How To Calculate Income Tax on Adsense Income in India

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Blogging as a full-time profession has been growing rapidly in India with people from all spheres of life creating their own blogs. A major reason for increasing shift towards professional bloggers is the self-satisfaction associated with doing something of your own and also the monetary income which comes mainly from Google Adsense.

In my earlier guest post for ShoutMeLoud readers, I wrote an article on the overview of income tax on bloggers and freelancers and this article I would mainly be focusing on Income Tax on Adsense Income only. I’m assuming that most bloggers don’t have much knowledge about the manner of computation of Income Tax and I would be explaining everything from the basic and will try to simplify everything as much as possible.

Income Tax on Adsense Income

Firstly, it is important to note that only Income Tax is levied on Adsense Income in India and no other tax like Service Tax, VAT, GST, Excise Duty etc is levied on Adsense Income. Earlier, Service Tax was levied on Adsense Income but now No Service Tax is levied on Adsense Income. Irrespective of how much you earn, Service Tax won’t be levied on Adsense Income in India.

Before explaining the manner of levy of Income Tax on Adsense in India, it is important for a blogger to understand the concept of Financial Year. Income Tax in India is levied on the yearly income earned by a person in a financial year. The Financial year in India starts from 1st April and ends on 31st March. Therefore,

Financial Year 2013-14 would be from 1st April 2013 to 31st March 2014

Financial Year 2014-15 would be from 1st April 2014 to 31st March 2015

The total income earned from Adsense and other sources during a financial year would be added up and tax would be levied as per the Income Tax Slab Rates in force.

The Income Tax Slab Rates are announced by the Finance Minister in the Budget and keep on changing every year. The current income tax slab rates are mentioned in this link: Income Tax Slab Rates for the year 2013-14 and 2014-15.

Once you have computed your total annual income from Adsense and other sources, you can also make use of various income tax calculators which are available both in the web interface and as mobile apps. The most popular web-interface income tax calculator has been prepared by the Income Tax Department itself and can be accessed from this link. The ICICI Bank tax calculator mobile app for Android and iOS is also good in case you prefer to use the calculator as an app on your mobile.

Computation of Total Income from Adsense

To provide services to the advertiser, you would have incurred some expenditure as well like Hosting expense, telephone expense, internet expense etc. Therefore, the amount received from the advertiser is not your income, it is the Revenue. Income is the net amount which you have earned after deducting expenses and depreciation. (The concept of Depreciation has been explained below in this article.)

There is no pre-specified set of expenses which can be claimed. Any expense incurred by you for earning revenue or has the potential of helping you in earning future revenue can be claimed as an expense which will lead to reduction of total income leading to reduction of taxes payable. I’m creating an illustrative list to help bloggers understand the nature of expenses which can be claimed:-

  1. Hosting Expense
  2. Domain Renewal Expense
  3. Telephone Expense
  4. Internet Expense
  5. Electricity expense
  6. Salary Expense
  7. Website development expense
  8. Fuel expense
  9. Meeting Expense
  10. Content writer expense

This is only an illustrative list and there can be many such expenses which are allowed to be claimed. After computing the total annual revenue, total annual expenses and total annual depreciation, the income would be computed in the following manner:-

Total Annual Revenue xxx
(Less) Total Annual Expenses (xxx)
(Less) Total Annual Depreciation xxx
(=) Total Annual Income xxx

What is Depreciation?

If for providing your services, you have purchased a laptop worth Rs. 50,000 and installed internet connection on the same @ Rs. 1,000 pm, these are to be subtracted from the total annual revenue. The amount spent monthly on internet connection is an expense of recurring nature and can be shown as an expense as explained above.

However, the amount spent by you on purchasing a laptop is a one-time expense and the expected life of a laptop is usually 2 years. Therefore, the laptop becomes your asset.

Over a period of 2 years, your laptop efficiency will keep on reducing gradually and after 2 years, it will require a change. This gradual effect of reduction in the value of your asset is called depreciation.

As the expected life of your laptop is 2 years, you cannot allocate this cost to only 1 financial year. This will be allocated over 2 years and the formula for the same is as follows:-

Annual Depreciation = Total Value of the Asset
Total Life of the Asset

Therefore, the cost of the laptop would be allocated over 2 years i.e. Rs. 50,000/2 = Rs. 25,000. This Rs. 25,000 is the depreciation on laptop every year for 2 years after which you will have to purchase a new laptop.

Depreciation is levied on all assets which have life of more than 1 year. Some examples of assets on which bloggers usually claim depreciation are mobile, laptop, desktop, office furniture, cars etc.

