5 Sins Every New Blogger Must Avoid

Blogging SinsNowadays everyone is picking up blogging, be it for a hobby or to make a living. However, there are a few things I notice people tend to look over. Personally, I’m of the opinion that you must do your thing perfectly, be it a big or a small undertaking. Before, you go worrying about SEO and ad networks you must pay attention to the following points.

Whenever you go and look at tips and tutorials for first-time bloggers, you will usually come across pretty informative posts by pro bloggers. However, I believe that things they talk about should come to you as the second steps. I did some googling and also looked at the posts covered here at ShoutMeLoud. Most of the posts talk about these things, for example:

The points listed above are indeed crucial, but a first-time blogger first needs to understand the B of Blogging and then move on to those. A lot of bloggers fail to make it to the second step where they can market their blog because they miss out on some essential fundamentals.

Few Blogging Sins, which you should avoid:

1. A Missing “About” Page

An about me page serves to introduce yourself to your reader community. Whenever, we are leaded to a new blog and if the first post we see catches our eye for long enough we next head to the about page. The about page tells us who the author is and what to expect of him in his blog writings. It’s like your identity that you cannot do without.

When you set up a blog, make sure you create an About page as soon as you are done with the theming. I notice a lot of bloggers still having the default text on their About page even after one year of setting up the blog while some blogs lack the about page altogether.

2. Grammar and Syntax Errors

To err is human. It’s what you do afterwards that makes you unique and different from everyone else. An error in the language of your blog post is a serious put off for readers and if present in noticeably large quantities, they can cost you a lot of loyal readerships. So, what should you do then?

Not everyone is born with English as their first language. Don’t let it come in your way of becoming a blogging rockstar. Convince a friend or family member to review your articles at an interval that is comfortable to both of you. If you schedule posts for your blog, it might be a nice idea to have them reviewed in the weekends or at midnight.

The reason I’m suggesting that you have a second person edit your writing is simple. It’s easy for a second pair of eyes to point out mistakes than your own. It’s a natural thing. Most professional bloggers employ editors whose job is nothing but carefully reviewing posts and confirming facts before the posts go out on the homepage. Trust me, they are well paid too. However, for now just understand that polished and error-free articles are respected and will earn you respect and traffic. You can also take advantage of online tool such as Grammarly to proof-read your article.

3. Plagiarism and Content Stealing

You don’t want to make your entry in the world tagged with these words. So don’t indulge in it. It’s okay to like someone’s work and so is using it on your blog. But don’t attempt to sell it as your own. All it takes to do it the right way is including the credit. It will only take you an extra minute to include the name and link for the original author.

This will go a long way in earning you respect in the blogging community as your post exists in the archives, for the whole lifetime of the blog. You will notice how we credit or link pictures and external content used on this blog.

4. Missing Subscribe Button

Just like the About Page a link to subscribe to the feeds is a must for any blogger. If you pass the test of making a good first impression, you must provide the reader an easy way to follow you and your posts through your feeds.

5. Unaware of Typography Rules

There are some things that your spell checker won’t always suggest. If you are typing content, it’s your responsibility to do it right. Even some popular bloggers fault here. It’s not their fault. There is little awareness in our community about typography rules and unless someone points out an error in your writing you don’t learn.

Some common typography mistakes include the improper use of space and punctuation. (Wrong: Obviously,  it is true. Right: Obviously, it is true.) The space is always after the punctuation and not before. There are other important rules about punctuation inside and outside quotes, indenting bulleted lists correctly etc. Don’t worry if you feel lost. Here’s a handy guide we found for you:

I hope this post will do our upcoming bloggers some good. In case you feel I missed out something, you are most welcome to tip us via comments. We are open to all kinds of constructive criticism too.

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COMMENTs ( 21 )

  1. tarun says

    Proofreading of a self written article is very difficult for me :(
    It’s like searching a needle in a grassland.
    and yes harsh i do agree that after having 18-19 years with any other language as our first language it is difficult to opt english quickly as first language,the only thing we can do is improve ourself with time.
    English is still my weak point but i believe in working on my strengths rather than to sit and crying for weaknesses.
    Nice article for newbies :)
    and SML is awsome,each and every article is in detail:)

  2. Tony Robertson says

    Rule Number 6 always check your links
    35 Typographic errors to be avoided, Also available in PDF Version is loaded with error 404!!

