How Can I improve my Alexa ranking

How To Improve Alexa Rank

At the time of writing this, is one of top 2,500 websites in the world according to Alexa. Do remember, there are billions of websites on world wide web.

As I announced earlier that I will be taking questions related to blogging , SEO , WordPress and MMO. In this series my last post was   How to start with a professional blog? . If you have questions regarding any of these topic, you can email me that using Contact page.

Here is a question asked by Robin Son

How should I improve my blog alexa ranking? My traffic has increased a lot from last time but still I lost my alexa rank and from 4 Lack its now 8 Lack

This is one of the most common myth people have about Alexa rank i.e = Alexa rank is totally dependent on your website traffic. Most important thing which you need to know is how Alexa calculate the rank. How Alexa knows how much traffic your website is getting?

From my observations, Alexa rank is dependent on your websites updates and also on your traffic. If you update your website daily and your traffic is increasing or even consistent your traffic will increase. There are few things which you can do to improve your Alexa ranking right away & I’m sharing those tips with you here.

How can one improve his blog Alexa ranking?

Alexa toolbar

Alexa toolbar

One of the many ways Alexa calculates the traffic of a website by analyzing the users who are using Alexa toolbar. This toolbar is their own product & quite popular in webmaster industry. This is one tool which you should install it right away, as no one spend more time than you checking your own website. Is int it?

This toolbar is available for all major browser & you can download it for your browser from here.

Alexa Widget

I’m not very sure if this helps webmaster or not, but I’m using it on most of my blogs and for some reasons I believe it’s good and helps. Though people have different opinion about this widget, still I use it here at Shoutmeloud. You can read my previous tutorial on How to get Alexa widget for new Alexa.

Alexa review feature

Few days back Alexa added review feature, in which you can add your review for particular website. You can also rate any website you like. You can see ShoutMeLoud review and add your own review from this link

Since you can use your Facebook profile to login , you don’t need to Signup. This is again a good way to improve your Alexa rank and your Alexa profile.

So here are few steps which you should do to improve your Alexa rank

  1. Alexa Toolbar
  2. Alexa Widget
  3. Update your posts daily
  4. Traffic
  5. Alexa review

Need more tips? Check out my video guide for improving Alexa rank:

I also come across one similar tips from another blogger which you might like to read. Tips to increase your Alexa rank.

Do you think Alexa rank update is proportional to traffic or other factors determine your blog Alexa rank? 

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COMMENTs ( 37 )

  1. nimish says

    alexa rank is surely not a good criterion to know about site quality,traffic or other things as you will find sites with high alexa rank which are punished by google for copying items but have good rank in alexa for large no. of posts.

    Alexa should change its procedures to rank websites.

  2. sahil rana says

    sir, I had started my blogging site “” 9 days ago and still alexa is showing “No data”.how much time will it take to show my ranking and what should I do..??

  3. says

    Hi Harsh,

    I am founder of Codelearn – . There are lessons on Ruby on Rails at the site.

    Previously the lessons use to load fresh. Later we implemented javascript tree slider because of which the page does not refresh per say. Now, we see that alexa is not really counting the increase in traffic (we have some massive traffic hitting us this week).

    Do you think I have identified the problem right ? Please let me know what you think.


  4. says

    I’ve more or less on the update my blog almost every day, and reviewing other people’s blogs and even abroad but the blog that I created almost 2 months, from the beginning of making 23 million on alexa rank now 6 million but the new link 2. what do you think? thank you for the information…

  5. says

    good information.But i think alexa is not giving real rank.İt is honering some sites and dishonering someone.So it is not real.

  6. Jungle Organic says

    I noticed that sometimes Alexa rankings moves up and down even if you do not have any traffic! I think they have they own calculation methods and they do not share this info.
    Also, i don’t see real benefit from Alexa….rather then – if you want sell wyour website. Please tell me that i am wrong!?;)

    Regards to all!

  7. malik asif says

    I have seen where Alexa rank does not take effect for weeks after an increase in traffic. It is just unknown what percentage of people use the Alexa toolbar. Just too many unknowns.

  8. Amit says

    Hi Harsh,

    Thanks are right ..I just want to tell that anyone can get good alexa ranking …by doing that …

  9. Amit says

    Actually ,sit and start refreshing again and again with alexa toolbar installed ,you will get your site improved drastically …alexa rank does not show always real traffic..

