Why You Should Not Use AdSense on Your Business Website

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Google Adsense is one of the most used advertising platforms in the Internet industry today with millions of publishers worldwide. Every web properties – small or large-scale websites, are making money online with Adsense. Are you one of them?

I consider Adsense as “the people’s choice” when it comes to website monetization. Anyone with a unique and interesting site can join this program. A single click can earn you from cents to a few dollars depending on your niche. If you are looking for the easiest and the most profitable pay-per-click ad program, then Adsense is the best. But wait, see the post title & notice the big “No Adsense“, does it make sense to you? If not, lets read on and understand why sometime not putting Adsense or any adsense alternative is best for your business website.

No Adsense

If you are a novice and you are planning to build your own online business through a blog or an online web store, you probably intend to insert some Google ads on your site to start earning a living online. While there is nothing wrong in using Adsense, there are a few factors that you first need to consider before plunging into the Adsense world.

Why Say “No Adsense” for your Business Website :

Let me explain the basic of Adsense first and how Adsense is the best advertising platform at the moment. Adsense is a contextual ad network and when I say contextual, it means ads which are displayed on the page are relevant to the topic of the post. For example, if you are running a Web hosting blog and you installed a Blog to promote your hosting business. Just to add more into your revenue stream, you added Adsense and here you go, indirectly instead of promoting your own business, you are promoting your competitor business. As, most of the Adsense ads which will be shown will be relevant to hosting and domain sites, and just for few cents & if you are lucky, may be for few $, you just sent away one prospective client from your site. This doesn’t only implies to Adsense but also for other ad networks like Infolinks or any such Ad program, which offers contextual advertisement.

So, I guess now, we are on the same platform and if you run a business Website, here are some more reasons, which justify my statement of saying no Adsense or saying no to any other contextual advertisements on your site.

It devalues your brand

Starting a blog or any type of website is an enticing opportunity to make a fortune from the comfort of your own home. It is important however, that to be able to stay competitive, you need to take good care of your brand.  Online branding is one of the most crucial factor that a webmaster should always prioritize.

When you start to monetize your site with various types of adverts, you are also lessening the values of your own business brand. You are actually passing your brand to every ad you insert on each pages of your site. You probably have seen company websites or sports websites that are using Adsense on their web pages. Instead of promoting their own brand, they are using Adsense ads which is totally unnecessary and very unprofessional.

It is an opportunity for your competitors

Adsense is a contextual-based program which means that the ads it serves are based on your web page content. For example, your site is all about technology, cell phones and other cool gadgets. If you use Adsense on your pages, it will serve adverts that are similar or related to technology industry.

So what is my point? Since Adsense is a contextual-based ad program, it can be a big opportunity for your business competitors to leverage their brand using the AdWords program – the sister platform of Adsense.

A competitor can leverage himself by buying sponsored ads using the AdWords system. By optimizing his campaign through keywords, your competitor can easily reach your site through Adsense with less cost. This can highly cost you more money than cents-per-clicks from Adsense. Remember, you don’t have complete control over who advertise on AdWords which can practically hurt your over all online business.

Every click, means you lost a reader plus higher bounce rate

A single click in Adsense ads opens on the same window, not in another browser tab. While the user can easily click the “back” button once the ad doesn’t serve well, the chances of this happening are still very slim.

Every click means a lost reader in Adsense. Plus, Adsense ads may confuse your readers if the ads didn’t blend enough with your website’s design. Every click also means higher bounce rate for your web business because your visitor is actually leaving your site once they click an Adsense ads.

In summary, Adsense is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to put up their own website or blog. However, there are certain limitations or boundaries that you should know before you use Adsense as your primary monetization program. I suggest that you first build a good reputation and enough content to your site before you start monetizing it with Adsense or any other methods like affiliate marketing or direct advertising. This way you could practically analyze what is the best and ideal ad program for your web business.

More over, when you created a Blog or Website to promote your online or offline business, my advice is to add your own advertising. For ex: Advertisement to your own services, product and drive more traffic to your sales and landing pages. Sometime, it’s on your best interest to stop running behind those few cents click and target more on branding and reputation of own business brand.

If you are a business owner, I would love to know what kind of ads you are running on your Website? Are you using any contextual ad network like Adsense, Chitika or any other direct advertisement program. If you are one of those, who find this post meaningful and you have removed Adsense after reading this post, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Nouman says

    That make sense, if you’re running a new business then you need to advertise your business with Google Ad-word not to publish your site with Adsense because you need customers not ads to run a successful business. I am fully agree with you.

  2. officer says

    Hi Harsh,
    I have read some of your articles and I have found them very useful. I am running a blog that is around 10 months older. I am using Chitika and infolinks. My blog is not getting good amount of traffic, I have done SEO and other important things to get organic traffic, but still no luck. Could you pls have a look at it to tell me what i need to improve??? that would be a great help for me.

    Best Regards,

  3. Hacktik says

    yes, as a first option one should avoid putting adsense ads on a business website. If at all you really want to go ahead with this, then may be you can try the blocking feature of adsense to block certain categories or URL altogether. Also, not every company could be your competitor even if they are from same business. Think about the size as well. If you are a small player then you may not be really competing with very large established ones.

  4. Ernan says

    Adsense so far is no longer profitable even to blogs unlike the way back because of lower Publisher shares on clicks because of cheap rates on Adwords charged on advertisers. I maintain Adsense on some of my sites but no longer on my blog.

    Business websites should not have any other ads other than its own, since as you’ve said it will serve competitors. Not only that you will lose clients if you put other ads on your site since they have came to your site in the first place finding information about what product or services that you are to offer them.

  5. says

    nice points covered, the article itself worth to prove that adsense is not for big bussiness enterprises.
    However still adsense matters a lot for bloggers.

  6. Norman says

    It is my personal experience that if you put on adsense on website with business content, attention of visitors is always diverted for a while.

    • says

      Hey Norman,

      Yes definitely true. People will look for other means to bounce which is a bad thing for your site.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Zeeshan says

    I 100% agree with you that for few Adsense cents we sell our precious visitors which may become a customer in future.

  8. david says

    Hi Harsh, I certainly agree that it is a chance for your competitors. On one site I have though adsense appears to be the only way that I have been able to monetize that site.

    But in general, if you are in a traditional business and NOT earning revenue from adsense, then you are correct, it does not make “sense” to use adsense.

  9. stargaterich says

    This is a great post on the disadvantages of Adsense. I guess you hit the nail with the fact that once someone click on the ads, they are diverted to the advertiser website. Most people generally don’t make profit through Google Adsense.
    My average income from this blog monetization method is just tens of dollars per month, not much consider of a big deal even if I do away with it.
    I think another main problem with trying to make some money from mighty Google click ads is that publishers are bound by their terms and conditions which changes now and then. Doing away with Adsense also means one need not worry about Google slap.

  10. jayaar says

    when we are promoting our products, there is no point in highlighting the rival services. It might get us AdSense income, but our dear business will be nowhere.
    Good article.

    • says

      Hey Jayaar,

      Thanks for your comment. This is the reason why some Internet marketers prefer affiliate products than Adsense. If you are keen on acquiring sales from your products, then Adsense is not the best tool for your site.


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