How To Increase Your AdSense Income From Existing Traffic

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How To Increase Your AdSense Income From Existing Traffic

Google AdSense is like the first teenage love in the life of a blogger because if you notice when a newbie enters into this world of blogging, and he gets to know about making money from blogging the most common answer he gets is showing ads using ad networks and Google AdSense comes at the top in a newbie’s wish list as it is the highest paying ad network on the planet.

When people start they don’t find the complications in it, they think first I need to create a blog, Drive traffic, and apply for AdSense and It will start making money for them. This is so right, but like we say, everything have some tips to improve, similarly there are various tips which one can apply to increase the income from Google AdSense. AdSense works best, when you have a quality traffic blog (Target audience from U.S.), and using high CPC keywords on your blog.

Let us just look at what we are going to discuss in this post, let us consider two blogs

Blog A and Blog B

Blog A is a successful blog which attracts millions of readers every month and Blog B is a not so popular blog with only a few hundred visitors per month. Both of them are using AdSense to monetize their blogs.

In this scenario blog A will make more money as it gets more traffic and blog B will earn less (Let’s ignore some points like keywords CPC, and assume both blogs are in the same niche).

If you own a blog like Blog A, then reading or not reading this post is up to you, it will make no difference as you are already earning more but if you own a blog like blog B then don’t skim through this post at any cost, read it word to word. In this post I am going to discuss some working ways of increasing your AdSense income from your existing traffic

Working tips to Increase AdSense earning with little effort:

To ensure these tips will work for you, don’t be a lazy blogger, and work on the below mentioned tips. A little extra effort, will help you to double or triple your total income, without much effort.

Visibility Factor

check Ad heatmap

Visibility of your ads play a major role in the number of clicks you are getting on your ads, there is a simple phenomenon,

If they don’t see it, they don’t click it

So the first thing you need to do is place the ads at highly visible positions, like below the post content.

  • Below or above the title
  • At the top, header or sidebar

It is just a game of placement, you can also try using services like Crazy Egg to check where are your readers looking at, it will create a heat map which shows the places where people are looking, and clicking the most. If you don’t want to spend some bucks on crazy egg then try out clicktale, they are free for 100 pageviews. This can’t give a clear and better idea with 100 pageviews but still you can get a bit of hint that places on your blog can perform good in terms of Ad placement.

Make it Large and Noticeable

A few days back I was reading a report on engagement to content online, I read that updates with an image receive 39% more interaction than those without an image. I read it with respect to Facebook but this fact hold true for placing ads too.

In the last few months AdSense has come up with the 300×600 Ad units and the 970×90 unit that is because they understand that bigger ads get more attention. Let’s do an experiment, take any two things, one big in size and the other small

  • Close your eyes for one minute and then open it;
  • As you opened it where did your eyes first go, which thing did you notice first?
  • 99.999999% people notice the bigger things first – So remember, try to make your ad units as big as possible

Because people will click on your ads only when they notice it.

Use the Units

Most people say that you can only place three AdSense ad units on one page.

They are wrong! You can place eight ad units on a webpage.

Yeah! You read it right, its eight.

Those 8 ad units include three standard ad units, 3 link units and two search forms.

So if Google allows you to place these many ad units then why are you still lying there with only three?

Go on and use it, add all those which you think can fit in your blog and wait for money rolling in your AdSense account

More ad units really affect the number of clicks you receive because more ad units means more variety, more ads and this increase the probability of a person clicking on an AdSense ad unit. Do remember, you should be placing the ad unit at the prominent place, to work it for you. A good idea is to place is above the fold, and around your content area. For example, AdSense search ad unit at the header, and another one after your content. An example of poor placement of AdSense ads is, in the footer area of your blog.

Color Combinations

color combinationsIt comes to gaining attention of people towards ads

If you are using the standard text ad unit on your blog then you can have control over the color combinations. If you are going to place the text ad unit in between of the content, then try to merge it with your post text.

It will increase the chances of your reader looking at that ad and clicking on it, but remember make it differentiable. Add a thin boundary outside the unit because according to the AdSense policies the ads must be differentiable from the content.

And if you don’t want to merge the ad with your content then make it odd

I mean if the background of your blog is white then try out using the units in black color or any other awkward color.

  • Here also we will perform the experiment like we did in the unit’s size subhead, take a blank white page with some text written on it
  • Then take a sketch pen of any different color and make an adequate size box on the paper
  • Close your eyes for a minute of two, when you open your eyes your eyes will first notice that box because of its color, as it looks awkward on the page
  • And that’s what we want, people should notice the ads and once they do there will more chances of them clicking on the webpage.

