How To Design eBook Cover In 2 Easy Steps : Photoshop Tutorial

Create eBook cover using PhotoShop
Recently I released an eBook on my blog and After writing the content in it, I was working on designing the eBook cover. First I started designing the cover my self in Photoshop, then I downloaded some applications that were especially made to design eBook covers. I tried them all but did not get satisfied with the performance. At last, after working for about 1-2 hrs I came up with a simple solution and in my today’s article I am going to tell you a very simple way to design your own eBook cover in less than 60 seconds. Lets start:


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • A little knowledge about using it

Tutorial to Design eBook Cover using PhotoShop

I’ll tell you how to design eBook cover with the help of Photoshop actions. Follow the step by step tutorial below:

Step1: Download 3 photoshop actions from here. This is ZIP file and when you will unzip it you will get following three photoshop action files:

  1. Ezine Spiral Binding Book Design
  2. HardBack Book
  3. PaperBack Book

Here is a screenshot of all the three designs:

eBook Cover in Different formats

Step2: After downloading the actions, select your design that you want for your eBook. Suppose, you selected the third one PaperBack.

Step3: Now, open Adobe Photoshop and at the top Click on Windows and select Actions or simply type Alt+F9. Doing this will open Actions window.

Step4: In the Action box, in the right hand side click on the small arrow pointing downwards and select Load Actions. Have a look:

PhotoShop for eBook Cover

Step5: Now, navigate to your paperback.atn file and click on Load. This will bring the action file into the Action box.

Step6: There are two steps in each action and we have to play each step one by one. Now, after loading the action file, click on the arrow beside the name of the action. Clicking on arrow will expand it into Step1 and Step2. Have a look:

Step7: Now, click on Step1 to highlight it and at the bottom of the action box click on Play button.

As you will click on play button, Photoshop will start working automatically. After the Step1 will get completed click on Stop and edit the text. Repeat this step again for Step2 also.

And finally your eBook cover will be ready on in two steps.

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. Nizam Khan says

    Wow! Indeed this is just awesome. I will download the actions pack zip file right away and I will follow the mentioned procedure to create an ebook cover. Thanks a lot Harsh and tweeted :)

  2. Andrew says

    This is actually so incredible, I was able to make a really decent looking e-book cover using this. I was searching everywhere but couldn’t find one this good.

    It’s not quite as good as some of the other professional ones that I’ve seen, but those cost $30-200, so I’m not really complaining either.

  3. rakesh kumar says

    I am not very good in photoshop, so these action scripts will help me to generate my books front page. Thank You.

  4. Irfan Siddiqui says

    I like PS very much therefore every single tutorial available on net is useful for me and i grab it. Thanks for the share, i’ll see what i can do more from it. :)

  5. vector graphics says

    awesome photoshop actions. i normally design e-books cover and other covers with photoshop actions. easy way to design and customize. :)

  6. Kimberly Castleberry says

    Okay that was just awesome! I haven’t used actions like that before and I’m very impressed. What a sharp looking result! That’s just wild, I love it! Thanks Gagan!

  7. jai prakash says

    Very knowledgable article .Randomly we can use it.Bcz cover page is the beauty of books .I will use a for my knowledge.Thanks creativebloggingideas.

  8. Nigel says

    Better still everyone should download CoverAction Pro. Based on the same principles i.e. using photoshop actions but absolutely brilliant.

  9. Hesham @ How to Blog says

    Very nice, this will help a lot of people who is working on their new e-books, eespecially those who don’t have experience with design!

    I will have to share this tut with my blog readers ;)

    Thanks a lot