How to Integrate DISQUS Commenting System on Your Website

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How to Integrate DISQUS Commenting System on Your Website

A comment box is a simple tool for communicating with your readers on certain topics on your blog or website so that you and your readers can exchange ideas. You can moderate every comment in your control; either to approve or delete them most especially those spam ones. Another advantage of adding a comment box is it makes your blog or site search engine friendly and of course adds a little interactivity to your site and design.


Blog platform such as wordpress or blogger, their comment box has already built-in, which means you don’t need to program it. But for those website created from scratch, it needs a little bit of programming skills which could be tedious especially for newbie. But if php or java programming is your taste then this would be a lot easier for you to create and customize your own comment box. But for those programming knowledge that are limited, you could use Disqus to embed comment box on your website which is much easier to implement. You don’t need to know any programming language – if you can follow instructions then you can set it up in a few minutes.

I’ve recently set up my own Disqus comment box and it fits perfectly to my site, you can check my site before you would want to try this out. Disqus is quite a bit sophisticated but not difficult to implement. It has the ability to let readers login and comment using their internet identity such as facebook, open id, wordpress, blogger and etc. You can customize the looks and feel of each comment box for every site, isn’t it nice?

Nevertheless, I’ll show you how to set up your own Disqus comment box to your website.

Here’s how you can set up your own Disqus comment for your website:

1. Sign up for Disqus.

2. Next login to your account and register a new site. Refer to the screenshot below.

Register a new site..3.  Next is to select the different features you’d like to have. If you intend to use Facebook connect, make sure you already have api key. If you don’t have one, click here to learn how to get one.

4.  Click on Universal Code because we intend to add this on a custom website.

5.  Copy the first code: You should paste the first code below your article. Refer to the screenshot to where to paste them on your website.

6.  Copy the second code and paste just before the body end tag. Refer to screenshot.

7.  Lastly, create a link, checkout how it is formatted.

Example:  <a href=””>Comments</a>

That’s it.. Try it now in your website.

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Do let us know which commenting system you like the most? DISQUS, Intense debate or default WordPress commenting system?

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  1. says

    I’ve just added Disqus to my website and am testing it. I notice that the Comments don’t show up in the page code- a must for SEO.

    Is there anyone familiar with what is necessary, or able to set it up?

  2. JOHN says

    My disqus keeps getting out of shape and size when I try to reply. Wonder if I can take reply off.

  3. Sudeep Acharya says

    Is it possible to revert back from disqus to wordpress default commenting system without losing comments….

  4. Gill says

    I use Disqus and I think its excellent. I love the fact that you can check back on all your activity, making it easier to check the progress of blog discussions. Its just recently added another feature which lets you know if a blog comment is awaiting approval which is cool. I also find the convenience of not having to type in all your details to interact very appealing to my ‘lazy’ side. lol.

  5. Myspace says

    I came across strange behavior

    I have an article with id 1 which makes disqus_identifier t as 1. I was able to post comments
    When i accessed another article id (2). Same comment of 1 is shown there.

    I have only specified disqus_identifier, none other
    I’m i missing something ? or is it meant to show like that

  6. Lazer Epilasyon Merkezleri says

    Comments can be a bridge between you and your readers. DISQUS bring this and helps you keep up with the whole conversation around your posts.

  7. Baby BrownFox says

    @Dev, thanks.
    @Nabeel & Harsh, thats of the things I like most of Disqus too.
    @MazaKaro, thats cool..
    @Balaji, will take a look on that system soon.
    @John, thanks…
    @Nityin, I really that everything will be fix.

    Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts.. Please take a moment to visit my website. If you like my articles, a cup of coffee will do. :)

  8. Michael Aulia says

    DISQUS is a great system (I use it on my other blog) but I don’t want to put it on my main blog yet.. I worry if the thing goes down (if it ever), I’ll lose all my comments since it doesn’t create a duplicate on the current native WordPress commenting system

  9. NITYIN says

    I used both DISQUS and Intense Debate on my blogs and have finally reverted back to the default WordPress commenting system. I found that the page loading was a factor in switching back to the default commenting system.

    One thing to keep in mind, the facebook connect button does not appear in some of the browsers while using Intense Debate. Hope they had fixed the bug now. DISQUS slowed down the page loading considerably.

  10. John Paul Aguiar says

    Have used Disqus since I started my blog a yr ago.. works great. With the new changes to make it more social and easier for people to comment and share.. make it the best comment system man.

    Great write up Baby.

  11. Balaji says

    I am using disqus in my blog.
    I feel intenseDebate is better than disqus….

    Any way please compare and then make a post on it

    so that we can pick the best .

    Thank you

    • says

      Balaji May I know what featured you like more on Intense debate over DISQUS?
      I have not used any of them for my personal sites, but I will try to test them on one of my WordPress testing environment and will come up with my review. :)

      • Balaji says

        Both have more are less similar feature…

        But the difference is loading time .I think its very much important.

  12. brij says

    @MazaKaro is using this.
    When mashable added this box, I like it and added this in my blog.

  13. MazaKaro says

    Hi, nice comment system but can you tell me any website or blog which is using this comment system since demo on Disqus is not looking attractive :(

  14. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says


    Out of DISQUS, Intense debate and default WordPress commenting system, I like the Disqus commenting system the most.

    There are many reasons for it, but main one is that it keeps me logged in, on every blog that has Disqus installed, and it has a ‘like’ feature, which makes the highest ‘liked’ comment show up as the first comment.


    • says

      I agree Nabeel and this is one comment system I suggest to my clients while giving them WordPress consultancy. It’s just I love Thesis comment box, else you would be seeing DISQUS at Shoutmeloud :)

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