2 Free Twitter Tools to Send Automated Direct Messages

No one can deny the fact that Twitter is a great marketing tool.

You just need to know how to use it effectively and how to create an attractive profile.

There are many other social bookmarking websites available for driving traffic such as Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, etc., but it’s pretty tough to beat Twitter.

And because Twitter is so popular, there are many tools available for following Twitter users with similar interests, unfollowing users in bulk, or sending automatic direct messages to your followers.

Sending a direct message (DM) to followers to introduce your blog or your new services is not considered spam as long as you do it properly and send only useful links.

Moreover, Twitter has removed the limit of 280 characters from direct messages. That is to say, there is no character limit for a DM.

I want to share with you a couple useful Twitter tools for sending automatic direct messages and for sending direct messages in bulk.

Two tools for automated and bulk DMs:

1. SocialOopmh

SocialOopmh is a tool that will help you increase your productivity by sending automated direct messages.

In addition, SocialOomph also allows you to schedule tweets, track keywords, follow those who are following you, get new followers, use buzz, and much more.

If you want to know more about SocialOomph, check out how to auto-follow your followers on Twitter!

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Check out SocialOomph

Here are the steps you need to follow to configure automated Twitter DM via SocialOomph.

If you haven’t upgraded your account yet, you should do that here.

Once you are inside the dashboard of SocialOomph, click on Following > Follow-Back & Auto-Welcome.

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Click on “Configure” to configure any of your connected profiles.

You can configure the message that should be sent out.

Here is what I have configured:

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This is how the results look. This message was sent automatically to a new follower.

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That’s it! From now on, every new follower will get this pre-configured automated DM.

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2. CrowdFire

CrowdFire will be interesting to you if you are looking to send automated welcome messages.

What’s good here is they let you add multiple welcome DMs & all of the messages will be sent out randomly. This is pretty cool as you don’t want to end up sounding like a robot sending the same message to everyone.

On this note, one tip from me is to make your DM welcome message sound as humanly as possible.

Depending upon your brand & how you are getting followers, you can always offer a tripwire which suits your marketing needs.

Automatic DM
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Check out CrowdFire

Important notes about Twitter DMs:

  • You can send a private message to anyone who follows you on Twitter.
  • You can reply to anyone who sends you a DM, regardless of whether or not they follow you back.
  • There is no character limit for a Twitter DM.
  • Use Twitter DMs to create a connection/relationship rather than you trying to sell something.
  • Try not to send your first DM with a link as it brings down trust.

To sum up:

Don’t try to sell something via automated DMs. Always be friendly and connect personally with your followers. (I suggest the same manner of engagement with new followers on Facebook as well.)

Perhaps you are aware of a few more Twitter tools that you have found to be useful. If so, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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Authored By
A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

51 thoughts on “2 Free Twitter Tools to Send Automated Direct Messages”

  1. Schedule tweets ! It is a nice feature 🙂
    Harsh, u wrote ‘TwitterManager’ in the description , its ‘TweetManager’
    Thanks for the post

  2. Mani Viswanathan

    I was looking for such services. TwitterMassDM will be very helpful 😛

    Hope HootSuite adds scheduled DM’s soon.!

  3. I’m currently not sending any automated messages, but I have been doing it. I did it using TweetAdder. But then I stopped. I didn’t get a lot of clicks from it, and I decided that it wasn’t necessary (without actually doing any analysis of why it’s not necessary).

    But now I’m thinking that if it’s not spam, and it’s all automated, there are no reasons why we shouldn’t send DM’s to new followers.

    I’m curious about SocialOomph, are you using it (and if you are, are you using the pro version?)

    1. Jens, I have been using SocialOomph almost exclusively, and I do send auto DM’s to all new followers. I feel they at least deserve an immediate acknowledgement from me.

      But lately I’ve ran into massive problems with SocialOomph rejecting my tweets, and saying they were duplicates. When I asked support, they stonewalled me – said that they had no control over this, that I should take the query to Twitter. And what a pity that I should be disappointed with their service because of something they can’t control.

