How to Add AdSense Advertisement between Blog Post [WordPress Plugin]

When we talk about AdSense and increasing, Adsense revenue, the best way to do it is by blending your ads in between the post.

There are various ways by which we can add AdSense in between the post. That including editing your theme file or using any WordPress plugin which randomly adds AdSense in between the post & around the post.

Add AdSense Advertisement between Blog Posts
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Well, you can add advertisement by editing your theme but using a plugin will make it easier to add & manage all your ads.

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Adding AdSense at a random position has the advantage to avoid ad blindness but this process usually breaks your post and makes it look ugly. I have always been looking for some easy and quick solution which will let me add AdSense in between the post automatically.

Even though this practice makes your content experience not so great, but it definitely increases your CTR & overall AdSense revenue.

The plugin which I’m talking about here is AdSense Integration WP QUADS, which is an upgraded version of the Quick AdSense WordPress plugin. Once you have installed & activated the plugin <Download link>, you can start configuring this plugin.

The very first thing you need to do is click on General> AdSense code & add your ad codes. You can display maximum possible 3 AdSense ad unit on a page, but you can definitely add other ad units from other popular ad networks like Setupad.

Add advertisement in between posts
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Once you have copied all the codes, now it’s time to configure how those ads will be displayed. This part is pretty easy with the settings option offered by this plugin.

Click on General settings & configure how those ads will be displayed:

AdSense Integration WP QUADS
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I’m sure you will find it worth putting and will take advantage of this useful plugin to maximize your AdSense earnings.

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31 thoughts on “How to Add AdSense Advertisement between Blog Post [WordPress Plugin]”

  1. Theerta

    Thanks for putting together this incredibly awesome post, very valuable. Very useful plug-in. Initially I was using a code snippet, manually inserted in functions.php and a template comment inside the post for inserting Google ads. But this plug-in makes it much simpler.

  2. Shravan

    Hello Sir,
    I wanted to ad adsense code in between RELATED POSTS.
    Please help me

  3. Jagadish Prasad B

    I am searching for this post from a long time, I want to put ads in the middle of the posts. Now I wanna try this on my website. Hope it will work well. Thanks for this article and keep posting like this.

  4. Edos Ubebe

    Thanks for putting together this incredibly awesome post, very valuable. You know most people think that they have to manually add their ads code within post content but they dont need to.

  5. Abhishek

    Hi Harsh,
    Just Got my adsense approval.
    I tried this plugin but it is not working for me. Is we have to add anything in the post like “[quads id=”1″] ” or it will be added by default.

    Your help will be appreciated.

  6. Abhishek Kumawat

    Nice plugin to insert ads in post. But I want to know how can I show ads on homepage between posts. which plugin we use to do this thing.

    1. Rene

      @veera i am the author of wp quads and can ensure that the plugin does not inject other ads than the ones you want.

      You can study the code to verify this. The code is open source. If you have no skills to do so you can trust on nearly 30.000 other users. A lot of them are developers who are checking plugins before using them.


  7. Amidu Adebayo

    This post is very encouraging but despite using this plugin on my website the ads have not coming yet but in my Google Adsense page the code is said to be active. Please can you tell me more of what I need to do. Thanks

  8. Mohan Das

    Me too using the same plugin.
    Its Awesome.
    But 1 problem i face is that – Ads right before the last Paragraph does not work in all blog posts .
    Any help will be appreciated. ๐Ÿ˜€

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