Use DFP (Double Click for Publishers)

Google’s double click for publishers is a free ad server program which allows bloggers to sell ads on their blogs, If you need to make some money while using AdSense you can sign up for DFP

  • Create your own ad space which you want to sell
  • Sell the ad space to advertisers
  • Create and manage your own campaigns
  • Deliver ads and get paid

How this works with AdSense is, you go an create an ad space on your DFP account and set it up for selling. It will take some time to attract advertisers and you would hate it if the ad space remain vacant because then you won’t earn anything. So you can link your AdSense account with your DFP account and as a result the spaces which are not yet bought will be showing AdSense ads until someone buys it

This will help in earning more as Google’s Ad filter only shows the highest paying ads on a website and if any advertiser is paying less on AdSense but another advertisers is paying more on DFP then the second one will be given preference and you will earn more

Make your ads responsive

The responsive website interface is the trend now days as more and more people are browsing the internet through their phones and tablets. The problem is if the screen width is less than the ad unit then the ad will not be shown. Like if you have place an ad unit of 728×90 then this unit will not be shown on the screens with a width less than 728px.

So to increase your ad revenue you can try out making your AdSense as responsive as it will help you earn more and more as the people who will visit your blog through their mobile phone or tablet will also see ads. AdSense responsive ad unit is currently in beta, and is available for all AdSense publishers.

responsive adsense ad unit

If you have a responsive blog layout, you should add responsive AdSense ad unit codes.

Rotate your ads & experiment:

Ad blindness is one of the most common reason for low performing ads, and that’s why it’s recommended to use ad units above the fold, and rotate your ads. By rotating I meant, use a combination of text and image ads, or better mix it with affiliate ads, and AdSense ads.

That is the reason I recommend you to tweak with your ad placement regularly because whenever readers will see anything new they will surely notice it and you can get more clicks. You can also try merging the first few tips I gave in the post and attract your reader’s attention towards your ads to get more clicks

For WordPress blog, we have AdSense CTR theme which is perfect for a website which is made to make money from AdSense (Ex: Micro niche site), or you can use AdRotate WordPress plugin to rotate your ads, and run different ads for every page-view.

Last but not the least; make sure you deliver quality content to your readers. Don’t keep on running behind generating more revenue but work on getting more traffic because at the end of the day that is what matters. Hope you liked this post, if you did then do share it with your friends on your favorite social networks

This is a guest post by Nishant from Inside Tech Tricks. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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  1. says

    Read all the instructions above. I found it interesting and gonna try it now. Lets see how much increment I get in my Adsense. Thanks for this great post. @Nishant Arora

  2. says

    Hi Nishant,
    I am facing a lot of problems in earning from google adsense. I have also experimented with ad injection plugin. But still there is no improvement. Is there any other factor that affects our earnings other than that are given in post?

  3. says

    When we use Responsive Ad Unit (BETA) then we just need to copy paste the code or we need to specify the size. If we need to specify the size of each ad unit then where we need to specify the size, whether on AdSense Code (which I think not authorized) or on our site? If on the site then how can we do that? Can anyone help me in this regard?

  4. says

    Hey Nishant; a few ideas in this post are quite amazing and I would apply on my blog. I think placement of ads near the image work a lot; as far as size is concerned for responsive template we should not go for the bigger sizes because of small screens of handy gadgets

    • Nishant Arora says

      Try using a Ad placing plugin for WordPress and limit the number of clicks per day using that plugin

  5. says

    Thanks Nishant for these great tips. I really want to know more about DFP. Please tell me something more about this to how to signup for this with adsense.

  6. says

    Excellent post! Well, making the ad units noticeable and implementing proper color combination (blending the ads) is very important factor to make the ads attractive to the visitors and thereby CTR will increase. Didn’t know about DFP, I will check it out. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

  7. says

    I’m gonna really look into your methods. I have a couple blogs and the earnings are paltry to say the least!! Thanks brother for sharing this awesome post about Adsense!!

  8. Ashi says

    Hey Nishant.
    Google DFP looks cool. I was searching for direct ad sell solutions. Seems like you have the answer. Thanks mate for the amazing post.

  9. Sri Ganesh.M says

    Thanks for the tip that we can use 8 ads.

    When i checked in Google Adsense the standard ads name is not there !

    I am using 728*90 728*90 one text ad, one TEXT/ADS and 336*280 Text Ad and 300*250 Display Ad.

    Am I doing it Right ! and i manually installing in each post (to avoid Google Family Policy) over some content in our Blog are Not Safe for Work.

    Kindly guide us for this two doubt !

    • says


      By Standard ads I refer to the content ad units which we create normally for our blogs.
      The content ad unit includes text ad units and rich image/media ads unit.

      Google considers all the content on your blog for showing ads, If they find that even one post on your blog does not comply with their policies they will warn you, and if you ignore it they will ban you.

  10. Ankur Upadhyay says

    Thses are some very good tips for generating more revenue from Adsense. But Adsense is rejecting and banning so many blogs these days. How to make sure that Google doesn’t ban our Adsense account?

    • says

      Read their policies daily and when you want to write a new post, check it that whether it stands on the content guidelines or not. that’s the best you could do. :-)

  11. Karshim Kanwar says

    Very Well written.
    Recently I signed up with DFP (Double Click for Publishers). I have around 0.22 Million Page Views Per Month. Do you think my blog can be right fit for DFP? Will this amount of impressions impress Advertisers?

  12. says

    That what i really want to know, I have B type blog whic is following only 3 rules according to your post, i never know that i can put 8 ad unit, I will update my blog according to it.
    Thank you for your post.

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