    • says

      Amit I find it hard to believe and more over instead of wasting time to refresh your site again and again, it’s better to write quality posts and drive more traffic…That will be more helpful in long run.. What’s the point of having fake alexa rank when one don’t have that much of traffic?

  10. gameuber says

    I think I find fact on what Rahul said that 100 organic visitors are better then 1,000 social media traffic. I always experience this to my site I get 1k-2k of traffic from social media but my rank doesn’t move from all that traffic but it does from organic even if it is 200-300 views.

    I also tried the alexa widget but no change.

    • says

      dont worry ,
      your website has not got enough data to be ranked by alexa , increase your traffic and no of post ! this will surely help.

  11. kevin mitchell says

    I find it very hard to know if the alexa ranking is relevant or not.It seems split 50-50 to those in fovour of its accuracy.

  12. Famous Electronics says

    Since I added an Alexa review, my Alexa rank has improved. It’s it just coincidence? I don’t think so but I can’t prove it. So I’m going to ad an Alexa review to all my sites.

  13. IndianCashMaker says

    i make a point to check my alexa rank everyday….although it does not increase a lot, i love to do it

  14. Suneel says

    I observe that Alexa changes everyday for my blog and the less it becomes the more smiles it brings on my face.

    Even though I am far from PR point of view, Alexa is the one which is driving me.

    I have recently come <1 lakh and I presume this would add up in the near future when my blog receives a PR.

  15. Blake @ Props Blog Reviews says

    From personal experience, high Alexa rank isn’t 100% about high traffic. Obviously, you have to have traffic to increase your Alexa rank, but it isn’t always proportional.

    Alexa ranks your site based on people who use their toolbar viewing your site. That’s why one day I can be 30,000 on Alexa than another day where I am 60,000 and have 50% more traffic.

    One of the best ways to increase your Alexa rank is to encourage your readers to install the Alexa toolbar. The more of your daily readers who have the Alexa toolbar, the faster your Alexa rank will improve.

    I tried the Alexa widget also, but I didn’t notice a difference.

  16. Pascal says

    submit your site contact details in your alexa page. Immediately within a week , your alexa rank will be improved.

  17. Rahul says

    I always compare bloggers with alexa rank. But other things are more important. Like from where is traffic is coming from.

    • Pascal says

      Rahul . I think Organic traffic is the ever green one. Social media also drives lots of traffic. what do you think?

      • Rahul says

        Yes all of the sudden social media will drive thousands of visitors. And if you write some killer post you will gain lot of RSS readers.
        But you should always prefer organic traffic. 100 organic visitors are better then 1,000 social media traffic. In this case your Alexa traffic rank will be much lower then other bloggers. But you are absolutely on right track.

  18. John Samuel says

    I am not using the alexa widget and neither the alexa toolbar, but my alexa rank is pretty good. From my personal experience, I have found that they update the statistics almost daily

  19. Gabe | says

    Alexa provides a good gauge of website activity but it’s not the most accurate. I don’t use the toolbar or the widget but I do like to watch my sites move up organically. Since I post regularly and my visitors have increased over time, the Alexa rankings have moved accordingly.

    My site reached 55,000 for the day (on Friday?) and all of it was due to blogging and promoting with no other tools.

  20. says

    Very good tips, I completely agree with you.
    If not for those stupid direct advertisers, I wouldn’t have given a damn about Alexa rankings

  21. a_usman says

    Thanks for these tips. I am using alexa addon for firefox, it not only helps in alexa ranking and but it also improves the ranking of those sites which I visit regularly.

  22. sriganesh says

    pradeep is tell about alera, and you posted very detailes. thanks to you all realy it support my blog and me :)
    have a nice day

  23. S.Pradeep Kumar says

    Alexa rank is really kicking the hell out of bloggers ! 8)

    But I’m not sure how often they update! daily? weekly? Still confusion.. :)

    • taranfx says

      Alexa Rank is totally irrelevant but yes, it does bring Blogger’s attention.
      I can give you 100 Reasons why Alexa is Irrelevant.
      FYI Alexa updates ranks almost every day. And your Rank is purely based on last 3 months Data.

      i.e. if your blog had great traffic 4 months back, and now it’s not, you will have no credit of that.
      I wrote blog on this that took 1 year of Research

      • chrono says

        That seem perfectly reasonable. A site that was hot and currently is not. Why should you get credit for the past? it’s all about the present.