Filing of Income Tax Returns

Once you have computed your total annual income and the tax payable thereon, you would be required to file a statement with the income tax department showing the manner of computation of income and the tax payable thereon. This statement is called the Income Tax Return and is required to be filed every year. All Incomes from Blogging and other online incomes (incl. Adsense, Affiliate, Services etc) are required to be disclosed under the head “Profits or Gains of Business or Profession” and you can submit this information in either ITR 4 or ITR 4S.

The last date for filing the income tax return is 31st July which comes after the end of the financial year. Therefore, for the Financial Year 2013-14, the last date for filing income tax return is 31st July 2014.

However, in case you have a big business and your annual revenue is more than Rs. 1 Crore per year, you would be required to get your income tax audit conducted by a Chartered Accountant and the last date for filing income tax returns, in this case, would be 30th Sept.

Although the returns are required to be filed only once in a year, tax is required to be paid in 3 instalments in the same financial year in which the income has been earned. The payment of tax in instalments in the same financial year in which it is earned is known as Advance Tax.

The procedure for payment of taxes and filing of income tax returns is now fairly convenient as everything can now be done online.

Income Tax is a wide gamut of complications and there may be some intricacies involved in the computation of Income Tax on Adsense. For the purpose of simplicity and a better understanding of the concept of Income Tax, I’ve only given an overview of the computation of Income Tax on Adsense Income.

  • Do you need to pay income tax on Adsense Income?
  • Yes
  • Do you need to pay service tax in income from AdSense?
  • AdSense income after 1st October 2014 will fall into service tax category.

If you are not much comfortable with Income Tax, it is always advisable to consult a CA. A CA usually charges Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 for small business. The rates increase as the scale of business increases. However, before approaching a CA, you should also have some basic knowledge of Income-tax which have been explained above.

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In case of any queries with respect to levy of Income Tax on Adsense Income and other Advertisement/Affiliate Incomes, please leave your queries them in the comments below and I would be happy to help.

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Karan Batra is a CA and blogs about Tax related matters on Chartered Club. He is also a Visiting Faculty Member at the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

39 thoughts on “How To Calculate Income Tax on Adsense Income in India”

  1. rajan

    suppose of my income is 30000 per month, should I pay income tax

  2. Pulkit Sharma

    Very soon we will have the GST in India. And it is very interesting to know that GST will be applicable on any income generated online.
    You have to take registration regardless of your turnover due to definition of E-commerce operators.

  3. Nishant

    Hii there,
    Thanks for this lovely article. I would like to know if section 44ad is applicable for adsense income or not? There are mixed views about this, can you clarify this? I will be very thankful.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Even I’m not 100% sure about this. Had a detailed conversation with my CA on this & let me do one thing we will do a video interview with him on 44AD.

      1. Virendra Barwar

        yes, you can adopt section 44AD for adsense income, but can’t adopt this section for affiliate marketing income.

  4. Kanakaraj

    Hi this is kanakaraj I need one help from u… I have create one AdSense account in the company name of business…

    I need one further clarification for the income I am getting from the AdSense…

    For example if I am earning some $1000 per day… For monthly some $30000… From the AdSense they will released the payment for me ya… Are they will ask any tax certificate from me… To release the payment…

    If they ask like that means which certificate I have to provide for them to release my payment from AdSense…

    Kindly pls help me for this matter… I am waiting for u r reply…

  5. Mayank Agarwal

    Hi Karan

    I would like to know whether income from adsense would be treated as business or profession for tax audit purpose as the limit for both are different.

    1. karan.batra

      Hi Mayank

      Adsense Income would be treated as Business Income.

  6. Hello Karan, we would like to work with you on some large deals related to Revenue sharing income in India (affiliate sales). Could you please connect with me

  7. Neha

    Hello Karan, great useful post you have written here. Me and my husband share the websites and work on them. I get all the payments of adsense for my work and my husband receives all the affiliate income. Also all the expenses of the websites are given by him only. My adsense income is lower than the present tax slab. Do i need to really need to show my expenses (which are not there) if the adsense income goes over tax slab in future. Please guide.

    1. karan.batra

      If your adsense income goes above the tax slabs, you’ll have to either show expenses or pay income tax.

  8. Chetan Nada

    hi Karan
    its nice tutorial on shoutmeloud in tax related
    i searched more about tax on adsense in more on google but at last i got final value in your tutorial
    keep it up friend and update such nice tips more n more.

