”

  1. Ajith Edassery

    Nice tips buddy… The most important point with twitter is soft marketing without being branded as ‘spam’. Some people blindly tweet their affiliate links and posts about the same while smart people do it in a softer way by promoting their good content that leads to conversion.


  2. Amal Roy

    Tips 5 and 3 are the real twitter success tips, which should be given some priority.

  3. Sushant

    Nice article, although its more of a professional approach to twitter. Twitter is a blend of personal and professional touch at a single place. This what makes it on top.

    1. yogindernath

      Thank you very much Sushant 🙂 Twitter is really on top though there are some websites trying their best to compete with Twitter but failed miserably.

  4. Surender Sharma

    Absolutely right Yoginder.
    Twitter is powerful networking tool for Website and Blog promotion.But use with some ethics.

    1. yogindernath

      Yes Surender, there is no point spamming with Twitter. Its an excellent website where you can share information so why not share not valuable information and network with other people rather than spamming. We should use Twitter with ethics.

  5. Stefan

    I find myself using Twitter less and less. Most of the tweets from the people I’m following is simply links to blog entries and RT. Usually not a link to their own blog, but some people seems to think you get publicity by posting to more popular bloggers.

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