9 Time-tested Techniques to Get More Comments On Every Blog Post – 2024

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Comments are one of the essential elements of any blog. Without comment, any blog looks like a ghost house. Not every blog posts have to get comments, but any good post will certainly get a comment in the form of view, critics, additional information.

But why should you want readers to leave a comment?

Because this will give you a better idea of what your readers are finding valuable, and you can cater to your newer content to these needs. This will help you identify what is and isn’t working on your blog.

Moreover, from the SEO perspective, Blog comments help in adding more related keywords and helps you to rank higher.

Also, comments are great displays of social proof.

And when there’s a large display of social proof, advertisers will start to take notice. Companies will only want to advertise on sites that have an active and engaged fanbase. Having lots of comments is one great way of saying to businesses, “My blog is a really good place to put your ads.”

I think you got the point!

So, in this article you will learn:

  • How to get more comments
  • What questions you should ask your readers
  • A few of the techniques that I use to get comments on every post of ShoutMeLoud

But first thing first, 

So how do you convert readers into commentators?

  • Ask them a question.
Getting More Comments on blog
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And why wouldn’t this work?

If I’m talking to you in real life and I ask you a question, you’ll give me an answer. It’s the same via the internet.

If a relevant question is asked, we all want to share our viewpoints. If you notice a lot of blogs with great content don’t have commentators, because they never ask any questions to their readers.

The end of the article is the best opportunity for you to ask a question to your reader. Since they are done reading, you can direct them to comment form by asking a meaningful question

So what kind of questions you could ask your readers?

  1. Please share your thoughts on the post
  2. Let me know what do you think of “XXXXX”
  3. Suggest any new tips if you’ve etc..
  4. If you have additional info that works for you, do let me know via comments.

These 4 are very generic questions which always works. As long as you are asking a question around the topic of the blog post, it would work in your favor.

So, asking question is the first and most important trick to get more blog comments. Now, we will look into some more techniques that always works. 

By the way,  At ShoutMeLoud, I have already covered a few of my own techniques, and you should check these two posts as well:

9 Proven ways of Getting More comments on your Blog

Before I share these tips, let me clear something about comments:

  • Not every blog post will get Comments
  • Not every comment is a genuine comment (Hint: Spam comments)
  • The number of comments depends on your Blog commenting system too. I prefer the WordPress default commenting system, and if you want more features such as voting, highlights, and others, you can use the Thrive comments plugin, which is also a popular choice. I have explained this in detail below.

1. Attention-grabbing headlines are must

Your headlines should pull the readers in to read your blog posts. No matter how great your content is, you must be creating attention-grabbing headlines are must. 

When you want to get more comments on your blog posts, great headlines can provide your readers a sign that you’re going to read great stuff ahead, and that’s where most readers turn into blog commenters.

So, spend quality time on crafting great headlines.

How can you create great headlines then?

You must be creating curiosity, educating, entertaining or scaring your readers to grab their eyeballs. Here are a few epic headline samples that always work.

  1. How to [Do something] in [number] Steps?
  2. Why No One is [something] And What Can You Do About It
  3. [Number] Ways to [do something]

Examples of the above samples are:

  • How to create great content in 3 easy steps
  • Why no one is reading your blog and what can you do about it
  • Five ways to grab your reader’s attention to buy your products

The above headline samples work like a charm, because they’re creating curiosity and educating your readers to open your blog posts.

You can tweak the above headline samples if you want for your next blog posts. This way you can attract more blog comments on your posts.

2. Use their names while responding

This is the less-known tactic that I use on almost all my blogs to get more comments. This strategy is the no-brainer, but many people miss this. Calling someone by name, not only is encouraging but also makes the other person wanted. The same psychology works in blog comments. As an author or blog owner, when you reply to comment make sure to reply with the name.

For example, if you leave a blog comment something like,

Hello [your name],
I’m really impressed with your writing; the tips were so practical and easy to implement.
I’ll surely implement on my blog from now on, let’s see how it goes on my blog.
Mr. X

Now, if you want to make him loyal to your blog or if you want to attract more blog comments, respond like this..

Hi Mr. X,

I’m glad you find this post useful and you can read the following two articles, to get more ideas related to this topic:

You can also consider joining us on Facebook for more Blogger engagement.

Look, the way you respond to your readers matter A LOT in the long run. Be kind, use their names and show them that you love, it works like a charm to attract more blog comments. Moreover, this technique will also help you to build trust and engage more with readers.

3. Approve blog comments instantly

This is another killer tip to grab more blog comments. Though because of spam comments, we usually keep our blog comments moderated which is a good practice. Though, you can make a few changes in your WordPress comments settings to make things easier for your regular commentators.

