ShoutMeLoud September 2014 Blog Income Report And Updates

Hey Shouter,

This is our monthly series of ShoutMeLoud monthly income and traffic stats report where I will be sharing important details which will give you more insight about how I make money with ShoutMeLoud.

Along with that you will also learn valuable information which will help you to improve your blog. September was an exciting month for me as I started working on few new things, I specifically worked on improving the overall traffic and quality of our blog network.

In this roundup posts I will be sharing what all happened in last month and at the end I will share how much money I made in the last month from blogging.

Shoutmeloud Blog Income report September
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ShoutMeLoud Traffic improved by 30%:

Last month, ShoutMeLoud traffic increased by 30% and it was due to various things which I have done. I will write a detailed post on the changes which I have made, but for now here are quick things which I have done to give you an idea:

  • Moved all tech related posts away from ShoutMeLoud to
  • Deleted around 120 posts which were outdated.
  • Added dates back in the blog post and this time instead of showing publishing time, showed last updated time. This helped a lot to increase traffic to evergreen content.
  • Responsive + Mobile site for ShoutMeLoud
  • Fixed all broken links (Almost) and in the process I also made $1216 using LinkPatrol plugin. You can learn about the technique which I used over here.
  • Adding custom images to most of the posts here which further improved the social media sharing.

Overall what really improved here is, now ShoutMeLoud is getting more targeted traffic than before and overall traffic and page views have increased. After adding mobile site, our mobile traffic has increased by a great number.

Here is the traffic stats for the month of September 2014 using Google Analytics:

ShoutMeLoud September stats
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Last week I also removed custom related posts code and started using WordPress related posts by Zementa as it allows you to edit the related posts and manually add/remove any posts you want. Using this plugin, I edited related posts section of my top-performing posts and that resulted in increased page-views, and hopefully this month our bounce rate will be down to 60-65%.

Blogging Income report for September 2014:

Here is the income report from all the blogs under ShoutDreams network and honestly this time I’m not so happy with the performance.


Total:  $7370 ( 453070 INR)

ShoutMeLoud September revenue
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I have long ignored AdSense but now I have started optimising it with the help of 3rd party tools. Using them for last 3 days has already improved my AdSense earning by more than 300%:

Adsense boost adpushup
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Well the above chart was for the earning. Last month I spent a lot on new things and venture and here is the highlight of some of my expenditure which also includes amount I paid on oDesk for creating repurpose content such as SlideShare and youtube transcript.

  • Android App development: $553.250
  • WordPress theme and design work:  $2147.25
  • Other expenditure: $1200


Total: $3900.25


What else is happening around ShoutMeLoud:

As I mentioned above, a lot more is happening and the very first big news is that we have launched our official Android app which you can download right now from official play store. I will be writing an announcement post soon, but for now you can download and do write a review of the app in the official app store. Here is a screenshot of the app:

ShoutMeLoud Android app
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ShoutMeLoud is now on cloud hosting via Cloudways:

One of my biggest expenditure here at ShoutMeLoud was due to hosting. I was hosting ShoutMeLoud on WPEngine which was indeed a powerful hosting but they are probably the worse when it comes to their pricing policy. I have already talked about their overage charges here and I was paying almost $500/month to them.

Finally I have moved away from them and now ShoutMeLoud is hosted on Amazon Server using Cloudways which is an amazing hosting company.

I was scared that I might not get the same performance like I was getting on WPEngine, but Cloudways server architect is great and perfect for any WordPress blog.

Here you can see the performance report of ShoutMeLoud (Yah! it’s loading in less than 0.5 second).

Blog loading in less than 1 second
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At the top of their powerful hosting architect, I’m using W3 Total cache, Cloudflare and Genesis Theme to reach so fast loading WordPress site.

You can also use the below link to create a complete free (No credit card required) to test drive Cloudways  Hostingfor one month. After one month you can use coupon code “Shoutmeloud” to get discount on their server.

Test drive Cloudways for 30 days (No credit card required)

You can subscribe to ShoutMeLoud newsletter here to receive make money blogging tips right in your email. Do let me know how was your month of September 2014 in terms of blog revenue and growth?

Do share this post with others to create an awareness regarding blogging, it can be a remarkable career choice.

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ShoutMeLoud September revenue
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Authored By
A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

73 thoughts on “ShoutMeLoud September 2014 Blog Income Report And Updates”

  1. I love this income report of yours. Very inspiration and give people an inside look of how you make money from Shoutmeloud. How come you listed Infolinks but I never see any in-text ads or any ads by Infolinks on this site?

