How To Design a Stylish 3D eBook Cover YourSelf

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eBooks are one of the best things you can do to your blog for free promotion, or even to make money. There are many bloggers, who are using their ideas to compile an eBook, and selling them by using online services like e-Junkie. I recently started using eBooks to generate a side revenue for myself, and it’s been a great experience. If you want to know, what kind of eBook I’m creating, here is a sample eBook.

A 3D eBook cover is very important to make your eBook stand out in eBook marketplace, and there are many ways you can create an appealing 3D cover for your eBook. If you are like me, who likes to do most of the thing yourself, these below-mentioned eBook cover creator software are going to help you. You also have the option to hire someone from Fiverr, to create your eBook cover, but again this is good when you just need 1-2 cover, but if you are creating lots of ebooks, a good idea is to use an eBook cover designer tool, which will save your money in long run.

Website to create 3D eBook cover:

I have tried few paid and free tools, and the only couple of them worked great. Few of them, couldn’t give an output that will tempt readers to buy your eBook, so it’s better to invest $10-20 on a piece of software, and create a professionally looking eBook cover. If you know Photoshop here is a guide to get it done in PhotoShop.


Create 3D eBook cover
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This is not a free site, but you will pay only when you are satisfied with the output. Using this web tool, you can design 3D eBook cover in the different look and feel. There are many pre-defined templates, which you can use and create a cover for your eBook within no-time.   There are many readymade designs are there, so all you need to do is select the design, add text, add

There are many readymade designs are there, so all you need to do is select the design, add text, add an image if you have or use from Pre-defined images, and render your eBook cover. It will hardly take 10-15 minutes to create a cover, and it will be worth your time. With free account, you can create

With the free account, you can create a cover for free, but to download you need to pay $4.95. A good option is to grab their monthly subscription which will cost $14.95, and you can download unlimited designs. This is one tool that most of Fiverr users are using to design a cover for your eBook, so instead of taking Fiverr route, you should prefer using this software. You can sign up for MyeCovermaker here, and below is a video showing how it works.

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3D cover Maker:

This is another Web based cover maker, and from the demo video, it looks pretty simple. I have not yet tried this one, as MyeCovermaker is perfect for me. In case if you are looking for alternate option, this is cheaper and looks great. This one cost $9.99, and will let you create cover online. Since, I have not used it, I can’t add more details, but you can check out the demo video below, and check out sales page here.

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Good thing about both of these eBook cover maker is, they work online. Here is one more which is free and works. So if you are on Windows or Mac, you don’t have to worry about OS compatibility issues. I would recommend first one, as you can design your cover for free, and when you are satisfied, you will be paying for the download.A good idea is to create a free account, design your eBook cover, and once you are satisfied, upgrade to monthly subscription. This way you will not only get value for money, but you will be paying when you are satisfied.

If you know more online free 3D ebook cover or desktop software’s, I would love to know about it. If you find this guide useful, do share it on Facebook and Google plus. Don’t forget to subscribe to my Email newsletter for more such updates.

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