Adsterra Overview: Global advertising and CPA affiliate network

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  • How reliable is Adsterra?
  • What are the USP’s of Adsterra?

We will try to find an answer to all these questions in this overview of Adsterra. We reached out to the Adsterra team, and asked them questions which many of you might have. These answers would help you learn everything about Adsterra, and depending upon the kind of website you have, you can try Adsterra on your website for monetization.

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  1. How old is Adsterra? How big is the team and where it is based out of?

The company was founded in 2013 by professional affiliate marketers and webmasters with (as of now) 20+ years of experience.

From 20 people in 2013, Adsterra grew to about 200 in 2021. Adsterra was established in 2013 in Cyprus and is based in Nicosia (Cyprus) now.

  1. Who is the brain behind Adsterra?

Adsterra started with a friendship and grew to be a successful business that still retains its core values: putting great emphasis on teamwork, transparency, commitment, consistency, quality, and always being ready to support and help out both clients and colleagues. 

Now we have a highly professional IT department, experienced account managers, risk management and policy team and other skilled employees – and this is accompanied by our unique in-house management training program called Partner Care. Over 80% of our clients who worked with other ad networks before say Adsterra’s managers are a lot more approachable and helpful and always respond promptly. 

  1. What are some of the USPs of Adsterra?

Benefits of the Adsterra for publishers:

– Quality over quantity. No restrictions on the traffic volume of the website. Your website traffic volumes don’t matter: we will help you grow with us. What matters for approving your website at Adsterra Network is your traffic quality.

– Lifetime referral program. Each partner who joined Adsterra via your referral link will add 5% of their profit to your income. Forever.

– Partner Care: a personal touch, quick replies, top-notch problem-solving skills, access to in-house developed design concepts. (Adsterra has an industry-best Partner Care training program that all our managers have to pass. As a result, their managers are usually skilled, caring, and interested in every client’s success). 

– We use BackURL to send back the traffic that we do not accept (proxy, iFrame, etc., see Terms & Conditions.) Don’t waste your website capacities! Monetize all your traffic with Adsterra.

– Multiple ad formats: Popunder, Social Bar (new and total blast!), Push Ads, Banner Ads, Native Ads, Video pre-roll (VAST), Direct Link.

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  • A while back Adsterra successfully invented and launched the Social Bar — ad format exclusive for the whole advertising market. Its main feature is full customization. This means that the creatives can take any form, depending on your wishes and objectives. Social Bar ads help publishers achieve the highest CPMs, and advertisers reach 10X to 30X more CTRs (comparing to the ordinary Web Push). 
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– Vast pool of advertisers with exclusive offers and high rates.

– One of the highest CPM rates on various GEOs.

– Net 15 payment terms. Exclusive conditions for long-term partners and publishers with high revenue.

– Flexible settings can help to control your ad volumes, frequency, verticals, and formats.

– The in-house developed anti-Adblock solution that can help to increase the amount of traffic sold.

– Multi-stage system to protect partners from inappropriate ads (Adsterra strives to provide publishers with a safe experience by using in-house and third-party fraud detection systems, together with manual services to weed out fraud and malware).

– Clean ads. No malvertising is allowed at Adsterra. Malware, along with redirects, unsolicited downloads, and alerts, is strictly prohibited.

– Smart AI-based optimization tool analyzes your traffic and picks the most profitable offers that suit your audience for effective website monetization.

– Transparent and detailed statistics in a personal account. Monitor your performance in real-time.

– API integration is available.

– User-friendly system: you can easily implement our ad code into your website within minutes.

– You are the ruler of your ad feed: all feed settings are adjustable, you can choose what verticals to exclude. Simply let us know about your preferences.

– We pay twice a month on fixed days.

– Minimum payment is only $5 for Webmoney & Paxum, $100 for other payment systems.

– Auto-payment.

– Available payment systems for publishers:  PayPal, Bitcoin, Webmoney, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Bitcoin, Tether

  1. Do you serve Adult ads?

Yes, we have non-mainstream ads, but all feed settings are adjustable and publishers can choose what verticals to exclude.

  1. What kind of websites are best suitable for Adsterra?

Online movies, file hosts, URL shorteners, downloads, mp3, anime, hentai, faucet, sports streaming, books, converter, video hosts, adult websites (without illegal or inappropriate content). Here you can find all the terms:

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  1. Do you have a referral program? What referral rate could you offer to ShoutMeLoud?

We have a lifetime referral program. Each partner who joined Adsterra via your referral link will add 5% of their profit to your income. Forever. Of course, we could discuss some individual terms for ShoutMeLoud in case of a long-term partnership. 

  1. How many Websites are currently using Adsterra? (Any other details like monthly impression & all, would be good)

– We provide genuine traffic from 18K+ direct publishers worldwide.

– Nowadays Adsterra is one of the best Adsense alternatives.

– Adsterra serves over 30 billion ad impressions per month worldwide (70% of traffic is mobile).

– With the smart Direct link (with offer-to-traffic matching) you can monetize any type of traffic.
You request this unique URL from Adsterra and then put it anywhere: on your web page, mobile app, or use it for Easy-To-Use Self-Serve Platform & Dashboard:

– Adsterra offers a user-friendly, clean, and intuitive dashboard equipped with full-fledged functionalities. It contains the entire statistic and other useful data in a single place for the convenience of users. 

– In 2020 Adsterra successfully invented and launched the Social Bar — ad format exclusive for the whole advertising market. Its main feature is full customization. This means that the creatives can take any form, depending on your wishes and objectives.

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How’s your experience and review of Adsterra? Have you found them worthy of recommending to others? What are the pros and cons of Adsterra according to you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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1 thought on “Adsterra Overview: Global advertising and CPA affiliate network”

  1. Max

    I was an Adsterra publisher a few years ago. They serve horrible ads with malware redirects and inappropriate content. Also, their RPM is never stable.

    Their ad themselves have malware too. After inserting their ad snippets my site got contaminated by pop-ups and seriously destroyed my visitor’s trust on my site before I find out what is happening. They never admit it no matter how hard I complained.

    After I reach the payout limit they delay my payout for 2 times and I have to waste an hr on their support to yell them to give me my earnings back.

    NEVER choose Adsterra! Go for adsense, real trustable ad provider.

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