How to Create WordPress Sitemap using Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

Sitemap of your WordPress blog is one of the most important aspect of your blog search engine indexing. Sitemap file helps search engine bots to find links on your blog, and that’s how they crawl and index it. I have already specified details earlier on Google crawling and indexing article.

Google XML Sitemap Plugin

It’s essential for you to create your blog sitemap and submit it to Google Webmaster tool and Bing Webmaster tools for faster indexing and crawling of your site. Now, the big question is how to generate sitemaps for our WordPress blog? In WordPress, there are many plugins which will help you to do it and I will be talking about one simple to sue plugin which you can use to create sitemap for your WordPress blog.

Google XML Sitemap plugin

Google XML sitemaps plugin to Create WordPress sitemap:

Sitemap feature is recently added to WordPress SEO by yoast plugin, so if you are using SEO by Yoast, you should rather use sitemap feature of that plugin.

If you are not using Yoast SEO, You should use Google XML sitemaps plugin, which is a free plugin and let you optimise your sitemap file.

Create WordPress Sitemap

Google XML sitemaps WordPress plugin helps to create a dynamic sitemap of WordPress blog which is compatible to Google, Bing and yahoo webmaster tools. After creating sitemap all you need to do is submit sitemap to search engine webmaster tools and as soon as you will publish a new post,your sitemap will be automatically updated. To make the most of sitemap, you should point one link from your footer to your sitemap page this ensure the proper indexing of all your links.

Here is how you can use Google XML Sitemap generator plugin:

Features of Google XML sitemap

    • User interface to customize all parameters like priorities etc.
    • Available in many languages
    • Generates automatically a sitemap for all types of WordPress pages
    • Calculates a priority for each post, based on the number of comments
    • Notifies, Google, MSN Live Search and YAHOO about changes via ping
    • Includes a WordPress filter for other plugins which can add their pages to the sitemap
    • Generates a static XML file as well as a zipped version

Download Google Xml sitemap plugin

So, once you have created sitemap, go ahead and submit it to major search engines. You can follow below two articles, to get started:

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COMMENTs ( 35 )

  1. says

    Hi…! Harsh

    I have one question related google xml sitemap.. I recently start new wordpress blog and also using yoat seo plugin but i think yoast sitemap feature is not good than google xml site map so shoud i use both plugin or not .?

  2. says

    I am using this one for sitemap submission in google search console instead of the one by yoast! i find it more organized but no doubt yoast on the other hand is combination of immense powerful SEO features

  3. Afzaal says

    The plugin is great and I am using it for long time.
    I have a problem with latest releases of the plugin. As the time passes it generates multiple sitemaps and see the example naming convention of sitemaps generated: sitemap-pt-page-2013-04.xml
    Now from the name of the xml file, you can judge it has some data for year 2013 and 4th month. Now there are few links in this sitemap, that are not present in my website anymore. I am unable to remove those links from such auto generated sitemaps and I am totally helpless.
    Can anyone help in this regard?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. says

    Hi Harsh
    I have seen many people has worked well plugin to generate sitemaps, but my site is not working well: Generates the sitemap but the tools webmasters shows “error” or “sent pages” 0 “may be what the problem is the Theme? can it be what the problem is the version of wordpress (0.9)? Thanks.

  5. says

    Hello Harsh, First of all thanks a lot for this nice post
    , I am currently using Blogger that have a default sitemap. Now I am planning to switch to self hosted wordpress. Then , I have two question regarding sitemap
    1 Is there any need to create sitemap while switching blogger to wordpress?
    2 If yes, then, where to upload this sitemap? suppose i am hosting my account with bluehost. then how and where to to upload this sitemap.

  6. says

    Hi Harsh,
    Downloaded New version of sitemap for my new website. sitemap got updated where i can find something like where URL is appended sitemap-pt-post-2014-07.xml,sitemap-pt-post-2014-06.xml,05,sitemap-misc.xml etc.. when i click i can find some are going to pages,posts,catogrioes etc.. How can i rename the URL? I found that there were three links for all the posts. How can i bring all posts under one URL? . I totally confused with the new settings. could u please help me on the new settings..

  7. Ankur Agrawal says

    Hello Sir,
    Very helpful post sir!! But I have one problem . I watched the video given above on how to generate sitemap using google xml sitemap. I installed the plugin on my site but the problem is after installing and activating the plugin there is no “Google XML Sitemap” option under settings ,that is why I am unable to create a sitemap for my blog . Please help me sir …Thank You…

  8. Muhammad Numan says

    i have one question about this, Google XML sitemaps plugin auto post you your sitemap or after this you will be upload this sitemap to google webmaster manually?

  9. says

    Hi Harsh,
    The Site map is not getting generated for my other website ..I have checked with settings > XML Sitemaps. It shows “There was a problem writing your sitemap file. Make sure the file exists and is writable” and other Message like “There was a problem writing your zipped sitemap file. Make sure the file exists and is writable” . could you please help for newbie blogger to resolve the issue and thanks in Advance

  10. Scott says

    I just installed plugin and created a sitemap. Then I went to webmaster tools to submit the sitemap but Google says, “URL restricted by robots.txt”. I cannot actually find the robots.txt file on my server anywhere but when I put the URL in my browser I see the following:

    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /wp-admin/
    Disallow: /wp-includes/

    So can you tell me what is actually wrong? Site address id freepress360 dot com

      • Scott says

        I checked that part before commenting here. I did have it checked for a day, but unchecked it the next day. A few days later is when I tried to submit the sitemap to Google.

        Anything else I can check?

  11. tarun jethwani says

    i have activated google -xml- sitemap plugin but there is no such tab “xml -sitemap” in my settings menu of my wordpress

    • Ankur Agrawal says

      I also had the same problem and I resolved it. Don’t install the plugin by searching from wordpress dashboard instead download the plugin using above given link in zip format and then upload it to wordpress and then install and activate. Then you will see XML sitemap option under settings.
      Hope that helps…..

  12. otobong says

    Harsh, mine does not automatically generate when I publish a new post, I have to click on manually generate new sitemap. Please any help?

  13. Azubuike says

    That’s great tutorial, my problems now is how to turn the sitemap generated with this plugin into html and make it appear on a sitemap page of my blog for readers to see and not only xml which is for search engines.

  14. says

    Is it necessary to place a sitemap link in the footer section of your blog?
    I noticed that some blogs, including yours, do it.
    Is there an SEO benefit?

  15. Radar says

    It’s among the top 5 absolutely essential plugins for WordPress. Others would be the Akismet plugin, Database backup plugin, All-in-on SEO, and FeedSmith

  16. Swashata says

    No doubt this is one of the best plugins! But one thing is that it uses so much of memory! So better we disable automatic generation of Sitemap and do it manually!

  17. Curios Little Person says

    Yeah, no doubt this is a great plugin.. I’ve used it and got my blog indexed with google at a much faster pace.

  18. S.K SHARMA says

    This is a best plugin for submit site in most famous search engines like Bing,Yahoo,Altavista and Google.

  19. Ajith Edassery says

    It’s among the top 5 absolutely essential plugins for WordPress. Others would be the Akismet plugin, Database backup plugin, All-in-on SEO, and FeedSmith

  20. George Serradinho says

    This is an excellent plugin and does all the hard work for you just by setting it up and forgetting about it. It would be nice if WP actually incorporated this into WP so that no plugin is needed.
    What do you think?