  9. Baibhav

    Very nice article. I have income from salary, income from short term capital gain from shares, income from affiliate programs . Which ITR form should I file . Whether it should be ITR2 or ITR4. Can you explain it ?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. karan.batra

      Dear Baibhav

      As you have income from affiliate programs, only ITR 3 can be filed in this case

  10. Manidipa

    Hi Karan,

    That’s a very useful article. But I am still having one doubt. I am an HR consultant by profession. My income sources are my salary and from my website (adsense, selling ad space). I don’t get any form 16 as my income from salary is below 2 lakh every year. But after clubbing everything, its crossing the exemption limit. Although I will do some saving to avoid paying tax, but I have few questions regarding ITR
    1) How I have to file ITR? As an individual or as Business?
    2) In case of business, is it require to register the business or website name? How can I do that?
    3) As I don’t have any form 16, I think I have to calculate every expense & income my own. In that case do I have to submit some expense proof? E.g. hosting bill, internet bill etc. How will IT department verify whether information I am sharing are correct or not?

    Need your expert advice on that. 🙂


      As per your statement you are doing “profession” in addition being in emplopyment. You should use Form 4 not Form 4S .

  11. Maq


    I am having a business of online training. Our pvt. ltd. company is based out of Hyderabad, India. Anyone in the UK or USA if they buy our online training (through PayPal), what kind of taxes do I have to pay? For example, do I pay UK VAT? or Just Service Tax in India? Thanks in advance.


  12. Anju

    Hi, I have a doubt regarding ITR filing.. I have paid tax for my adsense income and now I want to file income tax return. Can you please tell me which ITR form should I use for filing adsense income for individual? I’m registered in adsense as Individual (not registered anywhere as firm or business). And I don’t have any other income source. Whole income is from adsense only. So I’m confused. I have seen that adsense comes under Income from Business or Profession but ITR 4 form is missing in e-filing website.
    Kindly guide me. Thank you so much..

  13. Vijay

    There are two contradictory statement about service tax on adsense income.

    1. Earlier, Service Tax was levied on Adsense Income but now No Service Tax is levied on Adsense Income. Irrespective of how much you earn, Service Tax won’t be levied on Adsense Income in India.

    2. AdSense income after 1st October 2014 will fall into service tax category.

    Can you please clarify it whether we need to pay service tax on adsnese income?

    Also do we need to pay service tax on only adsense income from India or all adsense income irrespective of the country?

  14. CA Dewanshu Soni

    The method of computation of Depreciation mentioned above is wrong. As per Section 32 of Income Tax Act, 1961 – Depreciation shall be charged at a fixed rate. For e.g. Depreciation on Laptop shall be charged at 60% per year irrespective of number of years of expected life.

  15. Ram

    My brother and i have separate adsense account. If we form a partnership firm/company , then it possible to show income per both of us as under compnay/firm’s name ?

    Partnership firm/Company which one is better ?

  16. Rohit

    Hi Sir,

    As I heard that now Service Tax is also levied on online advertisement. So if my total revenue comes to 50Lakhs then do I need to pay service tax? or Selling of ads not only from Google but other foreign ad agencies are taxable and is also service taxable?

  17. Ajay

    Dear Karan This is a totally Awesome Article and I would like to thank Harsh for posting this also. Can you please guide me on the following:

    I am doing a day job and doing blogging also. From my blog I make money by giving consulting and received all income through PayPal or other online medium. So do service tax charged on these income or simply these income add up to my salary income and I will pay tax on consolidated income. Please note my blog is not registered as a company or have service tax, what should be the solution and next course of action.

    Thank You in advance.

  18. Karnal Singh

    I did not give attention to showing this income in my income tax return..You have written a very educative post,it makes things very clear.I have one doubt – if i have income from other sources also,i suppose i need to submit one consolidated ITR only…

    1. Karan Batra

      Dear Karnal Singh

      The ITR is always consolidated and it shows income from various sources. The Income shown in the consolidated ITR is sub-divided into 5 parts i.e.

      1. Income from Salaries
      2. Income from House Property
      3. Income from Business or Profession (Adsense Income will come under this head)
      4. Income from Capital Gains
      5. Income from Other Sources

      1. Karnal Singh

        Thanks Karan for clearing the doubt…You have gone one step further and explained under which heading adsense income will come.

  19. Vishwajeet Kumar

    Hi, Mr. Karan, Thanks for this helpful article and I am looking for this type of information from few months. As you have described the income Tax based on AdSense Earning. Will the Same thing applies with commissions earned from affiliate programs. Like My primary source of income is Affiliate program and I make around $1500 Per Day basis. Any advice will be highly appreciable.

    1. Karan Batra

      Dear Vishwajeet

      Income from Affiliate sales would be computed in the same manner as Income from Adsense.

  20. Vikas Yadav

    Hello karan, this is really a helpful article for the new bloggers like me who doesn’t have enough knowledge about how to calculate the income tax on google adsense earning. Thanks a lot for sharing this most useful article with the shoutmeloud readers..

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