How To Get Email Notification When Authors Submit Post For Review

Get Email Notification When Authors Submit Post
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When you run a multi-author WordPress blog, or allow guest writers to submit the post directly from your WordPress dashboard, I’m sure you must be looking for a way to get instant email notification. Also, when you reject or publish an author’s piece, a notification to the writer would come in handy.

Well, there is a way.

I’m talking about a plugin called WordPress Post Status Notifier, which does exactly that.

Post Status notifier is a simple plug and play WordPress plugin and is quite useful for any multi-author blog. This plugin notifies the admin or editors whenever someone submits a post for review. It also notifies the owner of the content when the post status is changed, for example, when a post is approved or rejected.  This improves the overall workflow of your content publishing.

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The notifier is especially handy for those who have a team of people working on the content workflow and could make a huge difference in team coordination and productivity.

Once you have downloaded and installed the status notifier plugin, you can access it’s setting under Settings > Status notification.

Some of the features of the Status Notifier plugin are :

  • Notifies the admin
  • Notifies the contributor when a post is accepted
  • No database access required, therefore plugin does not add any overhead
  • Simply install and activate the plugin
  • Multiple email notification

The plugin comes in two options:

Free lite plugin | Premium Version

I have used this plugin on ShoutMeLoud after making it a multi-author blog. Whenever I open the guest posting on ShoutMeLud, I use this or use a similar plugin to speed up the content moderation workflow.

The only thing that I miss seeing in this plugin is the option to add a comment before you reject the post so that the guest author will know what is missing and what he can do to improve.

Do you know any such plugin which let us add comments before we the post if approved or rejected?

Do let us know what other plugins power your multi-author blog.

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6 thoughts on “How To Get Email Notification When Authors Submit Post For Review”

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks For sharing this with us Eric 🙂

  1. George Serradinho

    Thanks for this info Harsh, I sent an email asking what you are using.

    I had installed ‘Dashboard: Pending Review’ plugin to show on my dashboard in case I logged on. I might remove it now as I will be getting emails.

    1. George Serradinho

      I have tested the plugin and all works fine, but it would be nice if you also received an email when the post has been deleted. This would just be for information purposes.

  2. Paritosh

    Although i have just 2 contributors, for the time being, i dont think it will be of much help but for blogs with more than 4 or 5 contributors, it will certainly be a life saver.

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