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Comments are still inspiring to every newbies whether it is spam or genuine. But you should accept all your genuine comments for the glory of your blog.

If you have left a genuine comment in the Pending box, it may be damage to your reputation. On the other hand, you can lose your daily visitor who maybe wanted to tell you something via comment.

Whenever you get a genuine comment, it’s a good idea to reply to all the comments which need an answer. Not only it will help to increase engagement but it also helps to add more useful information to your post. 

If you check this blog minutely, you can find an appropriate reply to all published comments.  Though this is a different story from the main topic, there is a connection between these two matters.

For a busy blog, it might not be possible to reply to all the comments but when a newbie starts a blog, it’s a good practice to engage with your commentator as much as you could. 

Generally, most of the time, newbies also have not so enough information what about they have written. That’s why several copy-paste bloggers don’t be able to publish their replies. Sometimes it does really need a reply to various comments.

For instance, you have written a post about how to set up Google DFP. But due to some reason, you haven’t embedded any picture. For this, one of your readers is getting some problems after following your entire step by step guide.

In this meantime, he has posted a comment for some pictures or more information so that he/she can easily do his/her task. But as you haven’t not so much information, you cannot fulfill his/her demand. This is also a reason that you are losing your visitor.

Though there are also so many reasons behind replying to all comments, here is a simple list that is made with some of them.

Why Replying to all Blog comments are useful?

1. Your post is yours’:

Yes! If you aren’t capable to reply to your readers’ comments, that means you have run a copy-paste technique to publish an article on your blog. If you really want to win the trust of your readers, you must have to write your article along with a reply to that article’s comment as enough as possible.

2. Build a good relationship:

It will help you to build a good relationship between you and your readers. You also must have to care of your commentators whenever you will give a reply to any comment.

Bonus Tips:- Always try to give a positive reply everytime. Though, as times you might get troll or negative comments and this article, will teach you how to deal with negative comments professionally.

3. Build conversation:

Conversation building is one of the most important things for any blog. It helps every one of your visitors to know more about that published article.

4. It builds Reputation:

Suppose, you have written a post about software of Windows 7 but you have mentioned that your software will be working on all versions of Windows 7, Vista, XP and 8. But you haven’t tested that software on every of that versions. If someone tells you about that and you give a positive reply to him/her, I am sure that your blog status will be amplified instead of diminishing.

5. More comments:

You will also get a response for your reply if your blog has Subscribe to Comments plugin. In this way, you will get more comments. Moreover, a good idea is to enable threaded comments on your blog post, which will further boost your engagement. You can read Harsh guide on Proven ways to get more Blog comments for learning the art of getting more comments.

Final Word

My suggestion would be, try to engage as much as you could with your commentators by replying to their comments. Even a simple comment like Thanks for commenting is useful at times.

Do let me know how you deal with comments on your Blog?

Do you reply to all the comments or you reply to one which needs a reply?

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Authored By
I am Sudip Majhi, a learner and tech savvy guy from Kolkata, India.

17 thoughts on “Why You Should Reply to All Accepted Blog Comments”

  1. Victorscorner

    I try to reply all comments on my blog articles – whether negative or positive. I appreciate the people that commented, give further explanation where needed.

  2. Katrine Joy

    Great article! Also, don’t forget that more replies in comments means more keywords in the page which means it looks “better” for search engines 😉

  3. Nihar

    Nice article.

    I must admit that I am not recently replying to my reader comments lately. It is very bad to it.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      There are many comments which doesn’t need a reply, but if a comment which deserves a reply is unanswered, than you are missing a chance to give the commentator community touch.

  4. Jignesh

    Nice tips! Replying to comments makes the author more social and personal toward the reader. It useful to win the trust. Thanks for sharing

  5. Vipin

    I have one point to add, it is not just replying but using the name of individual can build a more deep interaction. It has power.

  6. Satender Rajput

    Agree with the post and also with some commenters of this post. According to me readers comment on any blog is just like that he/she is giving real credit to author for his hard work by reading his/her post. 🙂

  7. Basith Abdul

    Other than helping to maintain good relationship with the reader, this also helps in SEO aspect. Lot of interaction and engagement taken as a a very positive sign by Google

  8. Rafeeq

    Replying to comments provides more user engagement in the website.But replying to comments which are not related to the post topic will not be a good idea.

  9. LearntoGeek

    this is controversial to me,
    personally there is time I think that my time is better spent to create a great post than just replying comment

  10. Rajkumar Jonnala

    Comments can give the golden opportunity to interactivity to interact with the readers. So it’s important for us to reply to all the comments made.

  11. Tushar

    Good title man, bloggers should concentrate on getting good responses from their readers. Maintain a friendly relationship with them.

    1. Sudip Majhi

      @Tushar, yes you are right. The number of blogger who can/want (to) maintain a friendly relationship with their readers, is quite low. How ever, thanks for all of your positive comments.

  12. Asif Billah

    I completely agree with your views on the benfits of responding to comments. I try my best to respond to every comment, if anything, for the “social proof” aspect of it all. I like seeing the comment count high on my posts (even if half of them are mine, heheh). But along with the social proof, it does encourage more people to comment, and it also gives some “back” to those who comment… it probably makes them feel good that I took the time to respond to their comment.

  13. Ravi kumar

    I am regularly getting spam comments too with some real comments, I want to know what was that? Sometime, I receive email regarding pinging. What is this pinging all about.

    I always reply to the commentator who has really given their thoughts on the particular post.

  14. Rob Schneider

    I partially agree, but I get a few regular comments on my travel blog from a reader who tries to use it as his personal soap box. After politely replying to 2 of his rants on one blog, I deleted the 3rd and told him my blog was not a forum. He seems to have taken the hint, because I haven’t heard from him for awhile. In a nutshell, there are some readers I don’t want to establish a relationship with.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      @Rob I agree and often I also get such comments.. You did right, as instead of irritating yourself with such comments.Its’ better to be straight forward and let the trollers find some other place.

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