How to Write SEO Friendly Post Title For More Blog Traffic?

Write SEO Friendly Post Title
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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the important factors that every blogger must consider for better ranking in search engines. Many bloggers don’t take care of SEO; they just choose a search engine friendly theme and start publishing the articles. This led their blogs to hit by Google Algorithm updates like Google Panda and Penguin.

Higher search engine ranking not only depends upon your Blog theme, but also in the title of your blog posts. If you have a blog of more than 100+ articles, some articles of your blog may be popular, and some of them may not be a popular one.

Have you ever thought why only a few articles are popular in your blog? Because with or without, knowledge, you might’ve kept a search engine friendly post title for those articles. We have already talked about Keyword research using AdWord tool and On page SEO.

One thumb of rule is; your Keyword should be in the post title and most of the writers make a mistake by just adding Keywords and not taking care of optimizing it for better CTR.

Having Keyword in your post title helps a lot, but when it comes to increasing the CTR, your over all post title makes a huge difference.


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  • The Only Guide you need to make your Blog SEO Friendly (Title that will get you more CTR)

As I said SEO friendly titles are important for better search engine rankings, it also must that your article must be attractive, otherwise…… You know what happens, no one opens your blog’s link from the search engine, and no one clicks your post’s title in the homepage to read.

In this article, I’m going to share you “How to write the search engine friendly title that will not only give you more organic traffic but will also improve the CTR.

The Example title, I’ve shared here is “How to get more blog traffic”. In the following I’ll be making this title as a Search engine friendly title.

Steps to Write SEO Friendly Title

If you are new to SEO, I again repeat myself by saying your Keyword should be part of your Post title. You may refer to the Harsh guide on how to write different post title for readers and Search engine. One tip that I would like to give here, Always Write your post title after completing the post.

Step 1) Analyzing the Keyword of the article

Analyzing the keyword is the first step to making your post’s title SEO friendly. There are many keyword analyzer tools available online, such as, Google’s Keyword analyzer tool. Let me explain how I analyze my article’s keyword searches in Google. I’m going to write an article, namely “How to get more blog traffic”.

I first Open Google Adwords Keyword tool, and I check the competitions, No. of searches…Etc… Of my article’s main keyword. After Analyzing, I found that their more searches in the keyword “Generate blog traffic” and there is low competition. Now I’ve found the main keyword that I have to insert in my title.

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If you are one of those who likes Long tail keywords, I recommend you to try SEMRUSH or Ahrefs as this tool helps you to find long tail Keywords based on your seed word.

Check out best Keyword research tools here

Step 2) Use the main target keywords to your title

Now I’ve found the keyword, that I should insert it into my post title. First I said that, I’m going to keep my title as “How to get more blog traffic”, after I inserted the main keyword in the Post’s title and after I had made some changes in the title, I made it as

“Traffic Generation Tips to boost your blog’s traffic.”

The title that I’ve made is search engine friendly and attractive too, this kind of attractive titles makes the people eager to open your article and read it.

80% of the part is over. Then what about remaining 20%? , you can find it on step 3!

Step 3) Adding Numbers: The Finishing Touch!

Congrats to me! Because 80% of the part on making SEO friendly post title is over! Now it’s the time to add finishing touch to the article’s title! The next 20% is adding some numbers or Prefix-suffix, to your title to further improve CTR.  I’ve written seven ways for getting more blog traffic in that article. As I’ve written seven tips for increasing blog’s traffic, I should mention “7” on the Post title. So I made it as

“7 Awesome Traffic Generation Tips to Get blog’s traffic.”

Wow! Now I’ve made a search engine friendly title for my blog post, and that too attractive!

Bonus Tip:

It doesn’t matter what number of the title you use, but make sure your Permalink is clean. So instead of having a permalink like

It’s better to have

You can learn more about Permalink in our earlier guide on WordPress Permalink.

