How to Get Organic Traffic to your Blog


How to Get Organic Traffic to your Blog

There are unlimited ways by which you can drive traffic to your site. We have already discussed some of the working and actionable methods like using Blog commenting, Guest posting campaign, using Flickr, buying paid traffic and today we will see how we can increase and get organic traffic to our blog and Websites.

Get Organic Traffic

The best of profitable visitors which you can get to your site is from Organic search results. This means, when people search for something and land on your website, because these are the people who are most likely to convert into customers or clients. In blogging, it’s also most profitable as users will be seeing more high CPC Adsense ads, as they will be seeing ads based on their search term. Even direct advertisers look for blog, which gets natural traffic from search engines. Now, there are many search engines like Google, Bing but we mostly target Google as it’s one of the most used and popular search engine. For bing, you can refer to our earlier guide on Getting started with Bing Webmaster tools.

If you have noticed ShoutMeLoud monthly traffic reports, then you might have checked that ShoutMeLoud gets its maximum traffic from Organic search fresults. Getting traffic from Organic search is always beneficial when it come to generate income from advertisements and affiliate programs. Another good reason to get organic traffic is that we get targeted visitors thus it increases the chances to lower down bounce rate and revisiting of readers.

Apart from organic traffic there are other ways to drive huge traffic from social networking websites like Twitter or sometimes images might also help you to get targeted traffic. Here are few articles which might help you to get good traffic apart from search engine traffic:

How to increase organic search traffic

There are various things which you can do to get organic traffic and most important is SEO and we will start with the same.


SEO is all about search engine optimization. Making your site more search engine friendly and giving them what people are looking for. There are various aspect of SEO and it starts from On-page SEO, off page SEO, and on Site SEO.

The best place to start is with On-site SEO. Make sure your site is not only indexable but also all important part is crawlable by Google bots. We always prefer to give you tips on SEO and quality articles, both the things go hand in hand when you want to generate traffic from search engine. It is important that you must take good care of Titles, Tags, URL, Descriptions, broken links etc. There are many things which must be taken care about when it comes to SEO. You can refer a checklist of SEO, which will help you with good organic traffic.

SEO optimized content:

Content marketing is the best way to attract organic traffic. The key is to write content based on something what people are seeking for. For example, this piece of content is written to make people understand how ogranic traffic will help and how you can increase it. Similarly, a Website selling fashion cloths can write about content based on what kind of fashion trend is going on and channelize it to drive traffic to their product page.

Though, writing SEO optimized content is not easy as it consist of many steps, which starts from doing Keyword research, writing content based on our Target Keywords and then promoting the content to increase it’s search engine friendly. We have already covered everything you need to write content which drives organic traffic, and below are few articles which you should check out right now, which will help you to make most out of content marketing to get organic traffic.

Link Building

Link building is a part of SEO strategies. Search engines loves quality links and hate irrelevant links. Thus it is important to have relevant and quality links to your blog. Links can be backlinks, outbound links, reciprocal links, connect to other blogs directly or indirectly but the only thing to remember is to get links from good PR and same niche blog.

Specially avoid falling into the trap of buying backlinks for sake of improving your search engine ranking as Google have rolled out an algo update called penguin update, which will flag all such sites who are using spam ways to get links to the site. The best and easy ways to get link to your site is by Guest posting and blog commenting. Write content which are not only unique but also attract organic backlinks, which will help the most.

Maintain blog frequency

Many bloggers don’t get time to maintain their blog frequency thus search engine bots also don’t like such blogs much. It is not that tough to maintain blog frequency, just need to be bit organized. But writing post frequently doesn’t mean that you write articles not related to your niche. Always write article related to your niche and take care about keywords.

Make traffic revisit

Getting traffic through various ways is good but it’s wont give you result until you can attract those traffic to revisit your blog. The main factor which attracts your traffic to revisit your blog is to make your blog useful. Write quality articles and try to provide useful information to your readers. When you will present what your readers want, they will surely bookmark your blog.

Social media promotion:

Social recommendation is the best way to promote a product and people are more likely to trust something when their friends or family recommend something to them. Google understand it and they are taking social media as a great signal to rank a content. You need to make sure your content are sharable and you should add social bookmarking buttons on your blog so that people can easily share your content on their favorite social bookmarking sites.

