Controversial Blog Posts – Right way to popularize a blog ??

Be it real-life or a Blog, controversy is one of the best ways to start a debate and raise some eyeballs. Especially, when you have a new blog, and you like to get mass social media attention, a perfect controversial blog post is your best friend. It can do wonder and might take your blog to next level.

But is it that easy and is it ethical to create controversy to get attention and popularity? 

We will look into some of these topics below and you can add your own suggestions and ideas for creating a perfect controversial post via comments.

Controversial blog posts
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A Controversial image

Hi Guys, I am back again with another rocking topic.

Being a blogger, I know the things that haunt a blogger. A newbie in this field, without the much-needed patience, will end up in frustration and will give up blogging.

But we don’t want to do that. right? 

At least, I won’t do that as I am here to make a mark in blogging. I want people to remember me as a blogger, not just any ordinary person.

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I will assume that you too want that and so you are here, reading this post. So what it takes to become a Problogger. It demands many things – a proper niche, rock-solid SEO, appealing design etc. etc.

But the biggest aspect that force your visitors to become your loyal readers or may be subscribers is the content you provide on your blog. After the content, a visitor sees if the blog is popular with the masses or not?

People(including me) have the tendency to see how popular the blog is before visiting it again.

Ways to popularize a blog :-

There are many ways to popularize but the most used and proven way is the use of social media. Using the different social networks surely gives you the desired traffic and the boost to your moral. If you see the stats going up you will work more harder to improve it. That’s human nature.

Apart from the social networks, guest posting and blog commenting work wonders for your blog and for you too. This two methods will gift you a reputation in the blogosphere. And thus people will start taking you seriously and visit your blog more often. Here is the list of points that I have so far implemented for my blog.

  • Guest Posting (Most recommend)
  • Blog commenting
  • Social networking sites.
  • Interaction with other bloggers.
  • Sharing, tweeting or pinning articles of my fellow bloggers.
  • And, of course Controversial blog posts.

What makes a blog post a controversial one ??

This is one question that might be coming in your mind. Which ingredient makes a simple post a controversial one ??

Controversial blog posts are the ones that are not expected to be written. Like say, that Facebook hasn’t yet launched the “Dislike” button and if you publish a post about “Facebook launches a dislike button” which is not at all true, but then also people will rush in to see how to use it and will only get fooled.

Not just that, you can create controversy targeting any particular product or any popular personality.

Writing stuff about people that no one knows and no one even expects it to go public are referred as “Controversial Blog Posts“. You can pick any trending debatable topic and pick one side and create a buzz with your writing.

What most of the bloggers recommend?

In my first stage of blogging, I too was looking and Googling ways to make my blog popular. And there was one thing common on most of the bigger blogs – Create controversial posts.

At first I wondered how can it help ?? But as I read more and more blogs, I saw that the controversial blog posts were ranking in the popular posts.

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Seeing the immense results it gave, I too wanted to give it a try but for some reasons I never tried it. I even drafted out some of the hot topics, which were quite controversial, but I didn’t publish it. I rather remained glued to Guest posting and blog commenting to get the results.

Are Controversial blog posts the only way out ??

Sometimes I feel to give it a try. I get some topics in mind that can yield immense results, but I control my urge and get over it.

Why am I doing this ?? 

Because the topics that come in my mind can hurt someone’s feelings. And as a blogger, I don’t want that to happen.

Controversial blog posts have worked wonders. I have read many of them, but somewhere in my mind, I developed a negative feeling about that blogger.

I don’t know why such thing happened, but I won’t deny it. This happened every time I read one. I don’t say that it should happen to everyone, but there might be a complete group of visitors that might feel the same way as I do. And if I post any such topic and lose some of my valuable readers, then I think it’s a bad bargain.

Another disadvantage of creating controversy with blog posts is negative comments and negative branding. Which is something, not highly recommended. Though, if you can create a controversial post without generating heat, you might be hitting the bull’s eye with your next post.

Over to you:-

Now it’s time for a debate. Let me know what you think ?? Do you feel that controversy is the best and no other way can yield more results ?? If you have any point in mind, then please share it with us. It’s time for some group discussion. Let’s see what you people think ?? Do take part in the conversation.

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Hi there, I am Arbaz Khan and I love blogging. At my blog, I write about all things tech, gadgets, social media and gaming. Do visit my tech-blog - TheGeekCubes. I also have a Gaming blog, GamingTron.

8 thoughts on “Controversial Blog Posts – Right way to popularize a blog ??”

  1. Peter Marcus

    One of my most popular posts was called ‘Why I’m A Terrorist Sympathiser’. It’s a controversial title, but the post went down really well. I think it’s about balancing the controversy.

  2. Jared

    Why does it take a controversial topic to make a Blog popular? Readers don’t want a Blog that is informative or one that is a “feel good” article? If that is the case, then maybe I should give blogging up. I don’t think that I should go out of my way to be “controversial”. To me, that is just ridiculous.

  3. Puneet Batish

    True, this might help in a short term. As the masses interest weakens in that topic, so does the number of google searches and finally the older posts becomes not that much useful, but not a crap i guess, that actually depends on the topic of the post.
    Nice post over all..

  4. Dean Saliba

    I am always making controversial posts on my personal blog and it has turned it into the blog equivalent of Marmite, people either love it or hate it. I certainly get my fair share of hate comments and emails. 🙂

  5. Ehsan

    Hi Arbaz,
    I do think that many other Bloggers like you also sees the blog popularity before commenting, guest Blogging or even visiting, so I controversy is important part.
    Thanks for sharing the awesome ways to popularize a blog.

  6. puneet

    hey its really unique and good ,its for the first time i have seen any post saying that to write on controversial topics ,,,,,,let me add one thing more ,we can make a print of our site logo on our t shirts 🙂

  7. Sidhant Chadha

    Controversial posts can give your traffic a viral boost instantly, however do note that they are active for a specific time period, like a day or two. In long term, they are just useless content, and you might become a victim of Panda Updates if your blog contains majority of such keyword targeting useless posts!

  8. raman

    It is okay and good.But no one wants to become a fool for every controversial post.

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