How Does Alexa Rankings Work?

Recently, there was a guest post by Rahul Gupta – Alexa never shows actual traffic rank. The post explained that Alexa

ranking does not show actual rank. I agree with that point, but the working of Alexa is not like Rahul explained. So,

today I am going explain the correct working of Alexa Rankings via this post.

What Is Alexa Traffic Rank?

Alexa Traffic Rank is traffic rank of a site. The traffic rank is based on 3 months of historical traffic data collected from the users of Alexa Toolbar. Also combined with different traffic data source and page views. Alexa also counts the number of visitors and number of page views of all the sites for Alexa traffic rank.

The main Alexa traffic rank is based on the data generated by this two sources. The change is determined by comparing the site’s current rank with its rank from 3 Months ago.

What Is Alexa Toolbar?

For those people, who are new to Alexa Toolbar. It is a toolbar which sends your browsing details to Alexa. But, it can be an essential tool for you in checking a websites Alexa Rankings instantly as well as increasing your site’s Alexa rankings.

You can download Alexa Toolbar from here.

Note: For now the toolbar is compatible with FireFox and Internet Explorer only.


The main data Alexa get’s from is Alexa Toolbar, so if your site gets 20,000 UVs per day and only 10% of them would be using Alexa toolbar then Alexa will get data of only 2000 visitors. The remaining visitors probably won’t be counted or they would get data of them from different sources.

So, all in all Alexa Rankings is not too much dependable for considering a website’s total traffic.

Must read for Alexa fan:

Do let us know your views about Alexa ranking? Do you consider it as one of the good way to judge a website performance or is it going on the way of technorati?

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COMMENTs ( 33 )

  1. says

    I was looking for that information from a large time.I was in doubt that if I install alexa toolbar then whether it will affect my rankings on alexa or not. But you cleared it really well. Thank You !!

  2. Siraj.M says

    Hello Harsh !! Actually my blog is new nearly one and a half month. In the beginning rank in figures, am talking about country rank but now its showing NO DATA, really shocked to me. Please help me to find out why this is happening and how to avoid these things.

  3. Ravi Chahar says

    Actually I have studied that we can put your website to Alexa just by linking it to Alexa, installing the toolbar is not the only option. May i know both ways have similar affect or not?

  4. George says

    Tracking ranking only from the users who have alexa toolbar installed is not a good way of measuring rank. I would’ve rather liked some other means but as it is alexa is ubiquitous with website ranking.

  5. qammar says

    Alexa is for marketer and technology people , common people do not care, they visit the websites that have the information/product they need. thanks for great article.

  6. sureshpeters says

    so you tell that tat , the alexa rank wont show a good appropriate rank….so which rank and which stats to prefer..

  7. rahul says

    Hi nice post, and the point I wanted to tell from my post was that if you have more traffic then don’t think that your Alexa rank will be always good. And also i wanted to tell that if some one’s Alexa rank is 20K and other’s is 100K then this doesn’t mean that 20K person will earn always more. Because earning depends upon total traffic and not Alexa’s rank. For example Satish’s (TechieMania) earning was $47 from advertisements but my earning from advertisements was $302
    My total visitors were 15K and this is too much greater than TechieMania.

    Above example is a proof of my point. :)

    • Sahil Kotak says

      Again, you have mixed. Alexa rank and traffic has nothing to do with each other, that’s correct. But, the earning totally depends upon monetization factor. If a person has monetize his/her blog correctly then he would earn more. And if person has not monetized his blog correctly then if that person would 50k traffic then also he will earn less then other. :)

    • says

      Hi Rahul,

      Yes you are right, i always try to analyse that “what alexa rank and how it works” but i am failed to analyse. I have a new website which has very less traffic but alexa rank is good and i see in some websites their alexa rank is more than me but they have more traffic them me. Seriously it’s very confusing.
      If you know something about it so please tell me.

  8. Imran says

    Sahil great article, I completely agree with Alexa Toolbar. It is recommend to all the new and experience blogger and webmasters.

  9. Crunchynow says

    Nice article from sahil. I had aways believed what is the main factor behind alexa ranking, and u helped me in finding this….Thanks for the article..

  10. Bala says

    That was fantastic info.. May i know the source/proof for this post. Because i am not able to agree with one post..

    Please give the informative source of your post..

    • Sahil Kotak says

      I have been testing with Alexa a lot recently using my sites of different type. As well as I have found many webmasters talking about this. :)

      With which point you don’t agree? :)

  11. Karen @ Blazing Minds says

    I see in the post that it mentions that the Alexa Toolbar is only for FireFox and IE, I’ve recently posted up that it is now available for Chrome, which is great for us Chrome users, just thought I would mention that ;)

  12. Samir@Cool SEO Tips says

    Well to be frank most non-technology bloggers don’t even care about Alexa Rank :P
    So, it doesn’t matter whether or not your Alexa stats are universally accurate.
    The best way to increase your Alexa Rank is by posting comments on Technology Blogs and Webmaster Forums.

  13. Jens P. Berget says

    This is very interesting. What you’re saying is that it probably depends a lot on the niche if a blog is popular on Alexa? I would bet that blogs within the technology niche (and blogs about blogging and marketing) would have more visitors who have installed the toolbar than if we compare them to blogs about food, animals and interior design.

      • Krishna says

        Hi Sahil, I strongly agree with you on how alexa ranks a website. I have a live example of it in my blog where i compared two different websites traffic for about 6 months and the blog that contains alexa rank (1,05,268) is getting more visitors (2000/day) which is more than the second blog with alexa (45,025) getting 800 visitors per day.

        Alexa is only considerable by the advertisers and when we buy the domain. But actually we cannot guarantee a traffic by seeing the alexa rank. It’s completely wrong.

        • says

          Hey people i want to say something,i did a research and result came out is,when people
          from different countries or region[every day new visitors{different ip address with every
          new visit}]comes to a site its alexa decreases rapidly,but when same people with same
          ip address visits the site,those visits doesn’t matters a lot to alexa and a rapid decrease
          slows down.For bloggers check this,in one day if there are more guys who regularly visit
          your site with same ip address everyday your alexa will not decrease too rapidly,but when
          you get too much new visits your alexa decreases too rapidly because different or new
          visits improves your ranking[alexa decreases]and old visits decreases your ranking[alexa
          increases].New or visits with different ip address makes alexa “new visits day by day site
          may be important”…. and old or visits with old ip address makes alexa “old or same
          visits in more number,site may not have been updated or less useful content”.