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8 Essential Settings after Installing WordPress

8 Essential Settings after Installing WordPress

wordpresslogo thumb When I started my Blogging journey, I started with BlogSpot but later on I moved to WordPress. I have been using it for almost 4 years and so far it’s the best platform for Blogging that I can think of. WordPress is scalable and there are thousands of tutorials for WordPress that is available, which will help you in getting started with WordPress. You can also read WordPress complete guide, which will help you to get started and everything which you need to do with WordPress.

I have already written a detailed post on how to install WordPress on Bluehost server, this is the second post extending the WordPress series on settings to do after installing WordPress. This is the list of essential WordPress settings one should follow after installing WordPress.

Essential WordPress settings for beginner:

Honestly, there are many things which you need to do and there are many things which you will learn with time. For example, it will take some time before you understand about desktop blog editor and you will set up Windows live writer with WordPress. My suggestion to you is, always prefer doing quick set up and then work on promotion your blog with high-quality content.

I tried to put all the basic settings, which you need to do after installing WordPress.

WordPress Permalink

WordPress permalink setting

Very first thing, which I recommend is to change default permalink to custom permalinks. As default WordPress permalink is like This permalink is short but not friendly for search engine. So the first thing you should do is change your permalinks.

At ShoutMeLoud I use /%postname%.html but according to me, best permalink setting is to just use post name. Earlier there used to be some performance issue with custom permalinks, but with latest WordPress it’s easier. Simply go to settings >Permalink and select the post name option, and save.

This ensure that your permalink when appear in search engine, it will contain some keywords and will ensure better ranking.If you are already running a blog and would like to change your permalink to make it search engine friendly, you should read my post on: How to change WordPress permalink with 301 redirection.

Change Admin user for Security


By Default WordPress login Id is admin. This put you in little risk because any intruder can make a brute force attack to take down your wordpress blog. To ensure the security of your WordPress blog create a user and give him the admin right. Login with that ID and delete the default admin account. Make sure you use a complex password which contains mix character. Like instead of using password try something like p@ssw)rd.

If you already using admin as username, you can refer to this guide to change default WordPress username.

Disable users registration

wordpress membership thumb

It’s always a good idea to keep your registration open if you are creating a WordPress site like ShoutMeloud or any other Websites which allow guest posting, but spam registration will be a pain. But, if you are sole writer and don’t need people to register, I recommend you to disable the WordPress registration Disable it under Settings > General.

WordPress time zone


Under Settings> General , Change the time Zone to match your country time zone. If you schedule your blog posts, changing time zone to your time zone will ensure your blog posts will be published in your desired schedule time.

WordPress Threaded comment

wordpress comment thumb

Threaded comments make your blog comments discussion keep going. With the latest versions of wordpress, you can enable Threaded comment from

Settings> Discussion.   Check Enable Threaded comment and Break comments/

Do check out this post on understanding in details about WordPress comments: What you need to know about preventing spam comments on your blog.

Update WordPress ping list


By default wordpress ping only one ping service, you can notify many more services by extending the ping service. Change the settings under Settings> Writing. Here is my wordpress ping list .

You can get updated WordPress ping list here.

WordPress Comment Gravatar

wordpress gravatar comment thumb

Remember few days back I talked about Gravatar : Add images to your comment, though you will see images of all those commentator who have signed up for Gravatar, but what about those who have not. Under Settings > Discussion, you can change the default image to be shown for people who have not signed up for Gravatar.

Quick Recap

  • WordPress permalink Structure.
  • WordPress Security.
  • Disable user registration.
  • WordPress time zone.
  • Threaded comment.
  • WordPress ping list
  • WordPress Gravatar.

For now if you are installing wordpress for the first time you can refer to this post, for quickly check if you have done the basic settings for wordpress settings. You can also bookmark this post on delicious or stumble upon for future reference. Make sure you subscribe to Shoutmeloud feeds to keep receiving more wordpress updates.

What next?

Once you are done setting up WordPress, it’s time to install plugins. I have created two list of plugins, and you can read the detail of each plugin and install the one which make more sense to you.

You can subscribe to my Email newsletter, to stay tuned with latest update in WordPress.

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  • Divya

    I have asked this question to so many that whether to increase or add additional ping list or not but I got the answer here finally thanks for the article.

  • Alice Smith

    I have 2 blogs runing on wordpress. But never took advantage of ping services. I think this is the time to include the list to update the results as soon as it get published.

    Thanks a lot

  • Haroon

    Thankx as i newly create my wp blog. You Suggestion is much valuable for me, I did’t disable user registration and did’t Change Admin user . After reading this article i am going to implement these steps.

  • sankar

    Really useful step. Even an experienced programmer doesn’t look at those. Maintain these steps will improve security. Nice post. Thank you.

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    I recently installed wordpress and was wondering what i have to do now? I came across this article and it helped me a lot.

  • Narender

    Harsh bro is there any problem if we use a lot of sites in our ping list ? Won’t it be called Ping spam if I am creating 2-3 Posts daily .

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    These are really 8 essential setting after installing wordpress. I was looking for such a guideline after installing wordpress on my very blog. Thanks a lot for this post.

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    Extremely useful tips Harsh, I was looking for that option to disable user registration as I was getting a lot of SPAM registrations. Thanks!

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    thank you so much for this post. I went through every detail and made sure to change the settings on my newly installed wordpress blog. Now over to the list of wordpress plugins

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    Is there any one Who can help me to Change My Permalink without 404 Error.
    Please Come on Team Viewer. And Thanks Harsh. Am really got too much help from this site. Thanks a lot. But bit confused about Permalink.

  • rudhal

    what is the advantage of /%postname%.html ?

    i cant understand the logic behind that .html extention

  • Sinbadisailor

    Really nice info…But another thing i want to mention is that you must install some plugins which will make your site spam free and seo friendly and xml site map and some more…Thanks again..

  • Saurabh Mukhekar

    Hey harsh also mention that 302 redirect loose all ur social likes and share, and most important don’t make chain of 301 redirects i.e 301—to–301–to—301 etc . It will kill ur post from google bot/spider

  • fazal mayar

    this is indeed a must read for all newbies because we are often confused and dont know which plugin to install or which settings to edit

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    Must read for any newbie bloggers,
    i never took care about ping list, i think i have to work on, as said,
    thanks for the post harsh :)

  • vicky sadhu

    i did that permalink %post_id%/%postname%/..but it shows .htaccess error..i copy pasted that code suggested by still..its not working :(

  • ankit

    Hey harsh where to add ping list?Is there any plugin for inserting ping list?Do you use maxblogpress ping optimizer?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Ankit you can add ping list under Settings> Writing and yes I’m also using MaxBlogpress ping optimizer.

  • Eleanor

    Chethan is correct, this is an Excellent Post! The highlighting definitely increases the readability, and I would love to know how to do it as well.


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  • Jignesh

    Thanks Harsh,

    On top of all that settings, I guess few other advanced things can also be added to list. Install the following plugins..

    WP-SpamFree plugin
    All in One SEO plugin
    Digg Digg plugin
    Google XML Sitemaps

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your comment Jignesh. Those are essential wordPress plugins which I will be covering in some time soon.

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    Very Useful post Harsh, Thanks for the info. Please also write the essentiel SEO tips to be done after instaling a WP blog too…

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