How To Enable Direct Bank Transfer for AdSense Payment in India

Earlier when I shared about how Google AdSense pays in India, I talked about AdSense is planning to enable EFT payment for Indian AdSense users. EFT (Electronic fund transfer) payment will ensure your AdSense earning will directly deposit into your bank account, and most important you don’t need to wait for receiving the check and check clearance time.  As an AdSense publisher, this feature is beneficial and making our work paper-less. In this tutorial, I will explain everything you need to for enabling EFT payment for your AdSense account.

Enable Adsense Bank Transfer

How to Configure Wire transfer for Indian AdSense publishers

This whole setup process will not take more than 15 minutes, and I highly recommend you to do that to save time for future payment. Follow the steps mentioned below and keep your mobile phone handy, as you might need to call your bank customer care to get the IFSC and Swift code. Along with Direct bank deposit feature, now you can also specify the payment threshold and hold your payment for up-to one year. So, let’s get on with our quick guide for enabling EFT payment for your AdSense account.

  • Login to your AdSense account and Click on gear box and select payments.
  • Click on Payment settings under payment page.
  • Click on add a new form of payment.

On the next screen, you need to enter your bank account details. There are two details which you need to get from your bank. (IFSC code and Swift BIC code). To get the IFSC code and Swift code for your account, simply call your bank customer care and ask for it. In my case I’m using ICICI bank account and I have used following Swift code to receive payment: ICICINBBNRI . If you are calling ICICI bank they will provide you with 2 swift code CHASUS33XXX for USD and ICICINBBNRI for INR. You need to enter Swift code for INR and conversion will be taken care by your bank. This may change if you are using any other bank account, so I suggest you to re-confirm it from your bank customer care.

AdSense Wire transfer to Bank

Click on save payment and that’s it. Now you will receive money directly into your bank account and here are few more details which you need to know about updated AdSense Payment policy:

  • You can update your payment method until 20th of any month.
  • You can now use any AdSense payment threshold greater than minimum ($100) payment.
  • You can hold your payment until any specific date; maximum up to 1 year. (Though I discourage you to use this feature, as you might face issue if AdSense decide to ban your account).

Adsense Payment threshold

Over all, direct bank deposit feature is already making life of many Indian AdSense publisher easy, and if you have not updated your Payment option, it’s time to log into your AdSense account, and update payment settings.

FAQ about AdSense EFT Payment:

  • Q. What is the minimum payment threshold for EFT payment?
  • A. Minimum payment threshold is $100
  • Q. Is Pin verification mandatory after AdSense introduced EFT payment?
  • A. Pin verification is mandatory process from AdSense to verify your address, so yes; it is!


In case if you are using any other bank like Axis, SBI, HDFC and you know which Swift code you are using, do share with us via comment. This will be helpful for other shouters. Don’t forget to share this useful tutorial with other AdSense publishers in India. Here are few more posts which you should not miss:

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COMMENTs ( 37 )

  1. says

    Over 50$ earning I am getting payment method option in my account. I am done with account information. But can I get this payment in this current month or not? And my account address still doesn’t verify? So can I get the payment after reaching 100$?

  2. says

    i want to know that after fill all d bank details google automatically transfer money in to bank account every month or will do something else for withdraw d money ?

  3. Ganesh says

    My SBI Branch Does not Have A Swift / Bic
    I have my SBI account Number and IFS Code,,,of Branch
    Can i get Adsense Payments in my account Via EFT ?

  4. vivekanand says

    Thanks for the information. I need your help. Actually I am getting adsense earning in my name. Could i transfer the adsense account by changing payee name as well as account details of wife. In that case who would have tax liability. please gudie.

  5. Yasar says

    I have around 150USD in my adsense earnings. I have updated all the details . Can i know when adsense used to send the amount to my bank account? Because i have not see any withdrawal options.

  6. Fawas says

    My first AdSense account was banned so I started one on my friends name.

    Can I add my bank account details to wire transfer and receive payment to my bank account

  7. says

    Hi All,
    I have a question, do we need to have same address in bank what we are having in adsense account for wire transfers? (I mean the entire street address, pin code etc)
    and can we upgrade from wire transfer to EFT method?

  8. says

    i have set my account as per your info and i have not yet received the minimal withdraw amount, i think i can get coming month. one doubt i have used the swift number of another branch as i cant able to find for my branch….will still get payment…..and another thing is how to modify the setteing we have made in payment tab, if i want to add new account how to edit existing one…

  9. says

    Hi harsh !
    I am trying to put my Bank details in adsense payment method, but there is little bit confusion.
    I am from siliguri, west bengal and consumer of Bank of India.

    Yes this Bank has swift code but they don’t know what is BIC ?
    Please tell me what information should i collect form Bank,

    IFSC: yes i have
    Swift code : Yes
    Swift BIC code : ??

    And should i need Intermediary Bank details??

  10. says

    Hi Harsh, i have joined Adsense. My account withdrawal limit is reached. Now, i want to add payment method. I want to know that do each bank branches have swift code? I have tried to contact my bank. But they are not responding well.

    What should i have to do? Can u help?

  11. dwaipayan sarkar says

    iam a webmaster from kolkata ,want to know some points :-

    1)should i fall under service tax if iam a adsense or other ad networks blogger or webmasters or publishers (sole proprietorship) and affiliate earnings like from amazon associates etc ?

    2)if yes how to pay service tax on adsense earnings or other earnings from providing ad spaces of my website or other affiliate earnings ?

    what will happen if iam a direct sale of my ads spaces to advertiser or if iam a commission agent from adsense or other ad networks ?

