How to Disable Right Click on WordPress?

Couple of days back one of my client contacted me and asked me to disable right click on his site. When I asked him the reasons, he told me he is tired of cope paste bloggers. I informed him about plagiarism and how he can file DMCA against them. Or is these blogs are using auto RSS blogs, you can offer partial feeds instead of complete feed. Though he still wanted to disable right click and copy of text.

Since his blog post is being copied by 100 of forums, I believe it’s still a good idea to disable right click as it might reduce the number of copied posts. Here I’m talking about a plug and play WordPress plugin named as WP-Copyright-Protection. When you install and activate this plugin, clear your cache and you will see that you can’t select text or right click on your site.


This plugin doesn’t come with any configuration panel and it’s simple install and activate and plugin will start working on your site. Though I would suggest, use this plugin when you are in complete need as disabling right click or selection of text detorates user experience.

You can download Wp-Copyright-protection plugin from official plugin repo.

Anyways, I would love to know your opinion on disabling right click or text selection in WordPress. What do you think, if a Webmaster should enable such features? Is it going to give a bad reader experience? If you have enabled disable right click option in the past, do let us know which method did you used and what was your reasons for enabling it?

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COMMENTs ( 30 )

  1. says

    I don’t think disabling right click on a blog is the best thing to do as it as its negetive effect too.

    I once did that in 2013 but later an adertiser called my attention to an issue which is, my blog can never load fine without javascript enabled. So I started searching for tthe culprit, I disabled all my plugins and started activating them one by one wile testing my site with javascript disabled till I discovered it was the disable-right-click-plugin that caused it. I then removed it and things became fine… so its not a good practice

  2. says

    I was actually thinking of disabling right click on my wordpress blog but looking at some points here. I think i have decided not to. Do you think i should still go ahead to disabling right clicking?

    • says

      In 2014, a good website is all about giving great user-experience. Copy-cat will anyhow find a way to copy, so I would recommend not to disable right click on your blog. Hope this helps…

  3. Johny says

    You can copy everything from web is just matter of knowledge and correct tools for that. Why? because everything what You see in web browser is on local host. There are some exception, for example flash (but this also You can “split” it by special software) .

  4. Pranjal says

    Plugin works without a flaw, just install, activate and you are done but, yeah on disabling javascripts, it can’t stop anyone from copying your content!

  5. Nizam says

    Well, disabling right click may lead to bad user experience, but it depends on self preference. Thanks Harsh for this useful info :)

  6. Dean Saliba says

    This might put off a lot of content thieves. It isn’t 100% as you can still click View and bring up the source code and get the content that way, but that is a bit too long for your average thief.

  7. Irfan says

    I have seen few blog’s who disable right clicks just because people only come to copy not to read. I know how to do this in blogger but was not aware of WordPress. Thanks to you that now i can suggest people to use WP-Copyright-Protection plugin to disable right click.

  8. Prem Pandit says

    One more wordpress plugin that is Blog protector for Disable Right Click and text Selection on wordpress. It will save your content .

  9. Madras Geek says

    Only useful when scrappers who copy manually. But no use when they use some auto robot plugin when it fetches from rss feeds. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Shrinivas says

    Ya.. It’s a nice stuff to avoid right click in WordPress. In my opinion disabling the java script may stop this plugin’s work. Anybody tried?

  11. jumpdates says

    I was thinking I should do this in blog but could not find how.. That for this. I would love to do so.

  12. ash_nallawalla says

    The client might feel better, but scrapers don’t copy sites manually. It won’t make much of a dent to the copying. As you pointed out, DMCA is the most powerful weapon in a blogger’s armory.

  13. rakesh says

    This plugin will be effective against the new bloggers who even does not know that copy pasted work is not good for their blog as well as ruin the reputation of their blog.

  14. Kimi says


    Looks like a great plugin to reduce “copycats”

    I wonder if they are able to copy the page source though?

    By using FF addons, we can view the page source? I am not sure about it, but if someone has “more” knowledge than right clicking, they still can copy I guess.

  15. Gaurav | Stock Analysis says

    Hi Harsh… really a nice post.. but i have a question.. i want to know that how can i make single title in my posts.. coz my title + my blog titles are coming together in my pots

  16. vikas@niche bloggers says

    Plagiarism is becoming more common these days.. I’m getting almost 50+ span pingbacks from autoblogs daily.. :(

  17. Amrish SIngh says

    It might little useful to protect the copy paste system but what about Ctrl+C . Spammer will you this to copy . Is their any way to disable this also ?

  18. Jay says

    I have a doubt!

    This plugin will definitely use Javascript to do this job. But if we disable Javascript in the web browser or use Lynx – will this plugin work??

  19. Ramakrishnan says

    I think Such a feature will not give bad reader experience. but it may control copy bloggers a bit not much.

  20. Bhaveek says

    I have used this plugin in my earlier blogs, but right now i dont think it is necessary for blogs. If someone copy your content then search engine will not rank the blog for copied content. So i dont have to worry more about this plugin.

  21. Puneet Sahalot says

    does it work even when javascript is disabled in browser ? because there are many plugins which use js to disable right click. But, that can be overcome by disabling javascript support in the browser.

  22. Suresh Khanal says

    Though the copy paste problem is really considerable, but disabling right click prevents legitimate uses like quote. I have left blogs when I could not select text and copy them when writing about them. Its really poor experience and the worst solution you can have.

    What about PrintScreen and OCR applications?

    • Suhas says

      What about Ctrl+C?

      There are a million other ways to copy a blog.

      Disabling right click is the worst thing you can do to a website. It only brings in Bad User Experience (Right Click -> New Tab?), nothing else.