Also read:

Not only myself, you can also make your search engine friendly title for your upcoming blog posts, by following those three ways that I’ve shared above. And I hope you’ll do it! I hope you will make most out of it, and if you wish to add any additional tip here, your suggestions are more than welcome.

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19 thoughts on “How to Write SEO Friendly Post Title For More Blog Traffic?”

  1. Emmanuel Ekanem

    You’ve outline just the best way to come out with an SEO optimized blog title.

    I try to use this tips too on my blog recently, and the result is great!

    Great post Hari!

  2. H.J Truth

    Thanks for the information.

    I also think that ‘Keyword Positioning’ is an important factor. One must ensure that their focus keyword, be it long-tail or short-tail, appears in the first half of their blog post title.

    Keyword density is also a very crucial factor one must consider. The more times your keyword appears in your post, the better.

  3. Kelly

    Great article!. I have been trying to optimize my keywords and write better titles. So helpful!!!

  4. Muhammad Hassib Gul

    Informative post! i believe title length is important factor in search results. Title length should be around 55 letters. lengthy titles do not show complete in search results and reader avoid clicking links which give less information.

  5. Dibyajyoti

    Your post are always very informative.Before i was trying various other seo ideas but i never got the result.But after following some of your post i got the result.My all posts are now on the 1st page of google which is great for starters like me.Thanks again and keep up this great work.

  6. Utsav Gohil

    Hello there, As you mentioned in this article that post title can be different from permalink but it should related to the keyword. And it contains more keyword. But I am using Yoast plugin, It can not allow to write different keyword in title and permalink. What should i do?

    1. sai prasanth

      First set your post tittle keeping in mind the permalink structure, After publishing, you can make changes to post tittle which wnt change the permalink that published already.After finishing your final edits, its better to index the link manually.

  7. Talha khan

    great post bro…
    Harsh you are talking about keywords analysis.
    i have a blog of software,games,movies and i write the titles of post like:-
    ”resident evil 5 full pc game free download”
    i just replace the name of game but do not change other keyword. Do you think that keyword analysis for blogs like mine is necessary??
    please reply soon i am waiting……. thanks for the nice post.

  8. Anup

    Nice tips. Also, using the catchy heading could increase CTR in search result pages. People are more likely to click the result with the most catchy title what they think is useful.

  9. Gaurav

    Thanks Harsh For Providing a Awesome Platform for learning Online SEO. My First Blog Was only4engg now i have many blogs but i was not aware about the SEO after reading your blog and some other blogs related to SEO now i am able to make my blog seo friendly… now i am getting 1000+ visits from google 🙂

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Gaurav
      I’m glad that ShoutMeLoud is helping you to grow…If you believe I’m missing out on any topic here, do let me know on Facebook or twitter @denharsh.

  10. Pramod

    I use google keyword tool sometime to analyse my post title.I think medium competition keywords are more beneficial.

  11. Taswir Haider

    Previously I tried long tail pro but keyword blaze seems good with a reasonable price than other long tail keyword software. Another effective guide from SML. Thanks.

  12. Arsie Organo Jr

    I guess I am one of those who started in blogging with just writing and posting articles without thinking of SEO and as a result I found the some of my articles doesn’t have traffic anymore. Thanks to this post, I can make changes now on my next posts.

  13. Reeja Mathews

    permalink also equally important as titles right?
    so we should use keyword in our permalinks

  14. Rabin

    I never cared for SEO in my 2 years blogging life. But after google changed its lograthims I got some great SEO tips from ShoutMeLoud which boosted my blog’s traffic and earnings. Now I recommend every newbie to use SEO tips in legit way.

  15. Rohit

    Can we use title and permalink same in our post or it should different

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      You can use different Post title and permalink…. Make sure never change your permalink after publishing blog post or set up proper 301 redirection if you do.

  16. K Bharath

    I use Wordtracker Free Keyword tool rather than Google Search Based Keyword Tool to search for keywords which has good searches and i will add those keywords to the post title and optimize it.

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