How to Disable Right Click on WordPress?

Disable Right Click on WordPress
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A couple of days back, one of my clients contacted me and asked me to disable right-click on his site.

When I asked him the reasons why, he told me that he was tired of copy/paste bloggers. I informed him about plagiarism and how he can file a DMCA against them. Or if these blogs were using auto RSS blogs, I told him how he could offer partial feeds instead of a complete feed.

But he still wanted to disable right-click (and copying of text).

Since his blog posts are being copied to hundreds of forums, it was still a good idea to disable right-click as it might reduce the number of copied posts.

In this article, I’m talking about a plug and play WordPress plugin named WP-Copyright-Protection. When you install and activate this plugin, clear your cache and you will see that you can’t select text or right-click anywhere on your site.

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This plugin doesn’t come with any configuration panel and it’s simple to install and activate. The plugin will start working immediately on your site. Though I would suggest you only use this plugin when you are in complete need as disabling right-click/selection of text deteriorates user experience.

Anyways, I would love to know your opinion on disabling right-click or text selection in WordPress. What do you think? Should a webmaster disable such feature? Is it going to give a bad reader experience? If you have disabled right-click in the past, do let us know which method you used and what your reasons were for doing so.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

34 thoughts on “How to Disable Right Click on WordPress?”

  1. Sukalyan Mukharjee

    Disabling right click is not the solution. Articles can still be used and not given proper credit. The better approach is to keep DMCA active.

  2. Anupam Majumdar

    This is a dilemma actually. On one hand User experience on other hand letting things for the copy cats, though there will be ways for them anyway to steal stuff. Need to check if this can be applied for specific page/s of my BLOG. Thanks Harsh.- Anupam

  3. Chiino

    Although I understand why someone might want to prevent their work being copy/pasted, disabling right click definitely hurts the user experience. There are so many innocent reasons to do so. I don’t think it’s necessary for most blogs.

  4. Azubikey

    I don’t think disabling right click on a blog is the best thing to do as it as its negetive effect too.

    I once did that in 2013 but later an adertiser called my attention to an issue which is, my blog can never load fine without javascript enabled. So I started searching for tthe culprit, I disabled all my plugins and started activating them one by one wile testing my site with javascript disabled till I discovered it was the disable-right-click-plugin that caused it. I then removed it and things became fine… so its not a good practice

  5. Shumaila Kamal

    Now I have done the same at mine site as many many bloggers always do this bad practice of copying the date from mine site. Thanks for this great info.

  6. Samuel Adeniyi

    I was actually thinking of disabling right click on my wordpress blog but looking at some points here. I think i have decided not to. Do you think i should still go ahead to disabling right clicking?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      In 2014, a good website is all about giving great user-experience. Copy-cat will anyhow find a way to copy, so I would recommend not to disable right click on your blog. Hope this helps…

      1. Pankaj Sinha

        Hi Harsh,

        I also don’t like to use this plug in.My idea is to stop the users doing copy from specific pages only.

        Do you have any idea that I can disable this copy on specific post/page. Any code for wordpress users …


  7. Johny

    You can copy everything from web is just matter of knowledge and correct tools for that. Why? because everything what You see in web browser is on local host. There are some exception, for example flash (but this also You can “split” it by special software) .

  8. Pranjal

    Plugin works without a flaw, just install, activate and you are done but, yeah on disabling javascripts, it can’t stop anyone from copying your content!

  9. Nizam

    Well, disabling right click may lead to bad user experience, but it depends on self preference. Thanks Harsh for this useful info 🙂

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