9 Important Blogging Tips For College Students

Blogging Tips For College Students

Few years back, no one would have imagined that blogging will become a major way for anyone to make money. In last 2 years, we have witnessed an incredible increase in the number of bloggers. Specially school and college students are the majority of adopters. .

There are many college students (most of them from engineering college) who spend day and night to fulfil their blogging dreams. Unfortunately, most students are missing their classes ,and spending their precious time in researching and writing articles. This habit ultimately effects their overall academic performance. Here are few tips for them to maintain a balance between College and blogging:

Blogging for College students:

If there is one thing which I regret about my blogging career, that would be: I didn’t started blogging in college time. College time is the best time to start a blog of your own, as in this period you will be getting maximum leisure time, and instead of spending time on Facebook, or playing counter strike, you can work on your blog.

Additionally, it will help you to enhance your personality, and by the time you are out of the college, your blog will be making handsome income. Imagine, how good that would be if your blog income will help you to pay most of your bills. If you are one of those students, who are in school or college, and have a blog, here are few more tips to help you make most out of your blogging:

1. Attend Your Classes

It is true that blogging gives lots of fame and money, but you should accept the fact that degree is most precious thing for any student. Companies judge you by your academic performance, not from your blogging experience. So never ignore your studies. Attend all the classes and maintain a good percentage.

2. Make A Proper Schedule

Make a time table and decide the time which suits you for blogging. Don’t be a night owl by doing research and blogging. It will affect your schedule. Try to complete your work and go to bed before midnight.  Take at least 6-7 hours of sleep.

3. How much time you should devote

It totally depends on your college timing. If your college ends up at 5:00 p.m then you have 7 hours for blogging and studies. Try to create a balance between these two work. Both are necessary. Stick with your schedule.

4. Tell everyone about your blog

Try to tell everyone about your work. Don’t become a suspicious guy among your friends. Give your blog address to your friends and ask them to read your blog and leave comments.

5. Part  time job

In college many students join call centers and various other part time job. But blogging is a favorite part time work and it pays you more than any other part time job. Try to catch some web publisher and show your writing skills to them. You can easily get work if you are an efficient writer.

6. Attend Meetings in Your City

Try to catch some famous people of your field. Attend blog camps, blogger’s meet and Tweetup organized by various bloggers in your city. Register for these events and catch big fishes of your field and discuss them about blogging. You can also ask for help regarding any subject.

7. Organize Blog classes in your college

If you are an established blogger then you can organize blog camps for other students of your college. You can take permission for the classes from your head of department of director of your college. You can educate your fellow students about blogging business, and how they can earn from a blog.

8. Impress your friends

Blogging is an immediate source of fame for any student. You can become famous among your friends by showing your blogging skill. Try to research for different articles on your niche and write about them on your blog. Try to solve various technical problems of your friends through your blog.

9. Read blogs related to your branch

If you are a student of Computer science then you can read blogs related to your study. Lifehacker and Howtogeek are very well-known blog for computer users. Similarly you can read Howstuffworks, Techcrunch and Mashable for knowledge of various startup companies and Social Media.

These are the basic Blogging tips for college students. Are you a college student who loves blogging. Do you follow any one of the above mentioned tips. Kindly leave a comment.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 32 )

  1. says

    Nice tips, as a student they have lots of time to write an article. Even some university invites student to write an article on university official blog wherein they can share tips, experience at university, engages with professor and other classmates.

  2. RAVITEJA says

    This really is a good article and a nice advise shared for students. I being a student started blogging for the past 6 months and my academics went down as I was unable to balance my schedule. Now, after reading this, I now realized it is more important to balance both rather to do only one.

  3. bgibson135 says

    Learning a blog app and using it to communicate is an essential 21st Century tool. A free WordPress site can be used to start an eportfolio, which can last long past college graduation. Some people use Evernote to organize their lives, but a free WP site can do much of what Evernote does. If you set your WP (wordpress.com) site up so that you can “post via email” and “post via voice” you have a powerful “mobile” communications tool to use. Any device that you can use to create an email could be used to take class notes (normally a full-sized keyboard is necessary for speed of input), and if your device takes photos, you can capture handwritten notes, or notes on a black/white board and add them to your posts.

  4. sani says

    I am also engineering student but I am not able to generate traffic and money , I love blogging but not I am getting depressed because of no helper , If i have some doubts nobody is there to answer my question

  5. salman says

    Thanks harsh by sharing this useful information.In college just 3 quality post a week is enough.Study is more important than blogging.Most of engineering students start blogging.if they post 3 high quality article a week than they will post 576 articles in their study life and its enough for getting good traffic.After college you can start writing more articles and keep Going in blogging Success way!

