How to Invite Other Users to Use Your AdSense Account


Invite Other Users to Use AdSense Account
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How many of you blog on a team, or have two or more friends managing a blog, sharing the same AdSense account for making money from your blog, and using a single AdSense login ID to see the stats? Here is some good news for all such users who share their AdSense account with someone else:

The AdSense team has added a multiple users option, which will allow you to give other users access your AdSense account.

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AdSense multiple users feature:

This new AdSense feature will allow you to add any non-existing AdSense users to manage your AdSense account. Currently, there are only two levels of user permissions that can be granted: admin and standard users.

When you add a new user to manage/access your AdSense account with admin rights, he can do the following things:

  • Edit and manage any part of the account.
  • Add or remove users
  • See the list of users who have access to your AdSense account

Standard AdSense users cannot see the list of users who have access to your AdSense account, and they cannot add or remove any existing users. These abilities can be useful when you want to give someone access to your AdSense account with limited permissions.

There are, however, many limitations to a multiple-user AdSense account, such as the following:

  • You cannot add a user with an existing AdSense account
  • You cannot add a user whose AdSense application was rejected in the past
  • If you invite a Google Apps user, AdSense should be enabled from the dashboard

How to invite other users to use your AdSense account:

Following is a quick tutorial which you can follow to invite other users to use your AdSense account, should you wish to do so.

Log in to your AdSense account and click on “account settings” in the sidebar on the left. Scroll down to the bottom, and there you will see the option “Users with sign-in access (beta). There you can add the email address of another user, and send an invitation to that person. The invited user will have 30 days to accept your invitation, after which that invitation will expire.

Adsense Invite users
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If you try to invite a user with an existing AdSense account or a previously rejected AdSense account, you will get a message saying “The email address is currently being used by an existing AdSense account.

Once a user has been invited and has accepted, you can give admin rights to that user by checking the “Administrator” box.

This can be a very handy feature, but I suggest you use it carefully, and invite only users whom you trust implicitly.

The AdSense team will also send you an email when the new user is added to your account, or when any user’s access level is changed. This is very useful to ensure the security of your AdSense account.

Another great use of this feature is when changing your AdSense login email. If you have been looking for a way to change your AdSense login email, you can easily do this by following these simple steps:

  • Send an invitation to the email ID you want to use for login
  • Give admin rights to the invited email ID
  • Accept the invitation, and login using the invited ID
  • Remove your old AdSense email, and from here forward you can use your new login

Here are a list of FAQ’s related to the new multi-user AdSense feature.

I would love to know your views on this handy new feature made available by the AdSense team.

Where you are an existing AdSense user or a newcomer to AdSense, you should check out our excellent AdSense guide.

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10 thoughts on “How to Invite Other Users to Use Your AdSense Account”

  1. faheem

    But plz tell that if i become a publisher via invitation of someone then how can i remove my invitation later if i dont need that account anymore later after receiving that invite?

    1. Vishal Jain

      You need to contact the user, having the admin rights.

  2. usman

    hi bro i see in this pic that your third party is youtube. Can u tell me plz that how u got youtube montinized account with Adsense.

    1. Vishal Jain

      If you have an approved adsense account, you can link this account for your YouTube monatization. This can be done through your YouTube channel’s dashboard.

  3. Ankur

    I think this can be risky.There is two type of Adsense accounts as such standard users and admin.I think we should never give anyone admin account permission.The is a good google idea.

  4. Mr Invicto

    Both users will share the same code (PUB ID) or will different ones.

  5. Radha Krishna

    That’s really an useful feature for people who work with teams..gr8 step by Google Adsense…

  6. Surekha Vani

    Hi Harsha Thx for Great Information its really usefull for indian User who dont have adsense account.And I have small Dount it is If I invite 2Persons to my adsense account if any one misuse Hi Ads bysome one wht My Adsense account situation ?Can u plz Explan any Disadvantages is ther with Invite other Persons to use My Adsense account

  7. Trickhunter

    Hey, Harsh,
    Thanks for Informing us About this feature,
    But I’m Curious To Know, What happened With Your ADSENSE account?
    I’m Not able to see any Adsense Advertise On My favourite Blog (Shoutmeloud)
    Please Tell us Briefly…

  8. Prabir

    I also got the email from Google adsense for this new feature. Though you have explained all the features in details . Its a nice features for Business accounts where there is more than One partner who want to share the google adsense data.

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