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    4 Important Google Adsense Myths to Ignore

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    The biggest dream for all the bloggers is to get approval from Google Adsense. But sometimes bloggers fail to make money through Google Adsense, the fact is that there are lots of myths about Google Adsense and for new bloggers it becomes very tough to differentiate between facts and myths, what to follow and what to avoid. You should avoid this thin line of confusions , try to analysis the facts and then apply the tips for Google Adsense on your blog.

    Myths 4 Important Google Adsense Myths to Ignore

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    I came across few myths about Google Adsense, which might affect your Google Adsense earning. Thus, you must avoid following Google Adsense Myths:

    You will earn in millions

    When I started with blogging, I only targeted on Google Ads because I used to feel same that once my Google Adsense will get approved, I will start earning handsome money through it. This is a totally not true. I won’t say it is impossible but it is more easy for the blogs with huge traffic in blogosphere and even these top most bloggers have many other source for earning other than Google Adsense.

    Copying the design or size of Ads from other blogs

    This is very common tendency among bloggers, it is good to take advice about placing Google ads on your blog as others have placed. But there is no sure and shot design or size that can give you good earning through Google Adsense. The Ads which worked for others, might not work for you. Thus, you should never copy other bloggers Ads designs or size. Use banners and Ads which suits your blog layout and content. Most of time Adsense earning depends on your niche and keywords.

    Images are better than In-line Text

    There are Image Ads, Inline Text Ads, link unit Ads. Few bloggers think that only image Ads are worth using because they are easily visible by visitors. But the reality is that, visitors are more likely to click on text Ads if they are blend properly to your blog contents. You should not ignore link unit ads and inline text ads, you can earn good income if you are using your Google Ads effectively.

    Regular visitors are more likely to click Ads

    Bloggers think that they will get more clicks if they have constant regularand loyal visitors on their blog, in fact the truth is, that your regular visitors knows where you place your ads and thus there are less chances that they will click on those ads unless you don’t keep on changing them. There are chances that you will get more clicks from new visitors. There are websites which can provide you huge traffic on your blog.

    As Google Adsense is a huge player in market thus there are chances to have more rumors around it. But you don’t need to worry about earning through Google Adsense, you can get lots of tips about Google Adsense on Shoutmeloud.

    If adsense does n’t work for you, it’s time for you to try  these alternative Google adsense program.

    Check out other useful tips about Google Adsense on Shoutmeloud:

    What could be the other misconceptions about Google adsense? Share your views?

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    Nice info .My adsense account was banned years ago.Still trying to get it back.Hope they will unban me !



    Wish you luck Siddharth :).


    Shabnam Sultan

    Nice read Ruchi :) . Good for newbies in blogging as they think that they can start making money just by placing adsense in blog.



    Glad you like it Shabnam. When I started with blogging, I used to be very confused with Adsense, hope newbies find the post useful :).



    AdSense Inline text Ads?



    Inline text Ads as in the text Ads which Google adsense provide.


    Mani Viswanathan

    Good Tips ruchi :)



    Thanks Mani, Glad you like it. :)


    Anish K.S

    Google is also supporting people to get more more by placing ads at proper place and use bid ad units.

    I am sure Image + Text is good. (In my experience)



    Agree with you Anish, but bloggers hardly knows about the tips and support system of adsense.



    Well one more important myth which needs to be shattered is that Google is out there to eat up your time and money through adsense! Well, while I can’t absolutely rule this out, I’ve never heard of someone not having done anything even gray and yet got banned. Why would they risk losing tens of billions of dollars by not giving a couple of hundred bucks to even a hundred adsense users?



    Thanks Samir for adding valuable myth, I totally agree with you.


    All Is Well

    Earning $100 takes too much time for me.. i am trying to reduce the time span. Then only i will think about millions. Which is possible.



    Wish you luck with your Adsense earning ;).



    A correction for your article

    Inline Text Ads

    Where do we have Inline Text Ads in adsense There are image ads and link units Thats it




    the first myth was broken way back when i got my first account approves…. nobody can earn through adsense in millions



    you r true ruchi many bloggers have also quited adsense and r earning decent amount publishing ads from advertisers directly. and this works because if noone clicks ur ads,.still u’ll get paid for impressions,..one such platform is buysellads.com



    For a site like mine what would you prefer?Content protection using cpalock or similar or adsense,I saw my adsense earnings go as low as a few cents per day instead of making atleast a few dollars every day.Rather I’m getting conversions only from the content protection stuff.
    I am still confused on how I can let my sites visitors view my site without and also making me adsense money?


    virender pal singh

    I am damn sure that the first point is what we all had in our minds, when we started. ;)


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