How To Show Different Post Title to Readers And Search Engines

As a blogger when we write a blog post, we tend to write catchy headlines so that it will increase the CTR and our reader will love to read article with some kickass title. Though the problem with this approach is you optimize your post title for your readers but you miss out most important aspect of optimizing post titles for search engines. I have already talked about Importance of Keyword research and how to perform Keyword research. Once we have our target Keyword in hand, it’s time to write a high quality content by keeping search engine and readers in mind.

In this case, our target is to write a content which is reader oriented and also search engine friendly. We will keep basic On page optimization in our mind or better use plugin like SEOpressor, which makes work easier.

Another example:

If you write a post title like Make money online with infolinks Competition for this keyword is very high since it contains the word Make money online but you optimize this title for search engine friendly , you might like to keep it like Infolinks review: intext advertisement program review. (Keyword first)

So we have seen two case here :

  • User friendly title : Make money online with infolinks
  • Search engine friendly title : Infolinks intext advertisement program review.

Now the question is how to attain such scenario, when we can keep our post title friendly for search engine and for users as well.

Optimizing Post title for SEO and readers in WordPress:

Most of the SEO plugins like WordPress SEO by yoast, Platinum SEO, All in one SEO, Thesis inbuilt SEO feature offers you to write a different title for search engine, Which is technically known as Meta title tag. Below image, shows the difference between Meta title and post title.

If you are Using WordPress as your blogging platform, headover to my previous post on :

Now when ever you write an article. After Writing user friendly title, drop down to the end of page and in the SEO By yoast section , add Search engine friendly title and this title will be displayed in search engine. Also, don’t forget to add unique meta description in 158 characters to make your post search engine friendly. I recommend you to read this post which talks about how to make your blog post target for certain keyword.

Make it a habit to optimize your blog post for both readers and search engine. This will help you to rank better in search engine. When you write meta title for search engine, always keep CTR in mind. A Catchy post title will help you to get better CTR and search engine follows the click pattern to judge the quality of page.  More over if you running a serious blog, you should use Social SEO pro WordPress plugin and further write difference post title and description for social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google plus.

Optimize Post title for social media

Well, this was a small tip but for newbie’s I’m sure this will help to write better optimized articles.

For more SEO tips , refer to following articles :

If you have any other question related to same topic, let me know and I will love to answer you query.

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  1. says

    Following your blogpost becoming such a challenging task ;) while we finish reading a post, have to open at least 3-4 tabs to read linked posts.

    Your blog is so awesome, and so informative.

    So much to do after reading every post, thank you!

  2. Lee Finberg says

    Hi, Just discovered your wonderful site and I have a question that I’ve struggled with for a long time re: title vs headline.

    I use All In One SEO to create blog articles, and I know where to enter “title” in ALL In One SEO and good practices for creating the title with search engine in mind.

    But I cannot find where I enter “Headline” to capture reader’s attention.

    For example, in my blog posting

    • says

      Your Title is your headline.. What you type at title is your headline. If you don’t use anything in All in one SEO title field, your post title would be shown in search. If you use a different title in all in one SEO field, that will be visible to search engine.

  3. Joseph Nirmal says

    Hey Harsh,
    If I use same keyword in yoast SEO posts for two posts. It hurts my post SEO or not?? Because my site is job site. That’s why Iam asking. Guide me.

  4. Mukul Bansal says

    I have been using WordPress SEO by Yoast but never cared to change the SEO Title. After reading this post I think I should Start Changing the SEO Title for every post I compose in the future.

  5. piyush says

    what about the title tags we should write title tags like abc,abc,abc or another way i.e we should use commas in title tags or we use – or | ?????

  6. Ashokkumar says

    Thanks dude..It’s really did great change in my blog thought’s,,,,thanks for your nice sharing..but whenever i made new post i’ll not indexed for two days why? please help me??

  7. Avadhut says


    So far, I thought you have to use description in your post only. But now I came to know that you can use the description in different words that is related to your post.


  8. Xeobits says

    all in one seo is a life saver. Earlier i used to ignore titles all together but now i take some 5 mins extra time to think a suitable title for each and every post.

  9. Shahab Khan says

    Already installed on my blog!
    Its really a great plugin. After installing this plugin i noticed great increase in my traffic (almost double)

  10. Michael Aulia says

    I do this almost every time unless when I’m making a “crappy” post and didn’t bother to optimize it for the search engine :D

  11. George Serradinho says

    This is a great thing to do, you can optimize your title found on search engine and make it more appealing. I know Thesis has an extra panel when writing posts that one could fill in like title, description and then keywords.

  12. Manpreet Singh Rehsi says

    I have spent most of the time today in reading your articles on wordpress SEO, and implemented most the tip you have suggested like permalink changes, plantinum seo plugin etc. Hope I get positive results from today’s work. All credit goes to you Thanks.

  13. Stefan says

    I would also recommend everyone to use different permalinks and title. For an example:

    How to sell cars online

  14. Manpreet Singh Rehsi says

    You are right but the optimization of Post title comes with experience. The more you study and try out different ideas better are the results on search engine. In my case I have learned a lot about SEO and Blogging in past seven months and still learning.