Under Settings > Discussions

uncheck the box which says, “An administrator always approve the comments”.

This will ensure that regular commentator comments will not be held for moderation.

Though, if you are one of those who travel a lot or stay away from your computer, I recommend you to try the WordPress app on different devices, which will help you to moderate comments directly from your smartphone.

You can also use the combination of Akismet + Zero spam WordPress plugin to handle this spam comment situation.

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At the end of the day, you can stick to any technique but don’t let a comment left out for moderation for long.

4. Give limelight to the best commenters

Whenever you find thoughtful comments from your readers, try to bring those commenters’ names to the limelight. 

Highlight their blog names, comments by linking to their blogs. This way you’ll be encouraging the same readers to leave more thoughtful comments and also you’ll be allowing new readers to leave great comments on your future posts.

Win/win approach, right?

5. Reward your top/Best commentator:

This Strategy I started doing back in 2009, which worked big time for me. I used to reward the commentator of the month with a dofollow link and with advertisement banner on the sidebar.  

This worked well for me, as my niche is Blogging and most of ShoutMeLoud readers are Bloggers and Webmasters. Along with it, I was also using Top commentator widget on the sidebar to reward active commentators.

The idea was simple, the commentator with a maximum number of comments will win the award, and this worked big time for me. But this was back in 2009, and in these four years, things have changed a lot.

You can bring your new idea to reward your commentator as I mentioned in the above point.

If you are a service blog or product blog, you can reward your top or best commentator as a free package or product for a limited time. This will surely help to increase the engagement and blog comments on your Blog.

6. Faster loading blog will get an Edge:-

A fact, everyone loves a fast loading site, be it a visitor or a Google bot. In fact, a fast loading site helps in improving your search engine ranking.  If your blog takes a lot of time to load, then your visitors won’t stick around. You should know that with the advancement of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, the attention span has gone down to a greater extent.

Moreover, a blogger who is commenting to increase his online presence would prefer commenting on a blog post that loads quickly.

7. Reply To The Comments:-

To start a conversation on your blog, you need to be a part of it. If you are an admin and reply to all the comments, you are doing it right, but you can always use it for more exposure.

For example. When a commentator reply, you can always acknowledge and appreciate his comments, and along with it, you can also ask a question to initiate a conversation.

If a commentator finds a problem with his solution, you can always suggest him to subscribe to your blog to keep receiving such useful tips and updates.

For any followup comment, you can always add a link to your earlier post and this drives traffic to old posts and also decrease bounce rate.

8. Perfect and easy Commenting System:-

This is another factor, which determines the number of comments on your blog.

A writer-friendly commenting system is what you should aim for. In the majority of the scenario, WordPress’s in-built commenting system is pretty good.

However, if you want more features, you can use something Thrive comments which adds a ton of new features like voting, highlighting comments, redirect users to a certain page after they commented.

However it is a paid plugin, and if you are not making enough money from the blog yet, then wait for a while before you invest in such plugins. You can read my review of Thrive comments here.

This is how the comment box looks like:

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9. Ask questions to get more comments

I started this guide with this point, and I’m repeating it again.

If you just do this one technique of asking questions to your readers, it will be more useful than other techniques mentioned in this guide.

Call To Action (CTA) is the King to attract more comments on your blog posts. Most bloggers don’t call their readers to take some action at the end of their blog posts, which is one major reason for no or very fewer comments on your blog posts. Here is some example of CTA note at the end of posts:

  • Subscribing to their blogs
  • Leaving a blog comment
  • Sharing blog posts
  • Buying their products etc

The #1 secret to getting anything done online is this, ASK! You ask your readers. First, they’ll do whatever you want [if you’ve great quality on your blog]. No doubt, quality and trust matters to do anything online, agree?

If you want more blog comments, then ask your readers to comment at the end of your blog comments by writing,

  • Please share your thoughts on the post
  • Let me know what do you think or
  • Suggest any new tips if you’ve etc..
  • If you have additional info that works for you, do let me know via comments.

If you re a regular reader of ShoutMeLoud, you would notice that in most of the blog posts, I end up with some action lines like Share this post on Social networking sites, Add your comments or subscribe to my Newsletter.

Think this way: You have written masterpiece information, and at the end of the article, you have nothing which will make the readers take action. In most of the cases, the reader will simply close the tab and move to another article. Best the idea is, ask your reader to take some action in any form, which I mention above.

This way you’ll be making it easy for your readers to do some specific action after reading your blog posts. You’ll surely notice a growth in your blog comments if you implement this tip.

All these are personally tested techniques that will help you to get more blog comments.