  6. Gourav Jain says

    I missed reading this earlier in your blog. Thanks to the “Related Posts” section that I’m now on a post which I really need.

  7. sureshpeters says

    gr8 post and it ll helps in scheduling the studies and blogging times , and your are correct blogging is best way to express yourself and to earn money tooo

  8. Mani Viswanathan says

    Nice tips. I have already made a schedule. But for me its studies + blogging + web designing/development. Seriously tough to manage all three well enough.

  9. sriganesh says

    you are right ! most students spent time on blogging and loose their studies grade . this will keep them top in blogging and studies :D

  10. Rahul Jadhav says

    Hey Harsh, this is a wonderful article. Even I am a student and I plan to be a professional blogger by the time I finish engineering (that’s a year n half)
    I follow most of the points given in this article.

  11. Terrence says

    Knowledge is important for me, thus blog could become a medium for compiling all your academic and experience at the same time through it. It is great if you could access it for reference from any parts of the world with less painful way…

  12. Siraj Hassan Mohideen says

    Between as Mobile NEws Blogger its hard to have 8hours sleep most of the events takes place in night and i am unable to sleep all time :P

  13. Arun Basil Lal says

    Out of these, having a Blogging schedule has been really working for me lately. Its a great way to squeeze in blogging to the academic schedule.

    Also attending meet-ups is really important. I wish someone told me that 4 years ago. I was a frog in the well before I attended one.

    Nice job here :)

  14. Amal says

    I am too a College student who blogs and study. It is really a great thing to make your own money to get through small expenses. Apart from that blogging is my passion and will continue it……

  15. Neelabh says

    Great article :)

    I’ve been a regular follower of your site.. your articles are in simple language with maximum info and good reading experience.. congrats !! keep up the good work.. looking forward for more :)

  16. Sushant says

    “Companies judge you by your academic performance, not from your blogging experience.”

    Hello!!!! I f I want to be a blogger then I’m not planning to do a 9 to 5 job. So , I don’t think I want to go looking for jobs and proving myself, instead I would enlarge my blogging business. Secondly I think you cannot be at two places at once so either it’s blogging or Studies. Many of your blog users may argue with my thoughts but you don’t study in your class about how to blog and earn money and if you cannot choose one from blogging or other you will have hard time giving 100% to both.

    • Rajat Kumar says

      Not everyone blogs for a profession, many do it as a hobby. its futile to compare blogging to academics. agreed you dont study about blogging in class, there are other things we attend colleges for.

      • Sushant says

        I agree with your point only when blogging is considered as a hobby. Nobody is fool enough to neglect studies for blogging or any other hobby. But if you are serious about your online business then why would you neglect your business for college which isn’t making you any money. Even if you think of long term, you can easily earn more money in your 10-15 years of blogging career than your whole life job income. It’s only upto you if you want to join the rat race of 9 to 5 or you want to be an entrepreneur like thilak raj (tech-buzz.net) who left college for the sole purpose of his online business. It’s risky enough but If you can’t take risks then don’t call yourself an entrepreneur.

  17. Amit Banerjee says

    Yes, spending too much time and trying to attain everything in a couple of months is a bad idea. I think bloggers should not work too hard and exploit the balance as you said. Sometimes, it’s necessary to take care of studies as well. Good insightful thoughts.

    P.S: Sometime back you told that”College life” is the best time to start a blog :)

  18. Rohit Langde says

    If we attend college regularly, this directly affects blog performance. I agree that companies judge your by Academic percentage but My personal experience says Attendance doesn’t matter much in it. I maintain everything in average and still give preference to Blogging.

  19. Sidduz says

    This is the article thatz written to wake up all the Tech blogger like me who are spending too much of out time like a web worm. Thanx a lott for the wak-up call dude..
    Really a cool article.

  20. Jamal Mohamed says

    I think Time Frame set for this is not a good option better collect information throughout the day and post finally in the evening it wont take more than one hour.

  21. abshar farooque says

    i don’t have enough idea about blogging………. this article give me some thing about it, so thank u very much…. i hope u will help me by giving tips for blogging……

  22. kalyan says

    many college students will be benefited by this post, as they will be new to blogging these tips will help them .Still many people don’t see blogging as a serious career option.

  23. SmashinGeeks says

    Nice , but i cannot able to manage time or create a schedule for my School Work and Blogging. I should give more importance to … ????

  24. S.Pradeep Kumar says

    Very true buddy. Most of the time I bunk my classes and spend my time on the Internet Lab, searching for latest news.

    By this activity of mine, I got bad academic marks, which indeed forced me to stop blogging for quite some time.

  25. Loudable says

    Very nice article Harsh, it will certainly help college bloggers who want to make their career in blogging.