  2. Hi Harsh,

    When i ask any blogger about his/her income he refuse to answer that questions but after seeing your income report I have say you are the great blogger. You inspired me and many other bloggers.


    Yash Gohel

  3. Haroon Ashraf Awan

    Congratulations! For increase of your traffic.Seems like affiliate marketing has been a great source of earning for you.Waiting eagerly for Shout Me Loud’s October earning report.You are just rocking and your earnings inspire me a lot!

    1. @Haroon
      Affiliate marketing has always been the prime source of earning for my blog and I will make sure to publish next month earning report with you and others.
      Thanks for your comment and hope to see more useful comments from you.

    1. @MaZino
      Welcome to ShoutMeLoud and I’m sure there is plenty to learn. My only suggestion would be, learn and implement at the same time to see results.

  4. Ashish Goswami


    Your site was amongst the first few websites whose articles I used to read and I got motivated to start my own blog. And this even helped me whenever I was stuck in middle of something.
    I haven’t still started earning(as I’m not able to give time to my blog due to sudden hike in my graduation syllabus), but very soon I’ll continue it again. And hope to earn too ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. @Ashish
      I’m so glad to hear this and I’m sure you would start making money soon. The first hurdle is to create a blog, which you have already done. With time you will refine your skills and money will flow. Best of luck to you and your blog.

  5. First of all I would like to congrats you.
    I am working on blog from 5 months but not getting good revenue.
    So, can you suggest me some secret paid or free tips to increase revenue.

  6. Hi Harsh,

    Such an awesome report. I always love to read your income reports. It is inspiring too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a good day ahead!

    1. Hey @Nisha
      Thanks for your comment and would love to hear more from you in other posts too ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Shyam Chathuranga

    These are awesome stats. Quick question: Do you have a team to help you in all these stuffs? I’m feeling it’s hard to do everything alone by me. ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. @Shyam
      Now I have a team of 6 people and apart from one, all are working from home. I will be sharing about my hiring and other experiences in coming days. Do watch out for new posts.

  8. Inspirational. I have followed your site for quite sometime and have in fact written guest articles for you too. I get similar traffic as your but your income generation methods are much better. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ranjan Rukhaya

    Thanks Harsh for sharing your income reports in details. These figures truly justify the hard work and patience you have put in. Great going and keep sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. @Ranjan
      I will keep sharing the income report, as once reading somebody else income report inspired me to reach here. Thanks for your comment and being a part of the community.

  10. Hi Harsh

    Good to see here amazing rise in readers engagement which shows the power of blog commenting is being applied everwhere regardless of the age of the blog. Otherwise you do have strong base of traffic you simply need more readers engagment to help out others and you are doing this wonderfully.

    I am so amazed to see the big rise in your Adsense income with this latest tool. I will also make a try to it at my green blog and will obviously get the most of it.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your very inspiration income report.

  11. Karamvir Dahiya

    Thanks for sharing your income report “Harsh”. As it always inspire Me to do work hard on my blog. Great Job

  12. Hi Harsh,
    It’s really admirable but I am unable to understand how with only 3 lakh visitors a month this much can be generated. Does this depend on a blog’s niche market or up to what level one can optimize ads and affiliate programs?

  13. Harsh i consider you my guru (Ustad) from today. Im reading all your articles like a syllabus. Each article is like a “well of knowledge” i will read as much as possible because i want to create a blog or a website. you are the only one who inspires me to do so. i hope for your help whenever required by suggestions. Thanks

  14. Harsh nice to see your september earnings it give inspirations to me to do more hardwork from my side…

  15. Hi Harsh,

    Your stories are always motivating, thanks for sharing

    I was wondering what plugin you are using to show “Last Updated” i.e modified date on every post.

    I tried couple of plugin but they are not replacing the old date format, instead a new modified date is getting added below post.

    waiting for your reply

  16. Hello Harsh,
    Very nice post again. Very inspiring as always !

    Now-a-days whenever I stuck somewhere in blogging rather Googling it, I used to come at ShoutMeLoud and most of times I find the required solution ๐Ÿ™‚

    Can we all bloggers can make some thousand dollars/Month by working hardly and smartly ? OR is it specifically for Harsh Agrawal only ๐Ÿ˜‰

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