      If it’s twitter, and not them, why can I copy the EXACT same tweet, go to tweetdeck (or any other platform) and the tweet goes through, no prob.

      So, SocialOomph may have a nice dashboard, but their customer service folks have their head up their . . . Use at your own risk.

  4. Sorry to say but the premise of this post is awful. Auto-DM’s are as awesome as spam and anyone that I get them from are instantly blocked.

    If you really want to connect with the people who follow you, take the time to make a personal connection. It shouldn’t be below you to respond back to people personally, not like a robot.

    Is the next post how to make $1M on Twitter by following you?

    End of day, there is no quick fix do work, not SPAM.

    1. Hey Jeff
      I second your opinion but it’s spam when you are trying to sell anything..By sending a friendly DM when a user follows you, is always work for better connection in future. Though it depends how one is using it.
      This post doesn’t mean to make people spam others, but to make most out of it in good ways.
      Thanks for stopping by and dropping a comment.

      1. Harsh you are absolutely correct. If you use the auto D.M. just so say thanks for the follow and your not selling anything then that’s just ok.

  5. If you need to use automated tools to send messages to your followers, and DMs no less, perhaps you’re doing it wrong.

    Twitter, and all social media, is supposed to be about social interaction, not flooding your followers with SPAM. Don’t be fooled, this is still SPAM, folks. Just because it’s not email does not make it okay. Spam is the “abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately”.

    But don’t take my word for it. By all means, try one of these tools. Just make sure you keep track of your Twitter follower count along the way so you can watch your numbers plummet.

  6. Logged in to TwitterDMer, set my custom message and click “enable”, logout, then logged in again and my custom message was not saved, and it seems the service needs to be enabled, how do you use TwitterDMer and what are the signs that it is working? Really need a response here, thanks.

  7. Thanks everyone, this is all very helpful.

    Has anyone used tweetspinner? Does it provide the same features (auto DM) and can anyone recommend it? Thanks!

    Also, what tools can you use to send DMs to individually segmented twitter lists?

  8. I’m sorry to report that Twitter DMer does not work. I lost maybe 300 opportunities to connect on a deeper level with potential clients because there was no warning of malfunction. Social Oomph now charges.

    Will be trying TweetManager soon if invited – it is still in private Beta testing.

    Thanks for the info!

  9. William Koehne

    SocialOopmh is misspelled in your story. It is not free. It is almost $8 per month and your article is the first I found out of 6 that like it.

  10. I used tweet manager for auto post, but it seem that there is some error it’s not posting my tweets…. any body having same issue need help

  11. tweetadder is also a good tool for this. a little intimidating at first but quite useful. you have to pay though, as i think you have to pay now for socialoomph. but they let you download a trial version that actually lets you set up autoresponses for new follwers, which is great!

  12. Thank you for the article i tried TwitterMassDM it seems cool, but how do i know if it really sent the DMs? please let me know thanks a bunch

  13. Unfortunately, neither of these works. SocialOomph is paid service, TwitterMassDM and Tweet Manager does not include Automated DMs at all and TwitterDM does not work.


  14. thanks buddy! really good one. been doing rnd on the sites recommended by you. liked the first two that u mentioned. btw, came up with another lovely site http://www.ifttt.com. you might consider covering it next time. cheers!

  15. Hi Harsh,

    I’m not too fond of automation myself, and would ONLY use to take it to the point where it can be a benefit to BOTH – my followers and me. Spamming people does not benefit either.

    Looking for a DM tool myself, I came across http://followbackr.com, which provides auto DM for new users and reports about your follower influence. It’s useful to know which followers are worth engaging with, and then I can DM them personally to engage with them.

  16. socialoomph is no longer free they want you to yearly, monthly or bi weekly to have auto dm and auto follow enable. twitter dmer doesn’t seem to work>

  17. TWITTER DMer does not work! Please remove this from your list. You can login with a fake username and password and it will show you as logged in. I tested this out with my actual personal data and it never wound up sending any DMs. I have since changed my password for safety. Others should too.

    Also, Social Oomph no longer provides auto DM for free, they now charge around $8 a month for this feature. This should not be listed as free on your list.

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