Another effective way to increase your blog comments is by writing provoking and controversial content. A content which can trigger debate or discussions.

Something like,

Topics which usually get multiple views and opinion usually helps in getting more comments. Go ahead, try any of this mentioned tip above and let me know how they worked out for you.

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Is there any other technique that you follow to get more comments on your blog posts?

Do let me know via comments. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our newsletter for more such articles.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

19 thoughts on “9 Time-tested Techniques to Get More Comments On Every Blog Post – 2024”

  1. Blessing Noah

    Hi Harsh,
    I have learned many things from this post. Before reading this post, I would just reply to readers’ comments on my blog without mentioning their names. Now I know better. Thank you for putting this article together.

  2. Aditya Singh

    The Very The Well said author. Really good tips for to increase Blog Comment .
    But in blogger we can edit the comment like we do in wordpress . Sad Thing for Blogger.

  3. Tech Raft

    I am having a question. I like Disqus commenting system. But, for increasing the blog community which one is recommended. Thanks

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      @Tech Ratt
      I installed Disqus on Callingallgeeks.org and response was good.. Specially new disqus is good as it not only offers social login but also helps to reduce bounce rate. Though, here at ShoutMeLoud, I still prefer to use plain and simple WordPress default commenting system. If you get good traffic from social media (FB, Twitter), it’s a good idea to integrate DISUQS or FB commenting system…. Else you can always achieve higher level of engagement with default one too…

  4. vishnukumar

    Good Post Harsh
    u have done such a great thing.This topic will be very useful new bloggers like me
    but one doubt whether this will be helpful only for wordpress bcoz i am blogspot blogger

  5. Gautam Doddmani

    good points here harsh and rewarding the commenters for making the highest comments is certainly a proven tactic…i shall follow ur points from now on! 🙂

  6. Sarvesh

    Nice collection of tips Harsh.
    More and more good comments always add to more keyword density helping the viewers to find your article easily on the search engine and then the interaction with the commentators add a +1 to your blog.

  7. rakesh kumar

    well harsh, you have written give credit or award your best commentator on your blog. but why do you not practice it on your own blog ?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      This isa practice you do at initial stage to encourage users to comment on your post. Once you have setup community and users are participating without any extra incentive and for your content, you can switch your practice to something else. Like engaging users with quality comments like you and me are doing right now 🙂

  8. Anchit Shethia

    Harsh what i do is approve even the spam comments after removing the links and other words not suitable for my blog. This way i get many many many comments 😛

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I would not recommend you to do that, as those comments are of no use. They don’t add any value to your article apart from increasing the comment count. After a while, you will realize you are better without such comments.

  9. Deepanker

    yeah, getting more comments shows how readers are engage in the blog. It also shows the blog’s popularity. Great post 🙂

  10. Chetan Bhasin

    I like the idea of rewarding the commentators. I had the idea of using IntenseDebate plugin which offers points on good comments and vote up and down system, but it didn’t go too far for it had some bugs.
    How do you reward top commentators on Shoutmeloud?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Earlier I used to write blog post at the end of the month:
      Top Commentator of the month and used to add active commentator link and his blog image. Along with it, initially I used to reward them by adding a banner on sidebar.

      Though, as I mentioned this was 2-3 years back and now it’s a good idea to offer incentive in other way. You can also look into this post, which may trigger your creative cells: https://www.shoutmeloud.com/wordpress-plugins-to-create-interactive-community-wordpress-blogs.html

  11. Istiak Rayhan

    Hey Harsh,
    Nice sharing. I follow most of the things you’ve mentioned on the post. Commenting on others blog is one of the powerful way to get more comments on own blog.
    I have missed many genuine comments because of Akismat. Akismat putted many genuine comments to the spam. GASP solved this problem for me.
    And using comment luv plugin and Top Commentator widget drives more comments.
    Thanks for sharing these tips.

  12. Anurag

    Well Good Post Harsh,
    I have also written an article on my website some days back.

    Your approach to this topic is quiet good and I love the 3rd Tip. And I always ask my readers for their thoughtful comments on my blog post.

    Thanks for the share.

  13. MNB Achari

    Didn’t notice that it was such a long post because of the many wonderful tips. The post just took me through the end and only then did I realize that it kept me busy for 15 minutes. Thanks a lot for the tips! By the way, I hope my comments gets approved instantly.

  14. Asif Billah

    Great advice Harsh, a lot of it is interchangeable with all networks. Generating interaction by interacting – I love it.

  15. sangram

    @Harsh I believe the website should be famous .If a website has 1000 page views then it gets easier to get comments .However i also think the points you suggested are more than enough to get more comments

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