Custom Google Analytics Dashboards To Get More Out of Analytics

Almost every webmaster uses Google Analytics to track the performance of their websites. Google has updated Google Analytics and added many new features which help webmasters to check Site Speed, real-time analytics, traffic from different sources and much more.

The most important thing is that using Analytics you can track everything related to SEO, conversion, Adword campaign Adsense earning details and much more which was never possible before. Using Google Analytics, you can create different Dashboards, and you can also add different features to your dashboard.

This article will help you to learn to use Google Analytics Dashboards for different Purposes.

Before using Google Analytics you must take care of the Basic and most essential Points of Google Analytics which most of the People are in the habit of ignoring:

  • You must identify which action the visitor would do after coming to your Website. For example, the visitor would fill a Signup Form, would click on something, which click on Social Media buttons.
  • You must add an estimated value to each conversion.
  • The complete details about the above two points are already well explained in setting up as conversion goals in Google Analytics. After settings basic points now you can set Google Analytics Dashboard for your Websites.

Setting up Google Analytics Dashboard is very easy as we have already set everything for you. Just follow the instructions mentioned Below:

Custom Google Analytics Dashboard:

SEO Dashboard

Google Analytics custom SEO dashboard
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Click Here to get the SEO dashboard

Click Here to get the SEO dashboard. The main features of this dashboard are that you will be able to track most popular search terms, most popular search Engines, internal searches on your Blog, bounce rates, and conversions.

These features would help you to understand your SEO far better, and you can also focus more on the keywords and conversions. Note*: We have already been working on the

PPC Dashboard

Click Here to get the PPC dashboard.

The main features of this Dashboard are that you can track everything related to your PPC campaign and that is PPC visits, Impressions, PPC goal completion and much more.

The best part about this is that you can track about the keyword for which you are ranking well and getting the maximum traffic.

AdWords Dashboard

Click Here to get the Adwords dashboard.

This dashboard is made for those People who are into eCommerce and would like to know everything about the conversion and bounce rate.

You would be able to know everything related to the total revenue generated by your AdWords ads, understand which campaigns and ads groups that perform. Using Adword Dashboard, you would be able even to know that the sales came from which device that is either a PC or a Smart Phone or a Tablet.

Note*: You must link your Google Adwords account with your Analytics account to use the above dashboard features.

Adsense Dashboard

Adsense Analytics Dashboard
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Click Here to get the Adsense dashboard.

If you are using adsense on your site, then this dashboard would be very helpful for you. The main features of this Dashboard are that you can track the most earning pages of your Website, your complete earning details, Which search term Generates Traffic, Pages with the maximum visits.

Note* : You must link your Google Adsense account with your Analytics account to use the above dashboard features.

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Google Analytics is an amazing tool built with so many features and so much flexibility that you can use it the way you want it. All your campaigns can be tracked and the results can be hep you know to improve your Performance and also know your shortcomings.

I am looking for feedback from you about How you use Google Analytics account and if I would appreciate if you would share with us some of your Google Analytics dashboards with us.

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    Hey Prateek its such a very nice post I get so much about Analytic. I never use this for my websites now I will try this for my website. Can you post about the goal set I am not aware about it and want to learn about that.

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    Google Analytic is in fact a great source to measure traffic,seo and adsense income, it will provide a comprehensive guideline to increase them.

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    I cant believe i can do so much with Google analytics, thanks for sharing me the Google adsense analytic page, with that, i will be able to know which page as the highest cpc and focus on it

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