How to Write a Twitter Bio to Get Followers

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Twitter is one of the best social networking website that helps you to promote your business, your products and your profile. You follow others and the others follow you so that followers is the main key of success.

Now the question is that how to get the right followers? There are different ways to get the followers like you can use follow back strategies but one of best way is to attract other twitter users so that they follow you.  You may ask that how to attract more followers?

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Twitter Bio Don’ts

  • Don’t leave it black.
  • Don’t challenge others like “dare to follow”
  • Don’t write something that are not related with you
  • Don’t write like a teenager be professional
  • Don’t mix language use a proper language to attract more followers like English
  • Don’t be a spammer
  • Don’t treat like a machine be a human

Your bio must be convey a message to others that you are valuable to follow, make your account valuable by unique headline.

Twitter Bio Do’s

  • Your bio must contain your interest like define your hobbies. Example culd be web designer, world class social media executive
  • Use short phrases that highly reflect your areas of expertise
  • Whats your aim is life and what actually you want to do, share it to show your possible future plane
  • Define your expertise like journalism
  • What you give to the followers

Below is the short comparison of two bio.

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So which bio is more attractive and you are going to follow obviously the second one is more attractive and define the clear vision.

I hope that this little effort will really help you to understand the importance of bio and i hope that you will write an awesome bio of your twitter profile.

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  1. This is very good advice and it has certainly made me rethink about how my Twitter bio looks right now, I might give it a tweak later. 🙂

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