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    How To Maintain Blog Growth When You Are Too Busy?

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    busy receptionist How To Maintain Blog Growth When You Are Too Busy?
    As a blogger, you like writing to share your knowledge and experience. Simultaneously, You also are a webmaster and you always want your blog has high ranking and becomes popular. When your blog has some success: good ranking, high traffic and many loyal readers, you must always keep updating blog post. Because if you don’t post new update, your readers will go away and you will be lost a lot of traffic. So what to do when you are too busy and have no time to update blog content? How to keep your blog grows and don’t lost anything?

    How a Busy Person can grow a Blog?

    Don’t starve your blog for a long time!

    Publishing one post per week is reasonable. Maintaining blog publishing frequency is an important factor. If you are running too busy, you can take of post scheduling feature and try to publish minimum one post a week.

    Checking comments regularly

    You shouldn’t not care of your blog for a long time. If you do that, your blog will turn into “dead blog” and you lost everything. Spending atleast 15 minutes per day to check blog comments and reply if you can. It is best to always carry phone with the ability to access the web or laptop to read comments and manage your blog. Now all the blogging platform like WordPress, BlogSpot offers smartphone app, which you can use to reply and moderate comments. Don’t forget to check out this handy guide by Harsh on moderating blog comments. For your reference, here are some of the best mobile apps for bloggers:

    Accepting Guest Posts

    This idea can use only if your blog has high traffic and page rank. A lot of bloggers do guest posting daily to increase relationship with others, drive traffic and build high quality backlinks. You can hire an editor and let him edit guest posts, or you can probably take out half n hr a day to edit and publish/schedule guest posts.

    Come back

    Planning to come back is important. If you have goal to become a blogger you must have time to write post. Content is KING and without content, your blog is nothing. When you are not busy, it is the time to write more, regain your traffic and ranking.

    You can leave comments on all friend’s blog to notify them you are come back or you can host a contest to attract readers. The idea is people might have started forgetting about you, when you are doing a come back, make sure to let other feel your presence in social media.

    Must check out :Time Saving apps for busy bloggers

    Do let us know what tip do you use to manage and grow your blog when you are running busy?

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    I agree to one post a week when we are too busy….Thanks for the informative post….:)



    one week a post is good for them who has good readership…for new blogs, it is not that right step to follow


    Vivek Parmar

    Having a perfect blogging plan is necessary to grow your blog because without any plan you can’t get anything whatever you thought off


    Saket Jajodia

    I don’t think one post a week going to help… At list try to post 3 posts in a week other wise I think it going to affect your traffic…



    Yes so do I :D .



    If we are a professional bloggers we should be busy with blogging. No other work than blogging.


    Aniket @Pixaffiliate

    Yes you are right. But sometimes it happens that you cant pay attention to your blog


    Rajan Balana @ DreamBloggers

    I agree with all the points, all the facts are really worthy. I must say you must update your blog once in a 3-4 days :)



    You are right. Maintaining Post frequency is very important.

    Thanks for sharing.


    Burhanuddin Tezabwala

    You should be regular or else readers might go away from your blog.
    Updating it on weekly basis is good, if it is left untouched for a long time it can be troublesome.



    Nice post Pumama but as you tell ,one post per week is not good .If someone want to maintain his blog then he should make at least 1 or 2 helpful post dalily. By this reader will think that when he visit the blog then he will learn or know something new


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