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    50 Ways To Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue

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    I’m not going to talk about why adsense is best advertising program, as even posting some of the best adsense alternative, no one is clearly close to what Adsense pays us. I have been using Adsense for long and been testing and playing with Adsense, to increase my Google Adsense revenue.

    Adsense offers many ways like section targeting, remove low paying ad category, ad blacklist and many other features which can be used by any adsense blogger to give a significant boost to their Adsense income.

    march 2011 Adsense 550x361 50 Ways To Boost Your Google Adsense Revenue

    Google Adsense revenue increment tips:

    Well, here at ShoutMeLoud, we have covered many tutorials in the past to increase Adsense income by implementing some of the best practices. Here, I’m creating a list of 50 such tips, which a normal Blogger like you and me can follow to increase our Google Adsense revenue.
    Though, Adsense doesn’t work the same for everyone, so my suggestion is to keep experimenting and follow the one which works the best for you. For example, many blogger suggest to use only text based ads but my suggestion is to use both Image + text ads, as many image ads pays for PPV and more over you will have more ad options to show.

    1. Strickly follow the Adsense rules
    2. Choose high paying Niche for your blog
    3. Find your Keywords
    4. Check the Keyword density you just selected
    5. Placing ads on the top of a page is good
    6. Using images and Text ads together is good
    7. Use non-standard types of ads
    8. Choose the right Adense format for your blog
    9. Use Adsense for search
    10. Use multiple ad units
    11. Change the color of your ads to match your web site Palette
    12. Use Adsense multiple Palettes
    13. Use horizontal link units (navbar, Above post)
    14. Do occasional experiments with positioning of ads
    15. Ad placement
    16. Avoid borders on the ads
    17. Turn low paying units into image only ads
    18. Promote your site with Google Adword
    19. Reduce total number of out going links on the page
    20. Create multiple ad banners
    21. Use all possible Adsense features available
    22. Choose the right ads for the content
    23. Make sure your ads are visible
    24. Use section targeting
    25. Your link units should be in hot spots where they can be seen easily by visitors
    26. Get targeted traffic
    27. Drive traffic to your blogs by SEO and backlinks.
    28. Use Adword tools to help your site
    29. Use Adsense channels to track performance
    30. Avoid MFA ( made for Adsense ) sites
    31. Keep track of your ads
    32. Block low paying advertisers with Competitive Filters
    33. Don’t overblock ads
    34. Use Adsense preview tool
    35. For short article place ads on the top of the content
    36. For long articles place ads in the middle of the content as well
    37. Avoid using common blog words
    38. Do not set Google AdSense as a secondary ad option
    39. Publish fresh content
    40. Register on hub pages and use the same Adsense account
    41. Register on bukisa and use the same Adsense account
    42. Register on docstoc and upload files with the same Adsense account
    43. Make use of Revenue sharing sites
    44. Join Youtube Partners
    45. Get rid of public service ads
    46. Avoid titles such as sponsored ads in widgets
    Well, I wish if I could update this list to 100 some day, but I believe these 50 tips are good enough to get you started to improve Adsense revenue. One thing, which I highly suggest for any new blogger who is just starting with Adsense, learn about basics of Adsense, terms like ROI, CPC and custom channels, will help you to manage and understand how adsense is performing. Also, Adsense can now be integrated with Analytics, which will help you to track which page and which keyword is performing the best for you.
    If you have a tip to share for me and others, in order to boost Google Adsense revenue, I’m all ears.

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    Rahul Ghosh

    Pretty Good article, explains almost all the ways you can earn more with Adsense. However the truth is you are not going to earn anything unless you get quality traffic to your website.


    yes indeed. traffic is the main key to the success of adsense, but u need to cover all the aspects to make it big for you blog
    thanks u liked it


    Nice post bilal. It will help me a lot. I haven’t optimized my blog for adsense yet. :)


    nice sharing bro…im juz setup my new blog 4 this adsense :)



    Rahul | Blog Aspire

    Hey Bilal

    I have just launched a new blog. What will be right time to introduce adsense on my blog?


    1st things first. don’t introduce adsense until you have completely ready with your blog and it will be good if you first get the traffic then may be launch adsense but you can do it right now as well.

    Rahul Ghosh

    hey can you suggest some average income for 2000 pageviews a month for Google Adsense. I have a tech blog. So the niche is tech and web.


    income depends on the number of clicks on your ads and the types of ads you have in your site. you cant predict average income from the page views


    Nice long list of tips. Some people might get a bit mind boggled by reading all of this stuff and may try to implement all of this in one sitting. I would suggest that you mention that they should do it step by step and to keep in mind that what works for some may not work for others. Its all about experimentation!


    Nice point there. Yeah it might get tricky for the new bloggers as how to apply all those stuff in one site, it would be better to experiment unless you get the right results


    I always found with my earnings that once the traffic started to flow, so did the cash and a frequency of posting also helps a post a day, helps keep the blog fresh and also gains more readers as they know that there is always going to be something new the following day.


    Yes indeed


    The article over-all is good, but you are wrong in describing point #6.Using images and image ads together is good.
    Placing image ads near other images on a web-page violated Google Adsense terma and conditions stated here:
    Please be more careful in publishing such content.


    #6.Using images and image ads together is good.
    What i meant by this is to also use image ads in your content. it doesn’t mean you have to use the image ads beside the images.


    your tip is very good but I can not get an adsense account.They don’t accept me.The error is page type.What can I do ?How can I fix it*


    there are 1 or r more tutorials on this blog to get adsense account. check them out, will surely help you


    Great list for increasing the adsense earnings mate i have started my blog a week before and may be we have to try this.


    Thanks for sharing, How Block low paying advertisers with Competitive Filters.


    Go to you adsense account> adsense setup>Competitive Ad Filter
    from here you can block them

    shyam jos

    great tips bilal, right ad placement and right keyword is a must for good earnings per click


    Biggest tip:
    Try to get US traffic. Forget about ASIAN countries ;-)


    Yes its indeed True


    Thanks Bilal for introducing this interesting article for helping bloggers because we always seeks to get 100% of our business online and these type of content motivates us.


    glad you liked it

    Maninder @ HackTik.com

    Nice list. However, one should be extremely cautious with Adwords or paid advt otherwise you might end up losing more than what you are able to earn from adsense.


    thanks for the great tips.
    Could you please let me know more about what is “Use non-standard types of ads”?(#7)


    It means dont go for the obvious ads type that you see on the most sites. just choose what looks better or those which have higher click rate like
    336×280 large rectangle
    300×250 inline rectangle
    160×600 wide skyscraper


    thank you very much. I was using 3 ad types you have mentioned.


    Is this your adsense earning. You generated very good traffic. but it is not high paying niche. Looks like this is SML adsense earning.


    yes this is not mine earning view

    Suraj @Smartfatblogger

    Very nice. Great information.
    Thanks for sharing this article!
    Can you also suggest me atleast what amount of traffic is required per day to start earning good amount of money from adsense?


    well earning depends on the amount of clicks but if you get more traffic there is more chances of clicks on the ads you display
    i would suggest to be patient to get to a point when you count these things right now just concentrate on the quality stuff and traffic will come automatically


    I didnt get
    Use non-standard types of ads

    What is this?
    We should always use standard types of ads and teh ad sizes that Google recommends teh most

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