ShoutMeLoud July 2014 Stats and Income Report

Hey Shouter,

July was a busy month for me and I realised that it’s been long I have shared monthly income report and stats for ShoutMeLoud. Last time I went to a bloggers meet in New Delhi, many readers told me to continue with the monthly stats report as it’s a motivation factor for me. I completely agree with the same, as seeing income and traffic report for other blogs in my earlier stage of blogging motivated me a lot. In this monthly edition of ShoutMeLoud, I will share what all new things happening around ShoutMeLoud and my blogging career, and like always last month earning and traffic stats. If you are new here and wondering why I share this stats, you should definitely read this guide to learn about my ideology for sharing such vital stats.

What’s new in the month of July

From last few months I have worked on honing my skills and trying to be more organised. I started blogging out of my passion and from last  5 years I have blogged about things that matter. In last couple of years, a lot has changed around blogging and it’s becoming a main-stream media and I realised this is the right time to make changes in the way I blog, and learn the things that would help me to continue and grow as a blogger. My last 2 months were spent networking and meeting some of the pioneer of online marketing, and learning something new from them. If you are also an accidental blogger like me, I suggest you to focus more on stats and numbers to grow your blog. More over you need to be more organised and targeted to keep up with the growing pace of blogging. I will definitely share my learning in coming days, for now let me share few of the important updates around ShoutDreams in the month of July.

ShoutMeLoud Chrome app:

Shoutmeloud Chrome app
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Over the years I have worked day and night to create unique content but didn’t market the way I should have. Now I’m focusing more on amplifying my content by not only promoting it to new channels, but also let readers to subscribe to blog updated via new medium. I have launched a Chrome extension for ShoutMeLoud, which will show you latest updates from ShoutMeLoud in chrome browser. This is in beta stage (Without any bug) and so far I got excellent reviews from users. I suggest you to download ShoutMeLoud chrome extension and let me know if you are looking for any new features.

Shoutuniversity: Professional blogging course

I have already informed you about launching my premium blogging course which will help anyone to learn blogging and earn from it. I spent a lot of time in July to brainstorm and connecting with those internet marketer who are already running a membership site. To start with, ShoutUniversity is shaping up in constant speed and you can expect it to be live anytime in the month of September 2014. Like I promised, I will be giving special discount to pre-launch sign-up users and you still have few days to book your seats. You can head over to and sign-up to be the notified at the time of launch.

Site re-design

redeisgn effect
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One of my priority list for 2014 is to re-brand and update the design of all the blogs of ShoutDreams. I have already started with our WordPress hosting blog design and once this design is finalised and out of beta, you will see the similar layout on all of our blog. I’m sticking to Thesis WordPress theme and in the above image you can see the site loading time before changing the design. You can check out the new design on official site here and let me know your opinion and any suggestions if you have.  I’m already seeing a notable difference in Page views and Avg.time on site after redesign. I will share the complete experience and case-study once the responsive design and mobile design will be ready in coming days.

Android app for ShoutMeLoud

My next strategy is to focus on serving a mobile friendly site and now I’m using WP Touch pro plugin to serve a mobile friendly site. Moving ahead, I’m already working on Android app for ShoutMeLoud which is going to be release in the month of August. Special thanks to Aneesh who is a Shouter and is developing the Android app for ShoutMeLoud.

July 2014 Income report 

July was average month in the terms of earning and here is the exclusive income report for ShoutMeLoud from various channels:

  • Affiliate marketing: $7301
  • WordPress Services (Mostly SEO) : $422
  • AdSense: $279
  • Direct Advertisement: $1156

Total :     $9158

I have already listed down some of the affiliate programs I’m using and you can check out the list over here. Overall the income chart is growing but at the same time my expenses are also getting bigger. Here I’m listing down some of my blogging expenses, which will give you a fair idea of gross income:

Overall I have learned that it’s important to spend money to make money and so far I have worked on setting up the team and creating a process to grow the company.

I’m hiring: Are you game?

get hired
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I’m also looking to recruit new team-member as a part of core ShoutDreams team. Right now I’m looking for people who are experienced and can become a part of ShoutDreams core team here in Delhi.

For now I have requirement for following positions:

  • Web-designer: One who understand how to design the images for modern web and more over keep himself updated with latest trend and update.
  • Video editor and producer: If you are an independent video producer and editor, you are welcome to join us now and head the future video team.
  • WordPress developer: If you are passionate about coding and have good experience with WordPress, you can apply for this job.
  • Niche content writer: If you are a write by heart and know your field more than anyone around you, you can send me your portfolio and resume to join in.
  • You suggest: If you think you have something which is unique and you deserve to be a part of our team, you can apply with what you have to offer.

You can drop me an Email at [email protected] with your prior work-experience and apply only if you are in New Delhi or ready to be relocated to New-Delhi.

This is the complete story of my blog network for the month of July 2014, and I would like to know how was last month in terms of progress for you?


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