Google Adsense Slaps Auto Content Generated Blogs

How many of you know about auto content generation tools? If not, let me give you a overview. There are many software’s, WordPress plugins which will help you to put your blog in auto-pilot mode. Such software’s use feeds to auto generate blog posts and some of them even use article spinners to create new blog posts. Such blogs doesn’t take much time to install and create and within hour of work, you will have a blog which  will generate automatic content for you and thus you will be making money in auto-pilot mode.

Sounds Fun..Huh..? Fact is, Google search engine doesn’t give weightage to such auto content generated blogs.

Such auto content generated blogs are made for adsense blogs and you will find ads are placed all around the content for more CTR and more focus is given to ads and not auto populated content.

Now Google adsense team made it official that they don’t allow Adsense to be placed on such auto content generated blogs and it’s a violation of Adsense policies to use adsense on such blogs.

Here is official statement from adsense team:

Fact: We don’t allow sites with auto-generated or otherwise unoriginal content to participate in the AdSense program. This is to ensure that our users are benefiting from a unique online experience and that our advertisers are partnering with useful and relevant sites.

So next time if you find some one stealing your content using some feed method, it’s time to report it to adsense team. Just in case, if you are one of those who are using adsense along with your auto blogs, it’s time to shut down your blog or at least remove adsense and watch out for adsense alternatives.

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Personally I admire this step from Google as it will lower down the auto blogs and more over MFA blogs. Do let us know your opinion about adsense now allowed on auto blogs?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 29 )

  1. Malkovich says

    Ok You are all hates auto generate content. You will write an article by your self. But someone steal from you. Which one is original content and which one is duplicate version ?

    Or you have read from another website and you rewrite by your own language (spun) to your website/blog. Is it different between auto and manual ?

    If you dont want auto generate content stealing from your article. Put a copyright into your content. So when someone/bot steal from you. You can complaint or drop the website. This is my tips :)

  2. megaexploits says

    I have been using Adsense for a couple of days now and made very little money , there seems to be no cpc for Adsense for content but its showing zero even tho ive had 43 clicks and over 860 views with a click through rate of just over 5% can anybody tell me whats wrong.

  3. stargaterich says

    There seems to be a lot of confusion in regards to what exactly ‘duplicate content’ means.
    If the term ‘duplicate content’ borders on digital copyright infringement then I think it makes every sense for Google to view it as low quality sites and ban Adsense on such sites.
    On the other hand, news agencies syndicate the same news release from a wire service so why aren’t they penalize by Google?

    My guts feeling is that it is legitimate for you to syndicate content from a content service so long as you give credit to the source. It does not make sense for Google to ban Adsense account due to syndicating of contents.

  4. Hemanth says

    Hi Harsh, I am hemanth from Hyderabad. One of my blog was recently banned by blogger team due to same problem. From that experience I started to give importance to blogging and started to create content with the knowledge I have on blogger. Thanks for providing insight of auto blogging.

  5. Hung Hong says

    Original content is best for sure
    There are som wordpress plugin that will collect content from amazon.I think Google will slap this kind of site too.

  6. Vijayraj Reddy says

    ya harsh, i have also seen many websites which have only title and link to the original article and in between they place Google ads…

  7. Sharat says

    Thanks Harsh. This Article is great for me. I was one of them. I have accepted my fault. Many of blogger out here are still on the same term. Try to move on guys.

    Thanks :)

  8. Rahul says

    Long back Google slapped auto content robot or some other softwares. They can make you some money sure. But it is on risk for both advertisers and pub. because of ultra low quality content.

  9. Jojo Mathews @Around Social says

    A very good news for unique content makers.. It’s reall hard to make unique contents and give much pain when someone stole that from you.. I support this step og Google.. Thanks for sharing Harsh…

  10. Kunal @ TechHogger says

    OMG! such tools are dangerous for bloggers like us.
    We have been working so hard to write content and make our blog popular. But this tools will generate auto blogs?
    A really nice move my Adsense. Adsense’s this move will save blogosphere.

    • says

      Kunal I don’t think this may bring lots of difference.. Reason bring Google doesn’t take active action against such auto content blogs. How good it will be if Google starts removing such blog from search engine and ban adsense also.

  11. Pumama says

    I totally agree with this action of Google . I don’t like Auto Blog. Content is KING and write post yourself is the best way to make money

  12. Aman says

    Nice, but Google Adsense earns a lot by advertising on these sites ,there are more than million of sites running on autoblog ,They(google) get money why they will ban you ,I think they will only penalise you through search Rankings,One more thing ,According to report ,Facebook has snatched a lot of internet Advertising share from Google adwords and also Microsoft+yahoo :They are going to launch their own version of adsense ,in US they have started testing it,soon they Allow international publishers .

    • says

      Aman think from an advertisers point of view and you might not like to pay for putting your ads on such websites which doesn’t add any values apart from click..!!
      I believe it’s a good move from Adsense…

    • Rahul says

      Hi aman,
      Think you are selling product laptop coolers and you are paying money for visitors. But if some blog gets visitors from auto content generation. Point 1: Quality of content will be really low. because these softwares will take different version of articles from web like Google blogs, reader etc many places and than they spun this content randomely. And add synonyms in the place of original content. And this content will never be readable. So, visitor will go mad and either leave website or will be looking for some thing else. Also, these websites will be MFA. Visitor will find only ads to click.
      Point 2: If advertiser is not able to make money from those clicks. They will either leave adwords or try to find out what is happening. If you are generating some massive money or loss to advertisers without letting them making money. You will be in trouble.
      Point 3: If i will be able to sell some products of laptop lapdesk which will worth of $30-$150. I will not be bothering about things.
      Point 4: Now all IM are pushing toward bigger sites. as compared to 10-30 pages site. I really found great niche sites which can easily dominate over other sites.
      Point 5: if some one is using auto content generator for adsense site. I think sh/e is taking huge risk for adsense account.

      • Aman says


        Nice ,you know like when I use adwords I have option for my ad

        1.Use only on content network
        2.use only on search network

        Bid for a certain keyword in search network is like 3 to 4 times more than content network and Various Advertisers gets a lot of profit from that by using on content network than by using search ,Advertiser have option to disable that..

  13. Vivek Parmar says

    Many of them affected by these auto generated blogs, adsese take a better step, when did google will take a major step to remove auto generated blogs??

  14. Sandeep Singh says

    I guess no CPC ad allows duplicate content and adsense is no different ! This is a good step to ensure that who does this , will suffer and not do it again !!