  3. Jaydip Parikh says

    Gr8 post Rajat,

    I think there are few more mistakes they are doing like not using proper URL, Internal Linking etc. are still missing at Beginner level Bloggers. I think there more SINS to be added ;)

  4. Rahul says

    I don’t think all these point is very necessary except grammer. It is needed if you are building professional blog and only wants to interact some one. Search engine visitors come and go from your blog without visiting other page most of the time.

  5. Roy Scribner says

    Yeah, Rajat – you are right about new bloggers not paying attention to the simple things, before taking on SEO, social media and other advanced topics. Not only that, but if you are new to writing then it takes a bit of time to find your style, so things that distract you from writing are just slowing you down. Once you find your style – that is the time for promotion and marketing.

      • Ashfame says

        Grammar and Syntax! Only niches that deal with code, comes to the syntax point and grammar is only necessary for blogs where language is of quite good concern. What do you think SML here have articles which are actually correct in grammar? If yes, then think again.

        • Rajat says

          sorry! i am afraid i think otherwise. so do most people who have commented here. good presentation is important for every blog, and that doesn’t end with theming and ad placements. and FYI, the authors here are more than often informed about the errors. we are aware and fixing them as much as we can.

          because we fault, we need to learn. therefore this post. we’re saying what needs to be improved. not that we are perfect.

          • Ashfame says

            Defending your public image is not enough. And I never said presentation is not important.
            You didn’t catch my point and took my example as an attack. I welcome you on my blog for collecting grammar mistakes, no big deal. But the point remains they are important only on certain niches, where you actually speak to readers and certainly not where there are technical articles like tutorial or code snippets.

            P.S. – You need a better Editor!

          • says

            Thanks for your thoughtful comment and feedback Ash. We never said that our Grammar is great and we personally know that English at Shoutmeloud is not up to the mark looking at its standard. I personally never feel ashamed of saying that English is not my first language and I’m working to make it better. Though some time it takes time to make things better.
            English is not my first concern but the concern is offer quality content in presentable manner.
            And Shoutmeloud is a community blog where we give chance to all budding bloggers to come over and share their post and if I will stop them on the basis of grammar, probably they will never look forward to write for other blog. If you look at Blog-sphere trend, many bloggers blog in English despite of English not being their first language. So mistakes are supposed to happen. I would suggest have a look at SML archives and see how things has improved over time.
            As far as I know Rajat, he is a calm guy who is always willing to learn more and your comment is taken as a feedback but not as a personal attack to anyone. :)
            Though I take your comment as feedback and your point regarding Editor is noted and will be worked upon.
            Thanks for your valuable time to comment and brining your concern.

  6. Thiru says

    Nice points dude. But it is difficult to avoid all those point in a first post for beginner. So they have to be conscious on these mistakes to be avoided. ( This is mah 1st visit 2 ur blog, luking grt)

  7. Poonam says

    I have seen many post for new blogger. I think this is the best one because here you described very minor things which most of the pro blogger fail to follow.

    Keep it up :)

  8. vijay says

    Most of the new bloggers doing the error is not aware with “about page”including me, now i am going to correct it on my blog. Thanking you for reminding the point….

  9. Tech Maish says

    Rajat this is great post, really useful info. About page is very important, because it shows that you are a real person and want to build relationship with others.

  10. Nguyen Trung says

    Hi Rajat,

    This is nice artice and very useful with me. As Viral, I agree with the poin listed above you have mentioned, for any blog, About page is very Important, you must not miss i, I think so.

    Thanks for sharing great post.

  11. Sajib says

    Aware of all of them except someone’s help with reviewing my English. I really feel bad about this and I kinda can’t do anything about it. :(

  12. Devesh says


    Really awesome post dude. I see many new bloggers make this mistakes, even i first started blogging, i never creted my about page.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post.

    Keep up the good work!

  13. Reshab | GetFree.in says

    I am good in the first 4, but really need to take care about my typography things… thanks for the post…