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    5 New Twitter Tools To Increase Your Credibility

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    It is very important to stay active as far as social networking sites are concerned – especially on Facebook and Twitter, those which are well established and proven to drive enormous amount of traffic to blogs. Mentioned below are few new tools which I feel, might help you to stay pro active and productive on Twitter with little manual intervention, thereby providing you enough time to work on your content.


    nurph 5 New Twitter Tools To Increase Your CredibilityWell, sending messages privately via twitter might sound annoying when two people are actually online. So, to make it better, Nurph comes up with an idea to take your conversation into a private chat room. You can invite the interested people to join your conservation by sending links – kinda of inviting people for a group chat.


    tweepi 5 New Twitter Tools To Increase Your CredibilityThis one is my favorite when it comes to unfollowing those users who don’t follow me back. Apart from those who inspire me (I don’t expect them to follow me back), I expect everyone to follow me back. If you are a person with my mindset, then this tool comes in handy – you’ll see a list of users who don’t follow you. All you need to do is, select the check boxes corresponding to those users and hit the unfollow button – just one click unfollow rather than unfollowing users one by one. There are  few more features like clean up, reciprocate, etc.. which might interest you.


    bufferapp 5 New Twitter Tools To Increase Your CredibilityWell, I’ve recently started using this service and I’ve started to get mad about it:) The reason being,  it allows to tweet consistently than just flooding our followers with continuous tweets. You just need to send all your tweets to BufferApp and the tool will space and send them out consistently with equal periods of interval over the day which is, what I feel staying active is all about:)


    proxlet 5 New Twitter Tools To Increase Your CredibilityThis one is an interesting breed in the list here. Rather than unfollowing those users who flood your stream with tweets, you can mute them using Proxlet. Interesting… Isn’t it? Moreover, it helps us to block certain hash tags (spam) from appearing on the main stream. I strongly recommend you to try this tool:)


    twileshare 5 New Twitter Tools To Increase Your Credibility

    Apart from sharing links and the recent addition of sharing photos on twitter, we can share various other files using TwileShare. It supports sharing of files with the following extensions/type – .pdf, .doc, .png, .jpg and .gif. Let me know if you were able to share some other file type using the same tool via comments:)

    I’ve shared few tools that impressed me. If you got some interesting tool to share, then let us know via comments. I would love to check them out and don’t forget to tweet this article if you like it:)

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    Pranay Patel

    I am very much thankful to you for describing this in a well manner.
    And among them all I would go with tweepi as I loved it.
    Tweepi is more easier than others as my opinion.


    rakesh kumar

    This is a nice link mukund. I like tweepi it is little bit interesting. But i would like to go with socialOoomph it give me a better control over my twitter account.


    shashank chinchli

    Never heard about tweepi nor nurph! Gonna try them out.Thanks for listing them and a brief intro.


    Jasmeet Singh

    Very useful list of sites that use twitter id for exciting services , heard about these services first time. Thanks a lot :)


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