AdSense 970*90 Ad Unit : Bigger is Better

AdSense has expended it’s ad unit by adding new 970*90 ad unit. Earlier, AdSense added 300*600 ad unit, and new 970*90 ad unit is more targeted to websites with large width size. This is perfect for wide-screen. This ad unit is already available for all the AdSense publishers, and you can grab the code right now. Here are few details about new ad unit, and things to keep in mind.

AdSense New Bigger Ad unit: 970*90

This ad unit is best for placing in header. An ideal position would be before or after the navbar. Specially if you are using 728*90 ad unit, you should consider replacing it with 970*90 ad unit. It’s a new ad unit, and you will not find much image based ads for now, so when you are generating code for this ad unit size, make sure to select both (Image + text ads). If text ads will make you website design look bad, you should wait for couple of months, before integrating this ad type. Right now, you will notice more of text ads after implementing this ad unit. Here is an example of how your website will look with this new AdSense ad unit:

Adsense 970*90

To generate the ad code for this new ad unit, login to your AdSense account. Click on my Ads > New Ad unit and select 978*90 under ad unit size. In ad type select Text & image ads, and select the channel for your website.

AdSense biggest ad unit

Ideal placement:

Do remember AdSense do offer CPM ads, but most of the ads are CPC ads, so don’t place ad units below the fold. This ad unit will work around header of your website.

  • Place it around your blog navbar
  • Replace current 728*90 ad unit with 970*90 ad unit

AdSense allows maximum 3 ad unit and 3 text ad units on a webpage for a normal publisher, so make sure you select the best ad units, and place to smartly to improve your revenue from AdSense. Here are few more guides related to AdSense that you should refer to:

Have you implemented new AdSense ad sizes? How’s the performance and earning so far?

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Pranjal Borah says

    Wow!!Really a bigger size. Ad sizes seem to grow bigger. 300*600 and now 970*90 .

  2. Nizam Khan says

    Awesome! Well, saw it yesterday and I was suprised to see this bigger ad unit. Yes agreed, place this ad unit around blog navbar and replacing current 728*90 ad unit with 970*90 ad unit is a good idea. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

  3. Ishmam says

    It’s really a great addition. Now we can decorate our below nav menu in much better way with this cool size.

  4. Christopher J says

    Will it not make any changes to the layout when we change from 728*90 to 970*90? Is there any CSS edits we have to do??

  5. JaY Srivastava says

    Wow ! 970 is really big one, although resolutions are going higher this days , bigger resolution bigger display screens , so i guess this is the one.

  6. Asif says

    Thats great, this new ad format will be relevant for so many blogs out there. But as you said, it going to take some time for advertisers to create ads of these sizes. 300×600 still haven’t got much ad inventory to optimize the ad format.

  7. Stephen Malan says

    Never done Adsense before but perhaps I should start. Thank you for the information on Adsense.