    3)plss help me and make it clear ,as iam very confused still after having a lot of queries on internet ,not yet cleared…..

    4)if you help me i will be very grateful…as iam going to open up my website hence need to know all such formalities for it ….all tax rules like income tax ,service tax , apply for trade license etc ?

    5)do i need a trade license if iam a individual owner have personal bank account for adsense earnings and affiliate earnings ?

    6) i have personal savings account ,do i need FIRC certificate ?if yes how can i get such FIRC certificate from SBI(state bank of india) ,as i have no other accounts in india,,does SBI PROVIDE FIRC CERTIFICATE ? i need to know as SBI is a government bank ….

    7) what are the best laws i can apply to save from tax exemtion ,enforcement diectrorate etc ,?what bet i can do for adsense earnings ?

    if u help me i wil be grateful ,very grateful for it ….thank you i follow ure blog regularly hence want this small hep from u .

  12. says

    Hi, Harsh, Thanks for the update. My Adsense account has been updated with new payment option and added my bank details.

    Then how many days payment will be transfer in bank account??? Any specific Date ??

    • says

      Hi Bhargav, Adsense payment is done between 21st and 26th of every month. They do not change this for any reason. Happy earning! Thanks, Jiya

  13. giorgia says

    Interesting articles and thanks for posting these but i have some questions related to this articles? What if i will use the bank account of my husband?? is it possible that i will use my husband name and account? then the adsense account is mine?

  14. babu says


    I have question regarding the Adsense account. I live in USA.
    I have a website which is 5months old and adsense got approved recently. Since I am on H1B visa, I cannot get adsense income in USA due to tax issues. So I decided to transfer to domain to my Mother name and she is living in India( Rural area).

    I haven’t placed any ads with adsense account which is approved on my name.

    1. how do I transfer adsense account to my Mother. I think I should apply again with my Mother’s email.
    2. What are the chances that adsense will approve again since it is apporved recetly and not used.

    3. how many days I should wait for reapplying adsense on my mothers names? Will Adsense team ask questions about reapply? What should I answer?

    4. Can I setup direct deposit to my mothers account since is living village and no Bluedart courier service? and register post will take longer time to send posts.


  15. Mohit Kumar says

    I am new to this adsense thing. I really liked your post. Now i can transfer my funds to my account through EFT.
    But im little confused what if my bank doesnt have a swift code. Does all bank branches have same swift code.

      • RKsharma says

        Hello sir I have same issue .
        can you tell me about the swift code for PNB Bayana bharatpur Rajasthan region ?
        I asked at PNB bayana but they gave me Jaipur international fund transfer PNB swift code as I checked with on web.
        So tell that is there any difference in the swift code of PNB location wise ?

    • vishesh says


      Don’t worry mohit you can mention any swift code of swift code enabled branch same bank and also put your branch’s IFSC CODE. Swift code used for only currency conversion purpose.

  16. Kamal says

    Hello Harsh,

    I have Adsense Account with my business name. Now the problem is my Current A/c. Is with a Co-op. Bank which doesn’t have Swift Code. :(

    Please guide me, how I can handle this? Is their any other method to receive the payment in my business name? Are cheque payments still available from Google?

    Are shall I plan to open a new Current A/c. in my business name with other bank like ICICI or Axis?

    And lastly, do you suggest to close my Adsense Account which is in my business name and open a new account in my personal name?

  17. Matt says

    Wow! It’s really a nice development. Indian publishers no longer have to run to the banks to deposit the cheques. Great news to get payments directly to our bank accounts. No more cheques from Google!
    Thanks for the info.. Thumbs up :-)

  18. Sameer says

    Can the account payee name and bank account holder name differ for a business account.
    like xxx business, sameer singh, delhi
    can be paid to payee sameer singh bank account holder

  19. Vinod says

    You can add one more thing i.e 10usd deduction of your adsense amount per month as a fee towards intermediary Bank probably Bank of Singapore and may be around 1usd deducation by your bank as forex transaction or whatever charges they may say.

    But still you get good amount as bank take the current rate for converting usd to inr whereas adsense takes little lower rate for conversion.

  20. Rajkumar says

    Hi Harsh

    That’s Great news for Indian bloggers but I have heard on some blogs that Banks deduct some money for transferring money direct in your banks.

    Is it True ?? If not then I will also started to using this method to save my time.

    Thanks Harsh for this useful Post.

  21. Karnal Singh says

    EFT is really a very nice payment mode that Google adsense has provided.It removes all the hassles…Earlier I had to go to my Bank Branch to deposit the monthly cheque which is no more needed,money automatically comes to the account — what a great relief…I have received one payment through EFT…Another benefit is that payment comes in time…
    You have provided a simple tutorial on how to activate the online receipt of google adsense payments…It has been timed well – all the google adsense users are looking for this..

  22. Vishwajeet Kumar says

    Hi, Harsh, Thanks for the update. My Adsense account has been updated with new payment option and added my bank details. Here I want to share with you all that if your branch does not have swift code, then you can use your city very nearest branch which have a swift code. for example, if you have an account in sbi lucknow branch and it does not have swift code than you can use any sbi branch nearest to your city which have a swift code and money will be credited to your account without any problem. I am also using my nearest city swift code an receive payment without any problem.

    • Yash says

      Should The Swift code of nearest bank be added in the Main Swift code section or the intermediary bank details Section

  23. says

    In March they were testing this feature, many publisher got wire transfer enabled by keeping their account on hold till 16th march, now this is available for every publisher, even i got my one payment via Wire transfer.