No Self Ping WordPress plugin: Stop Pinging Posts From Own Domain

When we talk about difference between Website and Blog, one of the biggest advantage of a blog is pinging feature. A blog pings all the pinging service you have entered into your settings. Specially WordPress. Now getting back to trackback feature of WordPress, You can a trackback when anyone link to your blogpost from his. Similarly, when you link to some other blog post within a post of yours, it sends a trackback.

No Self Ping WordPress plugin

Usually you link to an authority blog and to the relevant news and it’s a good feature to show trackback from other blogs. I won’t call it a bug and neither a feature, when WordPress pings your own domain when you link to old blog post. Showing your own blog posts in trackback doesn’t make much sense. And every-time, you can’t trash such trackback as it might add more into your manual work list.

To get rid of this issue, I’m adding one more plugin to my essential WordPress plugins list: No self ping.

As name suggests, No self ping stop you from pinging your own blog. This plugin comes with no configuration option and once installed, it will stop your blog from sending trackback to your own domain.

Though an admin option panel to exclude more domains would be a handy feature, but for now this plugin is what you need if you are tired of your blog sending trackback to same domain.

Download No self ping WordPress Plugin

Do let us know what method you use to stop sending trackback to your own blog? Do you use No self ping WordPress plugin or some other method?

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. Rana Irfan says

    Thanks harsh i am also searching for that plugin. when i new post in my website my own comment in comment section if i put inbound like in the psot with the help of this plugin. i can solve my problem. thanks harch for writing that article.

  2. Deb Augur says

    Hi Harsh,

    I realize this is an older post but I thought you might be able to help with another issue since your plugin is somewhat similar in that it stops your own trackbacks and pings. (I’m definitely going to download and install it on my blog so thanks for that!)

    Do you know of one that keeps your own replies to reader comments from getting into the recent comments widget?

  3. Nihar says

    Harsh, i have seen till now lots of posts about to have self ping or not.

    Does having self ping on our blog affect in any way the SEO? does it degrade the blog in SEO terms?

    I have installed and enabled no self ping just now. How about the self pings i already have in all these 2 and half years. Do i need to remove it? or just keep it

    Thanks in advance.

  4. George Serradinho says

    Hi Harsh, you sent me an email sometime ago about my site pinging itself. I installed the plugin at that time and I am still satisfied. I don’t see self pings in my comment widget anymore.

    I see Himanshu asked a question about how many plugins you should have. I would also like to know the answer as I have 21 active plugins now on my blog.

  5. Curious Little Person says

    I am also using MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer on my blog. The Ping Log of MBP shows that it’s working gr8

  6. Arafat Hossain Piyada says

    @Himanshu It’s depend on your need. If your plugin needs database access, then it will definitely slow down your process. It’s better idea to cache them. I hope you already install a cache plugin.

  7. Himanshu says

    Once you told me that installing lots of plugin is not good for blogs. I already installed more than 26 plugins. So please tell me how much plugins should we install so that it will not effect the performance of the blog. Also tell me how installing more and more plugins ruins the performance of blog ?

  8. Arafat Hossain Piyada says

    This is nice idea, it is useful for some extend. I use smart post link which link your post virtually, so there is no real link to ping. Good to see, you change the theme.