Avoid unethical ways

Many bloggers use unethical ways like link farms to get good search engine ranks and drive traffic but it can result in your getting your blog blacklisted. Getting good ranks in search engine through ethical way might take time but it gives good results in long term to increase organic traffic.

There is no rocket science or secrets to get good amount of organic traffic for your blog. You just need proper strategy for same. If you know any useful strategy to increase organic traffic then do share with us.

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  1. Jacob Koshy says

    I have always found how to articles to be very effective in fetching organic articles, but at the same time these articles are less likely to be unique.

  2. Elvis Michael says

    Thanks Whiztechy.
    Although organic traffic is not my primary concern (due to how unstable it can be) it never hurts to implement these tips to give your website a boost.

    These days i try to put my eggs into several baskets and work on SEO, social media and list-building relationships.


  3. Zeeshan Shaukat says

    Thanks for the excellent advices. I’ve mostly been ignoring Social Media up until now, but I’ve learned that it simply won’t go away (Google is in this for the long run).

    Another piece of advice that I think should be added is the use of Google Authorship between your website and your G+ page as doing so can benefit your site’s rankings.

  4. Pritam Patil says

    Thanks for the article mam :) I will definitely work on the tips you provided here..But can you tell how much approx. time it takes to get organic traffic to our site ? please reply ..I am eagerly waiting.. Thank You !

  5. facetop says

    To get quality organic traffic it will take some time, but with quality content and good SEO it should come eventually.

  6. MNB Achari says

    Wonderful tips on getting ‘organic traffic’! Yes, it takes a lot of time and patience to understand how SEO works. Thanks a lot.

  7. says

    I am a bit confused with tactics showed by the bloggers. can you tell me that how exactly I can get indexed in search engine my blog is around 30 days old… but still I am not getting any organic traffic from search engines… Can you please help me out of this… I really need help in this issue

  8. Abhishek says

    Good points. According to me, building a consistent stream of organic traffic is just a matter of building quality backlinks and this needs a hell lot of patience and time. This is something which is not gonna happen overnight ;)

  9. doreimOnde says

    Nice post!

    These are useful info for both newbies and experts in SEO. Give newbies some ideas how to drive good organic traffic to his/her website or blog while a refresher for SEO experts. :)

  10. JayNERD says

    Good information,
    I like the monthly reports you post here, think i’ll come back for that info alone. Keep it up :)

  11. updatedoffers says

    Seems like i’ve tried just about everything from surfing traffic exchanges to buying advertising…but I use google analytics and it’s not showing much organic traffic…thanks for the tips i’ll have to try and use them soon.

  12. neurowave says

    I have followed all this . but still get very few hits …. Guess i need to do lot more learning .

  13. Aditya says

    Good Tips I also like the simple and clear writing. I run a blog on this stream only good tips Ruchi. Many tweets I’ve added one more to it.

  14. Mani Viswanathan says

    Its useful for a newbie. If you want to master it then try and make quality posts keeping in mind the keyword density and use keywords which aren’t common. Try to add a link to those keywords when you write the next or similar article.!

  15. Tinh says

    The last 2 points seems the most challenging to any bloggers but it is good to point them out here. Thanks

    • says

      Yeah Tinh, Bloggers might feel it challenging but slowly we all learn new things and both the points are worth remembering.

  16. Sandeep says

    Wonderful article! One of the ways to get traffic is to comment on the blogs with good recognition and page rank. This helps a lot to expose you to the community.

  17. vijay says

    Participating on online forums and Yahoo! answers will really make more quality traffic and back links to our blog.Thanks to the author for a valuable post…

  18. Nabeel says

    I agree. Organic traffic is a great source of traffic. It it really important to have a good listing in Google. We have already seen the example of shoutmeloud in the monthly report.

  19. Robin says

    “No rocket science” :) yup its true … we just need to take care of our blog and should make sure its alive and healthy.


    – Robin

  20. Tech Maish says

    Ruchi i agree with you. There is a very strong relationship between Blog and SEO.
    Blog are more sensitive then a website. Search Engines love blogs, but only when you are giving search engines the chance to come and index your blog posts.

    • says

      Yeah Tech..SEO are important for blog but sadly there are bloggers who don’t take care much about SEO. I always try to improve myslef when it comes to SEO.

  21. Alamin says

    Yea ruchh. Nice post search engin traffic is always targeted traffic. But it’s not easy to get high rank in google easily. But if we proper use our keyword, title etc over time we will get it

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